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Available: DNS management, data hiding, domain theft protection
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DNS Management

Together with each domain you get a free DNS management service. You’ll be able to change A-record, MX-records and others.

Protect domain data

For most domains a service is available – data hiding. When you activate this service, your contact details will be hidden in whois.

Domain transfer

A simple domain transfer procedure – you’ll need to know your domain transfer code.

Bulk Domain Registration

You can register several domains at the same time by selecting the appropriate name in different zones.

Simple domain control panel

Domain management from a personal account. Renew or change nemservers is available directly from the client panel.

Whois domain name check

Before you buy a domain name, we recommend checking it for employment in the whois service

Prices for popular

Domain namesRegistrationTransferOrder
.biz idn21.00 $21.00 $Order
.com idn13.00 $13.00 $Order idn9.00 $9.00 $Order idn9.00 $9.00 $Order
.info20.50 $20.50 $Order idn8.00 $8.00 $Order
.net idn15.00 $15.00 $Order
.net.ua6.50 $6.50 $Order
.org idn15.50 $15.50 $Order idn8.00 $8.00 $Order idn1.00 $1.00 $Order
.ua idn39.50 $39.50 $Order


Domain namesRegistrationTransferOrder
.amsterdam51.00 $51.00 $Order
.asia17.00 $17.00 $Order
.be idn15.00 $15.00 $Order
.biz idn21.00 $21.00 $Order
.BZ32.50 $32.50 $Order
.capetown27.00 $27.00 $Order
.cc idn25.00 $25.00 $Order
.co idn35.50 $35.50 $Order
.co.uk11.00 $11.00 $Order
.com idn13.00 $13.00 $Order
.cymru20.00 $20.00 $Order
.de idn10.00 $10.00 $Order
.durban27.00 $27.00 $Order
.earth25.50 $25.50 $Order
.ec61.00 $61.00 $Order
.es idn--Order
.eu idn10.00 $10.00 $Order
.fr9.50 $9.50 $Order
.global85.00 $85.00 $Order
.id31.00 $31.00 $Order
.in15.00 $15.00 $Order
.info20.50 $20.50 $Order
.international16.00 $16.00 $Order
.io58.00 $-Order
.irish19.00 $19.00 $Order
.joburg27.00 $27.00 $Order
.lat33.50 $33.50 $Order
.me46.50 $35.00 $Order
.me.uk10.00 $10.00 $Order
.miami20.00 $20.00 $Order
.mobi25.50 $25.50 $Order
.mx55.50 $55.50 $Order
.name idn11.00 $12.00 $Order
.name11.00 $12.00 $Order
.net idn15.00 $15.00 $Order
.ngo55.50 $55.50 $Order
.ong55.50 $55.50 $Order
.org idn15.50 $15.50 $Order
.org.uk10.00 $10.00 $Order
.ph55.50 $55.50 $Order
.pl15.00 $15.00 $Order
.pw27.00 $27.00 $Order
.quebec42.50 $42.50 $Order
.rf idn--Order
.sc116.00 $116.00 $Order
.scot42.50 $42.50 $Order
.se40.50 $40.50 $Order
.srl47.00 $47.00 $Order
.tv40.50 $40.50 $Order
.uk10.50 $10.50 $Order
.US11.50 $11.50 $Order
.vc43.00 $43.00 $Order
.wang12.00 $12.00 $Order
.WS33.50 $33.50 $Order


Domain namesRegistrationTransferOrder idn5.50 $5.50 $Order
.cherkassy.ua9.50 $9.50 $Order idn9.50 $9.50 $Order idn9.50 $9.50 $Order idn9.00 $9.00 $Order idn9.50 $9.50 $Order idn9.50 $9.50 $Order
.co.ua5.50 $5.50 $Order idn9.00 $9.00 $Order
.crimea.ua5.00 $5.00 $Order idn9.00 $9.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn6.50 $6.50 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn9.00 $9.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn8.00 $8.00 $Order
.kirovograd.ua6.00 $6.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order
.kr.ua6.00 $6.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn8.00 $8.00 $Order idn10.00 $10.00 $Order idn10.00 $10.00 $Order
.lviv.ua10.00 $10.00 $Order
.mk.ua8.00 $8.00 $Order
.net.ua6.50 $6.50 $Order
.nikolaev.ua8.50 $8.50 $Order
.od.ua6.50 $6.50 $Order
.odessa.ua6.00 $6.00 $Order idn8.00 $8.00 $Order
.pl.ua7.00 $7.00 $Order
.poltava.ua7.00 $7.00 $Order idn1.00 $1.00 $Order idn11.00 $11.00 $Order idn9.50 $9.50 $Order
.sebastopol.ua5.00 $5.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn8.00 $8.00 $Order idn8.00 $8.00 $Order
.ua idn39.50 $39.50 $Order
.Ukr9.00 $9.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order
.yalta.ua5.00 $5.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn8.00 $8.00 $Order idn7.00 $7.00 $Order idn8.00 $8.00 $Order

New (New GTLD)

Domain namesRegistrationTransferOrder
.academy38.00 $38.00 $Order
.accountant34.50 $34.50 $Order
.accountants113.50 $113.50 $Order
.actor44.50 $44.50 $Order
.adult126.00 $126.00 $Order
.agency23.00 $23.00 $Order
.airforce38.00 $38.00 $Order
.apartments53.50 $53.50 $Order
.app20.00 $20.00 $Order
.army36.50 $36.50 $Order
.art7.50 $7.50 $Order
.attorney62.00 $62.00 $Order
.auction36.50 $36.50 $Order
.audio171.50 $171.50 $Order
.auto3238.50 $3238.50 $Order
.band27.00 $27.00 $Order
.bar86.50 $86.50 $Order
.bargains36.50 $36.50 $Order
.beer35.00 $35.00 $Order
.berlin59.50 $59.50 $Order
.best25.50 $25.50 $Order
.bet23.50 $23.50 $Order
.bid7.50 $7.50 $Order
.bike38.00 $38.00 $Order
.bingo53.50 $53.50 $Order
.black75.50 $75.50 $Order
.blackfriday171.50 $171.50 $Order
.blog13.50 $13.50 $Order
.blue20.00 $20.00 $Order
.boutique36.50 $36.50 $Order
.build86.50 $86.50 $Order
.builders36.50 $36.50 $Order
.business13.00 $13.00 $Order
.buzz44.00 $44.00 $Order
.cab36.50 $36.50 $Order
.cafe20.00 $20.00 $Order
.cam24.50 $24.50 $Order
.camera56.00 $56.00 $Order
.camp56.50 $56.50 $Order
.capital23.00 $23.00 $Order
.car3238.50 $3238.50 $Order
.cards36.50 $36.50 $Order
.care36.50 $36.50 $Order
.careers40.50 $40.50 $Order
.cars3238.50 $3238.50 $Order
.cash38.00 $38.00 $Order
.casino173.00 $173.00 $Order
.catering36.50 $36.50 $Order
.center25.50 $25.50 $Order
.chat36.50 $36.50 $Order
.cheap36.50 $36.50 $Order
.christmas82.50 $82.50 $Order
.church36.50 $36.50 $Order
.city11.00 $11.00 $Order
.claims27.00 $27.00 $Order
.cleaning56.00 $56.00 $Order
.clinic52.50 $52.50 $Order
.clothing36.50 $36.50 $Order
.coach20.00 $20.00 $Order
.codes11.50 $11.50 $Order
.coffee38.00 $38.00 $Order
.college86.50 $86.50 $Order
.community36.50 $36.50 $Order
.company22.00 $22.00 $Order
.condos55.50 $55.50 $Order
.construction36.50 $36.50 $Order
.consulting42.00 $42.00 $Order
.contractors36.50 $36.50 $Order
.cooking35.00 $35.00 $Order
.cool38.00 $38.00 $Order
.coupons27.00 $27.00 $Order
.courses43.00 $43.00 $Order
.credit116.00 $116.00 $Order
.creditcard175.50 $175.50 $Order
.cricket34.50 $34.50 $Order
.cruises55.50 $55.50 $Order
.dance27.00 $27.00 $Order
.date34.50 $34.50 $Order
.dating40.50 $40.50 $Order
.deals36.50 $36.50 $Order
.degree52.50 $52.50 $Order
.delivery16.00 $16.00 $Order
.democrat36.50 $36.50 $Order
.dental52.50 $52.50 $Order
.dentist62.00 $62.00 $Order
.desi20.00 $20.00 $Order
.design60.50 $60.50 $Order
.dev17.50 $17.50 $Order
.diamonds56.00 $56.00 $Order
.diet174.00 $174.00 $Order
.digital36.50 $36.50 $Order
.direct36.50 $36.50 $Order
.directory6.50 $6.50 $Order
.discount36.50 $36.50 $Order
.doctor116.00 $116.00 $Order
.dog13.50 $13.50 $Order
.download34.50 $34.50 $Order
.earth25.50 $25.50 $Order
.eco86.50 $86.50 $Order
.education24.50 $24.50 $Order
.email28.50 $28.50 $Order
.energy107.50 $107.50 $Order
.engineer36.50 $36.50 $Order
.engineering20.00 $20.00 $Order
.equipment21.50 $21.50 $Order
.estate36.50 $36.50 $Order
.events36.50 $36.50 $Order
.exchange36.50 $36.50 $Order
.expert59.50 $59.50 $Order
.express13.50 $13.50 $Order
.fail36.50 $36.50 $Order
.faith34.50 $34.50 $Order
.family32.50 $32.50 $Order
.fans89.00 $89.00 $Order
.fashion36.50 $36.50 $Order
.finance59.50 $59.50 $Order
.financial27.00 $27.00 $Order
.fish36.50 $36.50 $Order
.fishing36.50 $36.50 $Order
.fit36.50 $36.50 $Order
.fitness36.50 $36.50 $Order
.florist36.50 $36.50 $Order
.flowers174.00 $174.00 $Order
.fm158.00 $158.00 $Order
.football22.00 $22.00 $Order
.forsale36.50 $36.50 $Order
.foundation36.50 $36.50 $Order
.fun25.50 $25.50 $Order
.fund27.00 $27.00 $Order
.furniture52.50 $52.50 $Order
.futbol15.00 $15.00 $Order
.fyi13.50 $13.50 $Order
.gallery21.50 $21.50 $Order
.game514.50 $514.50 $Order
.games27.00 $27.00 $Order
.games27.00 $27.00 $Order
.garden36.50 $36.50 $Order
.gift23.00 $23.00 $Order
.gives36.50 $36.50 $Order
.glass56.00 $56.00 $Order
.global85.00 $85.00 $Order
.gold113.50 $113.50 $Order
.golf6.50 $6.50 $Order
.graphics21.50 $21.50 $Order
.gratis22.00 $22.00 $Order
.green85.00 $85.00 $Order
.gripe36.50 $36.50 $Order
.group22.00 $22.00 $Order
.guide36.50 $36.50 $Order
.guitars171.50 $171.50 $Order
.guru35.00 $35.00 $Order
.haus36.50 $36.50 $Order
.health89.50 $89.50 $Order
.healthcare53.50 $53.50 $Order
.help33.50 $33.50 $Order
.hiphop171.50 $171.50 $Order
.hockey53.50 $53.50 $Order
.holdings55.50 $55.50 $Order
.holiday59.50 $59.50 $Order
.homes43.00 $43.00 $Order
.horse36.50 $36.50 $Order
.hospital62.50 $62.50 $Order
.host113.50 $113.50 $Order
.hosting488.00 $-Order
.house36.50 $36.50 $Order
.how35.50 $35.50 $Order
.immo33.00 $33.00 $Order
.immobilien36.50 $36.50 $Order
.industries36.50 $36.50 $Order
.ink6.00 $6.00 $Order
.institute13.50 $13.50 $Order
.insure53.50 $53.50 $Order
.international16.00 $16.00 $Order
.investments114.50 $114.50 $Order
.irish19.00 $19.00 $Order
.jetzt25.50 $25.50 $Order
.jewelry53.50 $53.50 $Order
.jobs174.50 $174.50 $Order
.juegos514.50 $514.50 $Order
.kaufen36.50 $36.50 $Order
.kim13.50 $13.50 $Order
.kitchen27.00 $27.00 $Order
.kiwi44.00 $44.00 $Order
.land36.50 $36.50 $Order
.law126.00 $126.00 $Order
.Lawyer62.00 $62.00 $Order
.lease55.50 $55.50 $Order
.legal55.00 $55.00 $Order
.lgbt27.00 $27.00 $Order
.life36.50 $36.50 $Order
.lighting21.50 $21.50 $Order
.limited36.50 $36.50 $Order
.limo56.50 $56.50 $Order
.live31.00 $31.00 $Order
.loan34.50 $34.50 $Order
.loans116.00 $116.00 $Order
.lol33.50 $33.50 $Order
.london55.50 $55.50 $Order
.love36.50 $36.50 $Order
.ltd16.00 $16.00 $Order
.luxury708.50 $708.50 $Order
.maison56.00 $56.00 $Order
.management25.00 $25.00 $Order
.market35.00 $35.00 $Order
.marketing36.50 $36.50 $Order
.markets71.00 $71.00 $Order
.mba33.00 $33.00 $Order
.memorial53.50 $53.50 $Order
.men34.50 $34.50 $Order
.menu43.00 $43.00 $Order
.mobi25.50 $25.50 $Order
.moda36.50 $36.50 $Order
.mom43.00 $43.00 $Order
.money27.00 $27.00 $Order
.mortgage52.50 $52.50 $Order
.name11.00 $12.00 $Order
.navy36.50 $36.50 $Order
.network13.50 $13.50 $Order
.news31.00 $31.00 $Order
.news31.00 $31.00 $Order
.ninja27.00 $27.00 $Order
.nyc36.50 $36.50 $Order
.one12.00 $12.00 $Order
.ooo37.00 $37.00 $Order
.ooo37.00 $37.00 $Order
.page15.00 $15.00 $Order
.partners27.00 $27.00 $Order
.parts36.50 $36.50 $Order
.party34.50 $34.50 $Order
.pet20.00 $20.00 $Order
.photo35.00 $35.00 $Order
.photography21.50 $21.50 $Order
.photos13.50 $13.50 $Order
.pictures13.50 $13.50 $Order
.pink20.00 $20.00 $Order
.pizza20.00 $20.00 $Order
.plumbing56.00 $56.00 $Order
.plus13.50 $13.50 $Order
.poker74.00 $74.00 $Order
.porn126.00 $126.00 $Order
.Press42.00 $42.00 $Order
.pro33.00 $33.00 $Order
.productions36.50 $36.50 $Order
.products36.50 $36.50 $Order
.promo23.50 $23.50 $Order
.properties36.50 $36.50 $Order
.property171.50 $171.50 $Order
.pub38.00 $38.00 $Order
.racing34.50 $34.50 $Order
.recipes13.50 $13.50 $Order
.red20.00 $20.00 $Order
.rehab36.50 $36.50 $Order
.reisen21.50 $21.50 $Order
.rent74.00 $74.00 $Order
.rentals36.50 $36.50 $Order
.repair36.50 $36.50 $Order
.report13.50 $13.50 $Order
.republican36.50 $36.50 $Order
.rest43.00 $43.00 $Order
.restaurant27.00 $27.00 $Order
.Retrieved21.50 $21.50 $Order
.review34.50 $34.50 $Order
.reviews27.00 $27.00 $Order
.rip23.00 $23.00 $Order
.rocks18.50 $18.50 $Order
.run6.50 $6.50 $Order
.sale36.50 $36.50 $Order
.salon53.50 $53.50 $Order
.sarl36.50 $36.50 $Order
.school33.00 $33.00 $Order
.schule21.50 $21.50 $Order
.science34.50 $34.50 $Order
.services36.50 $36.50 $Order
.sex126.00 $126.00 $Order
.sexy3510.00 $3510.00 $Order
.shiksha23.50 $23.50 $Order
.shoes56.00 $56.00 $Order
.shopping36.50 $36.50 $Order
.show13.50 $13.50 $Order
.ski64.00 $64.00 $Order
.soccer22.00 $22.00 $Order
.social36.50 $36.50 $Order
.software36.50 $36.50 $Order
.solar56.00 $56.00 $Order
.solutions28.50 $28.50 $Order
.soy32.50 $32.50 $Order
.space27.00 $27.00 $Order
.stream34.50 $34.50 $Order
.studio32.50 $32.50 $Order
.study33.50 $33.50 $Order
.style20.00 $20.00 $Order
.supplies21.50 $21.50 $Order
.supply21.50 $21.50 $Order
.support11.00 $11.00 $Order
.surf36.50 $36.50 $Order
.surgery52.50 $52.50 $Order
.Synopses38.00 $38.00 $Order
.systems16.00 $16.00 $Order
.tattoo52.50 $52.50 $Order
.tax20.00 $20.00 $Order
.Taxi20.00 $20.00 $Order
.team13.50 $13.50 $Order
.tech60.50 $60.50 $Order
.technology16.00 $16.00 $Order
.tennis53.50 $53.50 $Order
.theater53.50 $53.50 $Order
.tienda56.00 $56.00 $Order
.tips20.00 $20.00 $Order
.tires116.00 $116.00 $Order
.today28.50 $28.50 $Order
.tools38.00 $38.00 $Order
.tours13.50 $13.50 $Order
.town36.50 $36.50 $Order
.toys27.00 $27.00 $Order
.trade34.50 $34.50 $Order
.trading86.50 $86.50 $Order
.training36.50 $36.50 $Order
.university56.00 $56.00 $Order
.uno31.00 $31.00 $Order
.vacations36.50 $36.50 $Order
.vegas70.00 $70.00 $Order
.ventures20.00 $20.00 $Order
.vet36.50 $36.50 $Order
.viajes55.50 $55.50 $Order
.video32.50 $32.50 $Order
.villas56.00 $56.00 $Order
.vin13.50 $13.50 $Order
.vip19.00 $19.00 $Order
.vodka36.50 $36.50 $Order
.voyage56.00 $56.00 $Order
.webcam34.50 $34.50 $Order
.wedding36.50 $36.50 $Order
.wiki7.50 $7.50 $Order
.win34.50 $34.50 $Order
.Wine13.50 $13.50 $Order
.work11.50 $11.50 $Order
.works38.00 $38.00 $Order
.world6.00 $6.00 $Order
.wtf36.50 $36.50 $Order
.yoga33.50 $33.50 $Order
.zone38.00 $38.00 $Order

Additional services

✔️ Restoring international domains pending deletion, one-time80.00 $
✔️ Restoring EU domains pending deletion, one-time55.00 $
✔️ Restoring Ukrainian domains pending deletion, one-time40.00 $
✔️ Data protection in international domains, per year4.80 $

The benefits of buying a domain on Tuthost

domains More than 100 domain zones

Here you can register a domain in more than 100 domain zones, and if any zone is not on the list – just email us.

wallet More than 10 payment options

You can pay for the purchase of the domain in any way, from the card to Bitcoin.

lock Data privacy

Your personal data in the domain is hidden by default and securely protected.

ribbon Official Domain Registrar

In most domain zones, we have official registrar status

builder Site builder as a gift

You only need to register a domain, but the site is not yet? Create a business-card website with a free site builder.

gift Free domains

If you are not ready to pay for a domain name – use free

When registering a domain – site builder as a gift

Register or buy domain
  • If, in addition to the domain, you need the ability to quickly create a business card site, and you are not ready to buy hosting yet, then we have great news.
  • When ordering a domain, you can get a website builder as a gift. To do this at the last step of ordering a domain – add to cart also service “Site Builder – micro.
  • It will allow you to quickly and easily create a simple website without spending extra money on hosting.

Domain registration service

Our company has the status of an official domain name registrar in almost all Ukrainian domain zones. And we have direct contracts with international registrars. This allows us to provide you with the best prices for domain registration and ensure that your domain doesn’t go away. After all, in order not to lose your domain and not to incur losses, you should give preference to the responsible domain registrar, who has been verified by the domain administrator and has the official status of a registrar.

So, do you want to buy com domain, net, info or other domains? Do you want domain registration to be quick and easy? Welcome to our company – Tuthost. With us you can not only register a domain, but also make the choice of the most profitable hosting plan in Ukraine.

And by the way, we have the best price guarantee for domains. We constantly monitor the cost of domain registration to ensure the best price on the market.

Found a cheaper domain? Click on the banner to the right, fill out the short form and you are guaranteed to get an even lower price for the domain.

Best price guarantee
We can register: Ukrainian domainsInternational domainsSubject domains, and Foreign domains

Promotions and discounts for domain registration

There are several opportunities where you can get a discount for registering a domain.

cart Domain reselling

If you plan to register a lot of domains, it makes sense for you to take part in the domain reselling program. This way you can get a 15% discount or higher, depending on the number of registrations.

gift Domain for free

You can get a domain for free, if you pay for hosting at the rate plus or higher for a year.
To get a domain – place an order for it, but do not pay. After that – write the name of the domain to the sales department.

thumbup Exclusive discounts

We highly recommend subscribing to our Telegram channel. There are regularly exclusive discounts for subscribers that are not available from other sources. Including promo codes for domains.

Domain name registration and payment process

The domain registration process is fully automated. We tried to do everything to make it easy and fast to buy a domain.

All you need is to register it:

  • Find yourself a free domain. Prices for domain names are in the table above.
  • Fill in contact information registrant, it is important to specify not just a contact webmaster, and the person who will be the owner of the domain.
  • Specify nemservers – this data is usually given by the hoster, at which you plan to host the site. If you do not know what to specify there, you can specify our nameservers:,

Once the order is placed, all you have to do is choose a convenient method of payment. There are payment options for both organizations and just for individuals. persons. Immediately after the payment is credited – the domain will be instantly registered.

Advantages of registering domains in our company

The service of domain registration itself – very simple, but with us, you get a number of “pluses”.

Free DNS management – the ability to change information in the DNS directly from the panel.

Fault-tolerant nemservers in 4 different data centers and different countries

Free website builder that allows you to create and run a business card site in minutes.

Domain Parking. If you do not yet have a full-fledged site, but you already need to, that when you go to the purchased domain information was opened – you can use the so-called “parking domain. To do this, along with a domain you can activate the free website builder and directly in it to create a small page with contacts or other information.

Guarantee the best price for domains. If you find somewhere cheaper – just send us a request in chat or email, with a link to where you found cheaper and we are guaranteed to give you an even better price.

Domain registration conditions or restrictions.

In most domain zones there are no restrictions and anyone can register a domain. But there are a few areas with such restrictions. The restrictions are described in the relevant section, on the page of the specific domain.

For example, the EU zone. Only a person who lives in one of the EU countries can register an EU domain. And to get a UA domain – you need to be the owner of the trademark with the same name.

Search for a free domain.

To find a free domain is not difficult – just use a special service for finding domains – whois. This service shows the status of the domain free or busy. And if the domain is busy – you can see to whom this domain is registered. Unless, of course, the data protection service is enabled for it.

Much harder to choose a beautiful domain name for the site. It is important that it is easy to read, well remembered and was unique. So that if someone needs to quickly find your site on the Internet – he could remember your domain from memory.

Fast registration in 99.9% of domain zones

Most domains are registered instantly after payment, within 1-2 minutes. You can check the status of domain registration directly in your personal cabinet or through the whois service. But there are exceptions, domains that are checked manually by the administrator of the domain zone. For example, domain .ua. To register such a domain must have the same trademark and it must already be valid. Simply applying for trademark registration is not enough. Therefore, you can buy such a domain only with a TM certificate number.

Frequent questions about domains

These words may seem similar, but they mean fundamentally different roles.

A registrar is a company that provides domain registration services. To get this right, you can only conclude a contract with the administrator of the domain zone and passing a series of checks.

A registrant – a person or organization in which the domain is registered.

The system of working domains in most zones is very similar. After the deadline – the domain goes into a blocked state and is usually in it for 1 month. All this time it is available for renewal at the regular price.

Another month after the end of the domain goes to the state “Redemption” in which is another 1 month. In this status the domain can no longer be extended, but you can still apply for restoration, although it will cost significantly more.

And only after about 2 months, the domain will be released and again available for registration.

But do not take the risk and wait until the domain is free, if you had a popular, promoted site – it may well try to intercept. So, renew your domains – on time.

Of course, if you pay for hosting for 1 year or more, you can get one domain for free. The domain of your choice is provided, in one of the available zones.