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cloudfiber Virtual Hosting

Hosted in Ukraine or Europe on SSDs, Cloudlinux platform is fast and reliable.

lock SSL Certificates

SSL certificates from $ 10 – will increase the reliability of the site and its position in search results.

dedicated Virtual Servers

Virtual servers for those who need more resources comparing to virtual hosting and need root access.

rack Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers of any configuration and in different data centers, to choose from.

Register your domain

Available: DNS management, privacy protection, domain protection from theft, etc.

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.com 13.00 $.net 15.00 $ .org 15.50 $ 9.00 $ 8.00 $.ua 39.50 $


From $63
per month

4 cores 2.67 GHz or higher
1000 GB Disk
100 Mbps port

Dual Processor 
From $106
per month

12 cores 2.5 GHz or higher
1000 GB Disk
100 Mbps port

Server Builder 
From $63
per month

Processors from Core i5 to 2xXeon
Memory up to 256GB
Up to 4 disks per server
100 Mbps port

The best Ukrainian hosting – Tuthost

Tuthost has been providing hosting services since 2004. We started with only two key services – website hosting in Ukraine and domain registration. Now we are trying to provide the client with all the services that he may need when developing his site. Starting with a website builder – with which it is easy to run a simple business card site or a landing page, and ending with server rental services and SSL certificates – which are needed for large corporate sites.

We have always tried to use the most modern technologies available. So we were one of the first hosting in Ukraine to switch to SSD discs, and later launched hosting on even more modern SSD NVME discs. We were one of the first to implement the latest version of the hosting control panel – Directadmin and customer services Billmanager. We are among the few who do double backup of all customer data: one copy in the Ukrainian data center and the second copy in the data center in Europe.

So if you are looking for paid hosting for the site, while reliable and at a reasonable cost – order it from us. If in doubt, you can start by taking a test period.

We work for you – Ukrainian hosting, Tuthost.


Attractive prices

Huge selection of payment methods and good prices for all Ukrainian hosting services

Quick support

You can contact us via email, ticket system, online chat or by phone

30 Days of Moneyback

No risks. 30 days moneyback on hosting. Не понравится – вернем деньги без вопросов.

Test period

You can first try our services for free and only then pay for hosting

Modern Technologies

Cloudlinux and SSD drives, Supermicro servers – we use the best of the latest technology

PHP settings

You can choose the version of PHP and activate modules that are needed for your site

Script installer

Hundreds of the most popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) and applications are available for quick installation directly in the control panel hosting.

Double backup

We always store two backups of data, one of which is located in a data center outside Ukraine

Site Builder

With the help of a site builder, you can create a stylish and modern website in just 15 minutes, with an adaptive design

If you need the best Ukrainian hosting – contact TutHost, we can find the best solution for your site.


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Changes in prices for Code Signing certificates

manДенис Семенюк
As of June 1, 2023, all Code Signing certificates must comply with the new CA/B Forum rules to ensure that the subscriber’s private key is generated, stored and used on FIPS-compliant equipment.
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Payment in cryptocurrency via Binance Pay

manДенис Семенюк
Added the ability to pay for services in cryptocurrencies through the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Many currency options are available for ETH, BTC, USDC, USDT and so on.
DDoS Protection

Protection against DDoS attacks

manДенис Семенюк
New service – Anti-DDoS protection – for sites or companies, anyone who needs to ensure stable operation regardless of any attacks.
Reselling hosting

New Rates for Reselling Hosting

manДенис Семенюк
Reseller hosting rates have been updated. Now there are more resources, more space, more sites, and lower prices. The servers for reselling have also been updated, now only with high-speed Enterprise-class SSDs.

How to choose hosting

Depending on the size of your project, you may need different services. We will tell you briefly about the main services.

Choose hosting in Ukraine

Once you have selected and registered a domain – you need to choose hosting for the site.
We provide hosting at several DCs in Ukraine and Europe. If the main visitors to your site from Ukraine, it is logical to choose and hosting in Ukraine, and if most visitors – from European countries, then when ordering a hosting, choose a data center in Europe.
But how to choose what kind of hosting plan is suitable for your site? Let’s look at our rates for different types of sites.

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Personal sites or landings
If you are just starting your project on the Internet and you need inexpensive hosting for your website, then the“Basic” and“Plus” rates are perfect for you. You will get up to 3 GB of space, the ability to quickly create a project in the website builder and a free domain, when you pay for the “Plus” tariff for a year or more.
Online shop or blog
If you are building your online store using OpenCart, Woocommerce, Magento or another popular Ecommerce platform – check out the Business and Big plans. On these tariffs, the limit of RAM is increased and it is possible to place up to 30 different sites. Choose Ukrainian hosting for sites if the majority of customers are from Ukraine and European – if from Europe.
Portals or high-load sites
For projects with high attendance we have a separate line of VIP hosting. These servers host no more than 20 clients, with higher limits on processor resources and RAM, as well as priority technical support.
Hosting for Wordpress
We have made a separate line of tariffs optimized for Wordpress, because it is the most popular CMS in the world. On these plans, Wordpress installation and updates are available in a few clicks, right from the panel. The most modern high-speed SSD NVME drives are used. And for ease of management, upon request, WP-CLI is provided.

Select your Domain

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– this is where the visitor begins to get acquainted with the site. Therefore, to choose which domain to register, you need to follow a few simple rules.
If your business operates only in a small region – it is better to choose domains with a geographical reference, for example, if you are looking for a domain in Ukraine, then the best choice would be to buy a domain UA or COM.UA

If you find it difficult to choose which area to register your domain in, here are the most popular domain areas:

  • Ukrainian domains: ua,,,
  • Russian domains: ru, su
  • New domains: xyz, blog, top
  • International domains: com, net, org

Your domain should be well remembered and easy to read. Also, think about how well it is perceived by ear and whether it will be able to record without mistakes.
As for the cost of domains, we have a huge selection – from free domains, to exclusive domains in new domain zones.

Site Builder

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And what if you’ve even chosen which domain you want to register, but you still don’t have the site. The business is already working and you need to quickly solve the issue with the launch of the site.
To solve this problem at all hosting rates – we provide website builder, which allows you to quickly and easily make a site without any knowledge of HTML. We have hundreds of templates to choose from for sites of different themes and they are all adaptive.
Here are just a few of the builders features:

  • More than 200 design options
  • All templates are adaptive
  • Easy site setup
  • Easy site setup
  • Social media support
  • Multilinguality

But what if you’re not yet ready to buy hosting and you’ve just registered a domain. No problem – we give together with each domain – website builder, which will allow you to quickly launch a business card site.


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Once you have placed a site on hosting – you need to solve the problem with the security of your site, and at the same time it would be a good idea to increase its position in search results. Both of these problems can be solved by ordering an SSL certificate for the website.
So you solve several problems at once:

  • Increase the confidence of your visitors
  • Ensure secure data sharing
  • Increase the position of your site in search
  • Increase the number of conversions on the site

Frequent questions about hosting

Hosting is the place and resources to host the site. If you draw an analogy, hosting is like an apartment in a multifamily domain, where the site gets to “live” and use the resources of the house processor, memory, disks. In the case of regular hosting, you have neighbors in the house. But we made our hosting as independent of neighbors as possible – all apartments have solid walls and neighbors do not affect each other 🙂
Continuing with the housing analogy, a virtual server is like a cottage, where you only have a few neighbors and you manage the lot next to the house. And a dedicated server is your own home, where you can change everything as you please.

If hosting – is an “apartment” for the site, the domain – is the address of the apartment by which you can find your site. We register domains in hundreds of different domain zones, so you’re sure to find an address that’s easy to remember.

Different sites may require different types of hosting. We have something to offer for sites of all sizes.
Virtual hosting – for small and medium-sized projects.
Wordpress Hosting is ideal for sites based on CMS Wordpress because it is optimized specifically for this system.
VIP hosting is for large projects that need a lot of server resources.
Mail hosting – if you only need mail and a good anti-spam filter.

A hosting provider is a company that provides you with the resources you need to host your website.
Otherwise known as the hoster. From the hoster you get: server resources (memory, disk, CPU) and hosting control panel.

Choosing a website hosting – pay attention to the following factors:

– How long has the company been in business? A company that has been on the market for a long time is usually more reliable.

– Where are the company’s servers physically located? The closer to your site visitors, the better. So depending on the location of the servers may depend on the time of access to the site.

For example, you can choose the hosting for your site in Ukraine or Europe.

In fact, you can get hosting at all for free if you need to host a business site. You can get such hosting when you buy a domain.
And buy paid hosting packages for the site starting at $3.2 per month if you pay for a year.

So you can check for yourself if our hosting suits your site – you can order a free trial period of 10 days. You can order a trial period through the site or from your personal cabinet, for this you will need to verify your cell phone. Activation is automatic, the data for access will come to your email.