FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. IRS – U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Under the law FATCA banks and financial institutions must send to the IRS data on their foreign clients (account numbers, amounts on them, the turnover of accounts).

IRS Public Key

The IRS public key can be downloaded from the IDES Enrollment website. The public certificate must be included in the FATCA data packet for transmission to the IRS.

The file formats of the certificate required for data transfer:

  • DER – Distinguished Encoding Rules, binary X.509
  • PEM – Privacy Enhanced eMail ASCII (Base-64) encoded X.509

The IRS recommends a specific list of certificates for data transmission.

From this list, we can order the following certificates, which are fully compliant with IRS requirements.

Comodo EV SSL
comodo sslExtended (EV)15-30 days130.00 $ /year
DigiCert Extended Validation SSL
brand digicertExtended (EV)1-3 days310.00 $ /year
DigiCert Standard SSL
brand digicertOrganization (OV)5 minutes195.00 $ /year
GlobalSign ExtendedSSL (EV)
globalsign logoExtended (EV)1-5 days430.00 $ /year
GlobalSign OrganizationSSL (OV)
globalsign logoOrganization (OV)1-3 days170.00 $ /year