The company TutHost was founded in 2004 and its original goal was: to provide quality virtual hosting services. In the time that has passed since the founding of the company – the range of services provided has grown considerably.

At the moment hosting provider TutHost provides virtual web hosting in Ukraine with support for PHP, MySQL, domain registration services, as well as VPS services, rent and placement of servers, digital SSL certificates and the purchase of software licenses.

This is where the best sites live. This is our company motto and we try to follow it when serving our customers.

Why it’s good with us:

  • You can always find a common language with us, we can always choose an individual rate, defer the period of payment, offer conditions more interesting than our competitors.
  • We are always very honest. We don’t believe in uptime 100%, as even giants like Google go down. We have problems, but we are always honest about them, and after each problem we draw conclusions and take measures to ensure that it does not happen again.
  • We speak the same language as our clients, because we are IT people just like you. We, too, read hubr, lepra, and like to hang out at i.t. conferences.
  • We’re not a giant corporation, so we really have a personalized approach to clients.
  • We like to automate everything, so most changes to the service settings are made instantly and automatically.
  • We have visited all the largest data centers in Ukraine and know where the best conditions for our customers are.
  • We regularly participate in the world’s largest hosting conference Wordlhostingdays, so we are aware of all the trends and innovations and launch many new innovative services.
  • We have been on the hosting market since 2004 and we know our customers’ needs very well.
  • We do not skimp on iron, only branded servers.
  • We have the largest choice of payment options.
  • When your site grows – you will not have to change your provider, because we also provide services of VPS, rent and server hosting.

The distinctive features of our services

  • Hosting – the main trick is Cloudlinux – add-on CentOs – which allows each hosting account a guaranteed amount of resources: CPU, memory, well, just like the UPU. The same system does not allow the user to exceed these limits, which completely eliminates the most common problem of all hosts, when one glitchy site affects the work of all sites on one server.
  • Domains – a huge selection of domain zones, more than 60 and free DNS management with each domain.
  • Rent a server – we have a guarantee of the best price – find the same config cheaper – and get a special discount.
  • Hosting servers – the first month is free, and then pay if you like it. Accommodation in one of the two DCs of your choice.
  • SSL certificates – a really big selection of certificates from different certification centers, more than 26 and also the best prices – the price level is checked regularly, you will hardly find cheaper.
  • UPU – so far there are no mega differences from others, we provide proven configurations. KVM and VMManager virtualization. Oh yes, I forgot, we can rent machines with licensed Windows, we rent out licenses, which can save a lot (no need to buy an expensive server license right away).


progress 20 years

The company has been operating since 2004

meeting Over 10,000

The company’s customers

global About 11,000

Registered domains

thumbup 99%

Satisfied customers