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Dedicated Server Rental

The cost of renting a server from Tuthost.ua

Xeon X3470 4×2,93 GHz8 Gb1000 Gb HDD65.00 $Configure
Xeon X3470 4×2,93 GHz8 Gb240 Gb SSD65.00 $Configure
Xeon E3-1270v2 4×3,5 GHz16 Gb1000 Gb HDD95.00 $Configure
Xeon E3-1270v2 4×3,5 GHz16 Gb480 Gb SSD103.00 $Configure
Core i7-2600 4×3,4 GHz8 Gb500 Gb HDD81.00 $Configure
Core i7-2600 4×3,4 GHz16 Gb240 Gb SSD91.00 $Configure
2 x Xeon E5-2640 6х2.50GHz24 Gb1000 Gb HDD106.00 $ 63.60 $Configure
2 x Xeon E5-2680 8×2.70GHz32 Gb2 x 1000 Gb HDD140.00 $ 84.00 $Configure
2 x Xeon E5-2690 8×2.90GHz48 Gb1000 Gb HDD141.00 $ 84.60 $Configure
2 x Xeon E5-2690 8×2.90GHz48 Gb2000 Gb HDD147.00 $ 88.20 $Configure
2 x Xeon E5-2690 8×2.90GHz96 Gb240 Gb SSD165.00 $ 99.00 $Configure
Memory and disks can be added to all servers. Want a customized server configuration? Customize your option

Promotion*: 40% discount on 2 x Xeon E5-based servers. To get the discount – when ordering, specify promo code: xeon40

*The number of servers provided under the action is limited. The action is valid until the action servers are exhausted.

1. Select a server

Use ready-made servers or build your own configuration for your tasks

2. Place an order

Place and pay for a dedicated server order

3. Install the ordered server

Same day or within a few days (depends on the availability of your configuration in stock)

4. We will provide a full package of documents

We issue, if necessary, all documents: The contract, the Act of performance, the original copy of the invoice for the rental server.

When you rent a server from Tuthost you get:

*available on all tariffs

Additional ip

4 ip is included in the plan, additional ip are available from different subnets.


Remote access to the server via IP KVM on request

Gigabit channel

Ability to connect a gigabit channel to the server

Microsoft license rental

You don’t need to buy an expensive license for the server, you can save and rent a license

Extra drives and memory

You can add drives or memory to a dedicated server if your project has grown.

24/7 Support

24-hour email and ticket support

Rental control panel

Need to install cPanel, ISPmanager, Directadmin? No problem – we have the best price for licenses.

Quick replacement of components

If any component on the server fails, replace it on the same day

Reinstall OS on demand

The ability to remotely reinstall the OS on the server

Benefits and features of server rental

Discount system

Paying for a server for more than a month – you get discounts up to 20%:
If you pay for 3 months – 5% discount.
If you pay for 6 months – 10% discount.
If you pay for one year – 15% discount.
If you pay for 2 years – 20% discount.

Server configurator

We do not limit you to ready-made server configurations, you can independently choose any configuration you need.

Data center to choose from

The server can be installed in the data center Volia or Colocall of your choice.

Best price guarantee

We regularly monitor the prices for the server rental service. If you find a server for rent of a similar configuration, in another company, cheaper than ours – just email us and we will make you a special discount.

Free and fast server installation

If you need to quickly buy a dedicated server, then we install most of the servers during the day, after the order. Installation of the server is free.

Only branded servers

For rent, we provide only branded servers on platforms: Intel, Supermicro, HP

Rent a server at Tuthost

Do you have a large project with high traffic and it does not have enough virtual hosting? Doesn’t the UPU save either? No money to buy your own server? Need maximum performance and non-standard settings? Need full control, safety and stability at high loads?

Rent a server or a dedicated server, can solve these problems.

What is a dedicated server?

In fact, it is renting a physical remote server where only your project will be located. You get full control on both the software level and the hardware level.

It may seem that renting a dedicated server is more expensive than using standard website hosting. In fact, you get more options, so the cost is higher.

What are the advantages of a dedicated server?

The advantages that you get by renting a dedicated server, more than the price of such services:

  • Flexibility of configuration to your needs – you can choose any configuration by the number of memory, disks and processors not to overpay;
  • scalability – memory and disks can be ordered additionally;
  • all the power of the server works for you – you do not depend on the server neighbors;
  • increased security – your project is physically isolated from others;
  • resistance to heavy loads;
  • The management of the server is entirely in your hands;
  • You can use Windows without buying a license, you just need to rent a license by the month.

When choosing a dedicated server, keep in mind that the benefits you will receive will require a certain competence in configuring and administering the server.

When ordering dedicated server hosting, you can choose a data center.

Why place a server in a data center?

When placed in a data center will solve a number of issues, which will allow you to focus on working on the project, rather than engage in server maintenance.

The data center provides:

  • a specially equipped room;
  • uninterrupted power supply;
  • high-speed communication channels;
  • a secure network;
  • optimal temperature and humidity;
  • fire alarm system and automatic gas extinguishing system;
  • equipment monitoring;
  • 24-hour security;
  • access control.

Frequently asked questions about server rental

The server can be placed to choose from, in one of the data centers in Kiev – Volia or Colocall.

If there is an ordered configuration in stock – the rented server is activated on the same day if it was ordered in the morning and the next day – in the afternoon. If the ordered configuration is not in stock, which is very rare, activation can take up to 3 days.

If you already have a Windows license, you can use it, but if you don’t have a license, you can rent a license from us and pay for it monthly.

If you want to add drives or memory to the server, then it is not necessary to order a rental of a new server. We can change the configuration of the current server, provided that it has not yet installed the maximum number of disks or memory.

Server rental

Placing your site on the Internet to make it available through the World Wide Web is impossible without hosting. This service includes not only the provision of disk space, and a portion of the server resources (memory, CPU) or the entire server.

A server is a special architecture computer that runs 24 hours a day. Its resources are dedicated to the needs of the site so that it is available to Internet users at any time. The task of hosting is to keep the serverov in working order. Suppression of possible attacks aimed at hacking the site and taking possession of its content, or creating obstacles for access to content provides the user himself, applying the necessary measures and making the appropriate settings server. To do this, the owners of the sites rent space on the server and receive certain rights to manage it. TutHost gives you the opportunity to order a server with the necessary specifications at the best price.

How to rent a server?

First of all, the tenant must decide on the type of server. It can be virtual or dedicated. Virtual servers come in two versions: VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server). In essence, they are identical concepts. In both cases, we are talking about working in a virtual environment on a physical server, part of the resources and capabilities of which are reserved for the needs of the user (tenant).

A number of virtual servers can be created on the same hardware, emulating the physical one, and each of them will have its own copy of the operating system (OS). The user will be granted root rights, providing full access to management based on virtualization technologies KVM or VDSManager. Rent a VPS or VDS server makes sense when it comes to a small corporate or personal site, blog, a small niche online store. In addition, renting a VPS (VPS) or VDS server has another absolute advantage – the cost. This is the most attractive option from a financial point of view. Remote control and administration will not cause problems either.

Dedicated Server or Dedicated Server assumes the lease of a separate physical machine to the user as a whole. The tenant does not have to share resources with other users, and he gets full software and hardware control. And this means that extraneous applications will not become an obstacle, and the chain of glitches that occurs when the problems of one site are reflected in the other, hosted on the same VPS, your site will not affect.

Renting dedicated servers makes sense if you are about to launch a “heavy” resource-intensive project or databases that require special protection. Large information Internet portals and online supermarkets – these are the typical users of such a service. If you briefly highlight the main advantages, they are as follows.

  • Safety. It is much more difficult for an intruder to get to the rack cabinet in a large data center, where your personal Dedicated Server is located.
  • Confident work in conditions of high traffic. If the use of VPS traffic growth can lead to slowness of the site and slow loading of content, the dedicated Dedicated serverah such problems, and hence the failures in the work will not be.
  • Ability to install any software on dedicated machines and change the configuration at your discretion

True, as always happens, if there’s a lot of good stuff, someone has to pay for it. The cost of renting a dedicated server is significantly higher than a virtual one. It also requires qualified administrators. But in general, it is the best solution, giving more freedom and opportunities.

TutHost: hosting on the best conditions in Ukraine

We have been working in this market for more than 15 years. Starting with domain name registration and hosting, we became a company that offers a full range of services for the creation and development of Internet projects. Today we offer cutting-edge technology at a reasonable cost. We don’t start our cooperation by demanding money. First we listen to the client, analyze his wishes, and only then offer the best tariff. And our backups are special, too. We do double redundancy, and one of the copies will be saved in the European data center. Start working with us and you will see that we have quality service at an adequate price.