Globalsign AATL Document Signing certificate is designed for digital signing of PDF documents. There is no limit to the number of signatures on the certificate. Such a certificate is stored on a secure token.

What is AATL?

AATL stands for Adobe Approved Trust List, a program that allows users around the world to use trusted digital signatures for documents in Adobe® Acrobat® or Reader®. GlobalSign is a member of this list. AATL was introduced in Adobe Reader/Acrobat v9.0. Therefore, GlobalSign’s AATL document signing certificates are compatible with Adobe versions 9+. Before AATL, Adobe offered Certificate Document Services (CDS). The Adobe CDS program was launched in 2005 with five members (GlobalSign was one of them). The CDS program was phased out in favor of AATL.

How does it work?

AATL operates on an “Approved Trust List,” in which certification centers on the AATL list are scrutinized by Adobe to ensure that their services and credentials meet AATL technical requirements. Once a CA is added to this list, all signatures made with certificates that are traceable to their root automatically become trusted in Adobe products.
Because GlobalSign AATL document signing certificates are associated with the GlobalSign root certificate, which is included in numerous certificate repositories, they can also be used for signing in other programs such as Microsoft Office.

privacy Globalsign AATL certificate

350.00 $ /year

learning Unlimited document signatures

lock On protected media

Protected For organizations

What software is the certificate compatible with?

The Globalsign AATL certificate can be used in Microsoft Office®, Adobe®, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Bluebeam products.

How do I get AATL certification?

Once your certificate has been issued and you receive the secure media with the certificate – you can go to the special link to obtain the certificate, specify the temporary password that was generated for you and install the certificate.

What does an AATL digital certificate document look like?

A document signed with a Globalsign AATL certificate gets a special mark.GlobalSign AATL certificate for signing PDF documents