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Site builder

Why is it convenient to create sites in site builder?

Got an idea? Create your dream website for free right in your browser. Tuthost.ua offers a free website builder, available for all plans.

To create a website you do not need special skills and additional costs. An intuitive, simple interface and a large selection of responsive templates will allow you to quickly create a website or online store. Test free website builder online now.

Advantages of Tuthost website builder

Adaptive Templates

More than half of visitors come to many sites from mobile devices, so adaptive layout is no longer just a wish, but a requirement for the site. Our site builder is fully consistent with this.

Simple SEO optimization

It’s not enough just to make a website, you still need to set it up correctly for promotion in search. The site builder has already provided all the necessary functions for proper promotion.

Integration with social networks

Now the site without integration with social networks is difficult to imagine. Therefore, the ability to place different social elements from comments to likes and share buttons is available by default.

About 200 site templates

All templates are grouped by subject, you can easily and quickly find the right one. Themes are very different, from landings to sites about sports.

Own domain

Many free website builders limit you to a third-level domain. We have no such restrictions, you can use any of your domain for the site created with the site builder. In addition, the domain is available for free, on promotion.

Website builder - free

Yes, it’s true that you don’t have to pay anything for online site builder, it’s available for all plans, starting with the smallest.

Create a website for free with Tuthost’s online site builder.

Choose a plan

The site builder is already included in all plans for site placement; you only need to select the appropriate plan and place an order for the service.

Step 1

Choose a site template

After activating the hosting - go to the site builder and choose the design of your future site. Several hundreds of templates are available for selection. After that, for the selected template, you can change the color scheme, menu styles and logo, etc.

Step 2

Fill the site with content

Now that you have chosen the design of the site and formed its structure, you can do it filling. Here you can add, change text in different sections of your site, using the convenient Wysiwyg editor, with the same familiar interface as in Microsoft Word. The editor is so simple that you do not need any knowledge of HTML.

Step 3

Publish site

After the site is ready you need to publish it on our hosting. It's very easy to do this, just click on the “Publish” button - a couple of seconds and your fully finished website is already working on our hosting.

Step 4

Examples of sites created on site builder TutHost.ua

Video - website creation in a few minutes

A free website builder is available for all plans.


Number of templates
Adaptive templates
Unlimited space
Connect your domain
Mailboxes with your domain
Free SSL certificate
Test domain
Test period

Website Builder

from 2.45 $
per month
Number of templates : 196
Adaptive templates :
Unlimited space :
Connect your domain :
Mailboxes with your domain :
Free SSL certificate :
Test domain : .tutdomen.com
Test period: Test 30 days

Frequently asked questions

How to get free online website builder?

Website Builder is included for each tariff plan. To use the service, simply select the appropriate plan from Tuthost. Call us on the specified phone or order a call back.

How to choose a tariff plan for the site?

To create a site with a site builder, you need to order one of the plans - Basic, Plus, Business or Large. Each of them can be tested for free for 10 days. The main differences between the plans are the amount of resources (disk space on the server, the number of sites per account, etc.). Choose a plan based on your business needs. From Tuthost.ua you get not only quality service at a good price with accommodation in Ukraine (Kiev) or Europe, but also around the clock support, as well as additional bonuses.

Do I need to know HTML and CSS to create a site?

To create a site using the site builder, you do not need to learn PHP, HTML, CSS, you do not need to buy expensive CMS. Creating a website using website builder is easy. To do this, you will need to go through just a few simple steps.

Using the website builder service, you can create a professional website in just a few steps based on any of several hundred templates.

Is it possible to order a domain for the site?

Yes. Unlike our competitors, we do not limit you to a third-level domain. You can always choose your own domain name for a site created with a site builder. In addition, we regularly have promotions, so you can cheaply purchase a domain.

What are the templates?

We offer more than 200 templates to create a website with a site builder. for many sites, more than half of the users are owners of smartphones, so the site builder has an adaptive layout (for different types of gadgets). Website templates are very easy to understand: they are grouped by subject, you just choose the direction for your business.

What are the advantages of your website builder?

- About 200 ready-made sites and stores that are perfect for your business
- A simple and convenient site management system, which even a schoolboy will understand
- Hosting is already enabled, you do not need to order it separately
- Sophisticated search engine optimization
- Fast loading site
- Integration with social networks

Ready to start creating a site? It is very easy.

Order a site builder for 30 days - for free. Space - unlimited. Renew only $ 3.5 per month.