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Wordpress-optimized hosting

Today WordPress is the most popular free CMS in the world. More than 30% sites have been created on this platform. That is why we created a special hosting plan for WordPress and fine-tuned it for optimal performance.

  • Memcached caching – to speed up the site and reduce load
  • High-speed SSD NVME drives – 2 times faster than conventional SSDs
  • Install and update WordPress directly from the bar in a few clicks
  • You can choose a PHP version and customize modules and settings
  • Specially selected server resource limits

The cost of hosting for wordpress

Monthly payment


When you buy wordpress hosting for a year or more – we give the domain and ssl certificate.

wordpress hosting benefits

Fast-install WordPress

You'll be able to install and update WordPress directly from the hosting control panel.

Update in a couple of clicks

You can set up an automatic or manual WordPress update

Quick technical support

Our projects also work on the WordPress, so we can help you solve your problems


Wordpress management via the command line - simple update of plugins, templates, activation / deactivation of functions.

Read more about WP-CLI

Uptime at least 99.95%

24-hour monitoring of servers and all systems

Double backup

We store multiple backups of each account in different data centers.

30 days of money back

If something doesn’t suit you in our services, we will refund your money, no questions asked.


Memcached pre-installed caching system - speeds up the loading of your site, just install the plugin.

Learn more about caching

Domain as a gift

To get a free domain - just order hosting for WordPress for a year or more

Free site transfer

We will help with the transfer of the site from another provider - for free.

Fast site download

SSD NVME drives - a new connection interface - according to the test results, gives on average 2 times faster speed than with regular SSD drives.

Fast site download

To order hosting for WordPress means to get modern technology and caching at the level of the web server. For the site, this means fast download without hangs.


The best specifications of hosting. Ordering WordPress hosting from Tuthost.ua, you get a quick installation of CMS, uptime of at least 99.95%, double backup and update WordPress in just a few clicks.

Quick support

We will help you solve any problems related to hosting service in Ukraine as soon as possible. To buy hosting for WordPress with convenient maintenance and additional services, call us or visit our office in Kiev.

Affordable prices

Cheap hosting for a year is real with Tuthost.ua. We provide a flexible system of discounts and favorable cooperation conditions for new and regular customers.