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Sectigo, formerly known as Comodo, is one of the world’s leading certification authorities. With years of experience and trust from many companies, Sectigo continues to set the standard in internet security.

Interesting fact: many of us are familiar with this name because of their previous brand, Comodo. Under this name, Sectigo has provided its services for many years, earning the trust of millions of users worldwide.

About Sectigo: statistics and achievements

Sectigo is not just a name on the market. It is the largest certificate authority in the world with over 100 million issued SSL certificates in over 150 countries. Over the years, the company has established itself as a trusted cybersecurity partner, providing solutions for small businesses, large corporations, and even government organizations.

Information about Sectigo SSL Certificates

Sectigo SSL certificates provide a high level of encryption, ensuring secure data transfer between your website and your visitors. They are suitable for all kinds of websites, from personal blogs to large online stores.

Sectigo SSL certificate: benefits and features

  • High level of trust: Thanks to the recognizable green padlock in the browser address bar, visitors to the site will be assured of its security.
  • From domain-validated certificates to extended validation certificates, Sectigo has it all.
  • Wildcard Certificates: Protect an unlimited number of subdomains with a single certificate.

Why Sectigo SSL Certificate

Choosing Sectigo ensures that your website is protected using advanced security technologies. In addition, by verifying your credentials and domain, your site will gain an extra level of trust from your visitors.

Where is the best place to buy Sectigo SSL certificate

Although many services offer Sectigo SSL certificates, it is important to choose a reliable provider that can offer not only a competitive price but also quality technical support.

Advantages of buying a Sectigo SSL certificate from TutHost

  • Best Price: We guarantee you won’t find a better price on Sectigo SSL.
  • Quick Release: Get your certificate as soon as possible.
  • Expert support: Our team is always ready to help you with any SSL-related issues.
  • Money Back Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with our certificate, we will refund your money.

SSL certificates Sectigo SSL Certificates comparison

Sectigo SSL Certificate
sectigo_logoDomain (DV)5 minutes50.00 $ /year

Sectigo OV SSL
sectigo_logoOrganization (OV)1-3 days49.00 $ /year

Sectigo SSL UCC OV (Multi-Domain)
sectigo_logoOrganization (OV)1-3 days105.00 $ /year

Sectigo EV SSL
sectigo_logoExtended (EV)15-30 days130.00 $ /year

Sectigo SSL Wildcard
sectigo_logoDomain (DV)5 minutes195.00 $ /year

Sectigo Multi-Domain EV SSL
sectigo_logoExtended (EV)1-5 days260.00 $ /year

Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC Wildcard (DV)
sectigo_logoDomain (DV)5 minutes239.00 $ /year

Sectigo Code Signing Certificate
sectigo_logoOrganization (OV)1-3 days340.00 $ /year

Sectigo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL
sectigo_logoOrganization (OV)1-3 days270.00 $ /year

Sectigo OV Wildcard SSL
sectigo_logoOrganization (OV)1-5 days249.00 $ /year

Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate
sectigo_logoExtended (EV)1-5 days450.00 $ /year

Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the type of Sectigo SSL certificate: with domain validation you can get SSL in 15 minutes, and with company validation – in a few days. First of all, decide how many domains you want to protect, and how complex verification is ready to pass.

If you can’t make sense of a large number of certificates – write to the support service, the specialists will answer any questions you may have.

All SSL certificates encrypt data and protect the site using the https protocol. The confidence level of a certificate shows how difficult it is to pass the certificate verification. The more difficult it is to issue a certificate, the higher the level of trust.

Yes, if the certificate you ordered doesn’t fit, write to customer support to get your money back. This can be done within 30 days from the date of issue of the SSL certificate.