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E-mail is still one of the most important elements of business communication. Therefore, business processes within the company depend on its reliable operation.

What are the distinctive features of our mail hosting?

  • Reliable antispam and antivirus filter from Spamexperts;
  • User-friendly web interface for working with email;
  • Support for modern encryption standards;
  • Functional: address book, mailing lists, answering machines, etc.

Mail with payment for the domain

Pay-per-domain email hosting plans are the perfect business email for companies that have a large number of mailboxes and need reliable anti-spam and anti-virus protection. You don’t have to install a mail server at your company to organize your mail within the company – with us you get a ready-to-use service.

В domain fee lineup – the number of boxes is not limited, there is only a limit on the number of domains on the account and disk space. This line also has an enterprise-level spam filter, Spamexperts. The technology site is located in Kiev, Ukraine.

It supports work with all popular email clients: Outlook, The Bat, Thunderbird, as well as with mobile applications for working with mail. If you’re working with mail on a trip and you don’t have a mail client at your fingertips, you’ll have a handy Roundcube web interface.

Mail encryption is provided through SSL/TLS protocols. Receiving mail is possible not only through POP3, but also through IMAP.

Plans for hosting a mail server

Pay for a year and get a 20% discount

Monthly Price
Anually Price
Mail Hosting 30
5.00 $ / mon.
Mail Hosting 50
10.00 $ / mon.
Mail Hosting 100
20.00 $ / mon.
Mailboxes1000 *1000 *1000 *
Disk space for mail30 Gb50 Gb100 Gb
Spamexperts antispam and antivirus
Encryption support
Roundcube web interface
SPF and DKIM support
Address book (personal and general)
Accessibility, no less99,99%99,99%99,99%

Up to 1,000 mailboxes are included in the plan. Mailboxes over 1,000 are charged at $0.10 per mailbox.

Only "clean" mail is included in the disk space quota. All spam is quarantined and does not take place in your account.

Benefits of corporate email from Tuthost

security Corporate-level anti-spam

Paid mail servers are protected by anti-spam filter Spamexperts, with a separate control panel.

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All of these protocols are available to work with the mail - full connection encryption

thumbup 4 DNS servers

4 DNS servers are located in different data centers in different countries for maximum reliability of mail

calendar Mailing lists

For group discussion within the company and prompt information

move Autoresponders and notifications

Notifications of absence or leave and automatic responses to email

Protected Mail protection

SPF and DKIM protects outgoing emails from falsification and reduces the risk of spamming.

select Filtering and sorting letters

Black and white senders lists, flexible filters to sort incoming mail.

learning Address book

The general address book is available for all employees, while the individual address book is available only for one employee.

domains Multilingual interface

More than a dozen of interface languages for working with corporate mail

Getting started with corporate mail is easy

1. Choose a rate

Estimate how much space on the mail server you need. Do not be afraid to make a mistake - the tariff can be quickly changed in your account.

2. pay for the order

Your organization can pay an invoice, or you can pay with a payment or credit card from an individual. There are more than 10 payment methods to choose from.

3. Create a mailbox

You will receive by mail information about access to the control panel, and how to set up a domain. In the panel, you can create a mailbox.

Rates for email hosting, suitable as those who first order hosting for corporate mail and who have a small number of email accounts, and for large companies. Robust anti-spam, a simple web interface and plenty of space for each mailbox.

Included in all mail hosting service plans

✔️ Anti-spam filters⚡ Checking remote mailboxes
✔️ Filter and sort messages⚡ Address book
✔️ Multilingual web interface⚡ System of marks (flags)
✔️ Wysiwyg editor⚡ Message highlighting
✔️ ClamAv Antivirus⚡ Encrypted connection

Frequently asked questions about mail hosting

Mail hosting with payment for the domain is located in Ukraine.

Servers on the Open-Xchange platform are hosted in the United States.

If before your corporate mail for the site was placed in other services, such as Yandex or Gmail, you can transfer mail quite easily, using the IMAP protocol. In Outlook's mail client, you can transfer through an export/import feature.

Limits on plans with payment per domain:

For plans "Mail hosting 30, 50 and 100": 15,000 emails per day from the entire account and 500 emails per day from one box.
An increase in the limit is possible upon request to the support service.

Limits for plans for account payment:

On the Mail for Domain plan, the limit for sending: 100 emails per hour from 1 account.
On the "Business Mail" limit: 2000 letters per day from account, the limit per domain is 25000 per hour.

For plans with payment for the domain "Mail hosting 30, 50 and 100" - the maximum size of the attached file is 50 MB.

For the tariff plans "Mail for domain" and "Business mail" - the maximum size of the attached file is 25 MB.

All types of file attachments are allowed except those listed below:

Mail hosting - mail for domain