EV SSL certificates from Tuthost

Best price guaranteeIn the world of SSL/TLS, EV certificates are the gold standard or we can also call it the “green” standard, because of the green address bar that such certificates give. These certificates not only provide encryption for the site, but also come with additional options that help increase confidence in your business. One such option is the green address bar.

Not everyone can get an EV certificate that provides a green line because the Certification Authorities (CA) first perform a full check of the legality of your business. Therefore, if you have a legal, registered business and you are looking for an option to maximize trust and conversion on your website – then an EV certificate – is the best option to solve your problems.

Comodo EV Code Signing
comodo sslExtended (EV)1-5 days375.00 $ /year
Comodo EV SSL
comodo sslExtended (EV)15-30 days195.00 $ /year
Comodo Multi-Domain EV SSL (SAN)
comodo sslExtended (EV)1-5 days260.00 $ /year
Comodo Personal Authentication Enterprise Certificate
comodo sslExtended (EV)1-3 days50.00 $ /year
DigiCert EV Code Signing Certificate
brand digicertExtended (EV)1-5 days545.00 $ /year
DigiCert EV Multi-Domain SSL
brand digicertExtended (EV)Несколько часов515.00 $ /year
DigiCert Extended Validation SSL
brand digicertExtended (EV)1-3 days310.00 $ /year
DigiCert Secure Site EV
brand digicertExtended (EV)1-3 days945.00 $ /year
DigiCert Secure Site EV Multi-Domain SSL
brand digicertExtended (EV)1-3 days2715.00 $ /year
DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV
brand digicertExtended (EV)1-3 days1410.00 $ /year
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV
geotrust 2Extended (EV)1-5 days205.00 $ /year
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV Multi-Domain (SAN)
geotrust 2Extended (EV)1-5 days295.00 $ /year
Globalsign Code Signing EV
globalsign logoExtended (EV)1-5 days360.00 $ /year
GlobalSign ExtendedSSL (EV)
globalsign logoExtended (EV)1-5 days430.00 $ /year
Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate
sectigo_logoExtended (EV)1-5 days375.00 $ /year
Sectigo EV SSL
sectigo_logoExtended (EV)15-30 days130.00 $ /year
Sectigo Multi-Domain EV SSL
sectigo_logoExtended (EV)1-5 days260.00 $ /year
Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV (SAN)
symantec sslExtended (EV)1-5 days1290.00 $ /year
Symantec Secure Site with EV (SAN)
symantec sslExtended (EV)1-5 days875.00 $ /year
Thawte SSL Webserver with EV (SAN)
thawte sslExtended (EV)1-5 days220.00 $ /year

How to get an SSL EV certificate?

In general, obtaining a certificate with extended validation comes down to three basic steps.

  1. Ordering
    At this stage, the most important thing is to correctly specify all the data of the organization, it is important to do it in full compliance with the data specified in the state register, as verification of the organization can be exactly on this base. You must also specify the existing email address in the company domain to validate the domain. An email will be sent to this address with a link for verification.
  2. Checking the rights to the domain
    Once the order is made and paid for, the domain check begins, the easiest and most frequent way is to check by email address. The address for checking is selected at the stage of order placement and must be in the main domain specified when ordering. If you order a certificate for the domain testdomen.com, you will have the following boxes to choose from:

    If for some reason it is not possible to check by email, then there are 2 alternative ways: by making a special entry in the DNS domain or by placing a special file on the site.
    • admin@testdomen.com
    • administrator@testdomen.com
    • domains@hugedomains.com
    • hostmaster@testdomen.com
    • postmaster@testdomen.com
    • webmaster@testdomen.com
  3. Checking the organization
    For a quick check – the best option is if your organization is registered in the D&B directory and has received a DUNS number, we can help with registration in this directory. After checking the organization, a verification call will be made to the phone number specified in the order. It is important that this number coincides with the numbers in the state register and that the employee who answers the phone is aware of your order and can take the call in English and confirm that the number belongs to the organization.
    After the verification call – the certificate will be issued and will come to your e-mail.

In today’s world, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of security and encryption of information that is transmitted through communication channels. Financial transactions, digital assets, personal information and much more need reliable protection. Unlike DV and OV certificates, Extended Validation certificates – EV SSL certificates – provide an exceptional level of security and authentication.

EV certificates are issued by trusted Certificate Authorities or CAs, which guarantee the validity of the information. A worthy company that has been inspected and approved by a team of specially trained certification center specialists can obtain an Extended Validation Certificate.

What are the benefits of using EV ssl certificates?

For most companies, their most valuable asset is their customers and employees. During the exchange of information between the company, employees and customers, all participants must be confident in the authenticity of the company website and that the company is exactly the company it claims to be, and all transmitted information is securely encrypted. And even if this information is intercepted and gets to intruders, nothing terrible will happen, because they will not be able to decipher and use the valuable information. That’s why EV ssl certificate provides the most trust.

  • Some government agencies require companies to use only extended validation certificates to identify companies.
  • For each certificate with extended validation, the certificate authorities provide a cash guarantee in case your users are harmed by a compromised certificate.
  • Studies confirm that sites using EV certificates are 99.99% phishing and abuse free. Show your customers that you’re investing in the best protection available today – by purchasing an Extended Validation SSL Certificate today.

How do I recognize websites that use ev ssl certificates?

The “Green Line” era, where the browser specifically displayed sites using extended validation certificates, finally ended with the release of Chrome 77. In the new version of the browser, the developers have put all the details of the certificate in a closed padlock icon next to the address bar. Before this version, the name of the company to which the certificate was issued and which owns the site was displayed next to the lock. Even earlier, browsers highlighted in green the address bar of the site on which the EV certificate is installed and displayed the name of the company owner of the site.

EV Certificates

Now, information about the authenticity of the site and its owner, is contained in the opening window that appears after the user clicks on the lock icon.

Who needs an ev ssl certificate?

SSL certificates with extended validation are issued only to officially registered companies.

If you need to identify your company with an EV SSL certificate, for example, to file a financial company report under the FATCA law.

Certificate with enhanced verification is suitable for companies from the financial and banking sector, companies selling various assets, real estate, cars, jewelry. Government organizations especially need the exceptional identification that extended validation certificates provide.

Big online retailers, it is important to confirm their authenticity to increase the trust of their customers and give a guarantee of protection of personal data of buyers, their bank card numbers and make online payment safe.

How to buy ssl certificates of the highest level of trust (ev ssl) in TutHost?

1. Order the certificate with the required information
You can order EV SSL certificate with extended validation of the organization on the website or in your personal cabinet. Subscriptions from 1 to 5 years are available for order. When ordering, provide the information necessary to issue a certificate: domain and how it is confirmed, the name of your company, contact information.
Pay for your order using one of the payment methods convenient for you
For the convenience of our users, we offer more than ten different payment methods. Your order will automatically go to the certification center for processing as soon as payment is received.
3. Pass the inspection by submitting the necessary documents
Confirm the domain in one of the ways available to you. Provide the certification center with your company registration documents and identify the order administrator. Confirm your order by email. Answer the verification call from the certification center.
4. Get and install the certificate on your site
After successfully completing the verification, get the certificate by email and install it on your site to immediately start taking advantage of EV SSL.

How much does an ev ssl certificate cost at TutHost?

Extended Validation Certificates are worth every penny because they provide exceptional identification, protection, and increased credibility for your company.

We offer the best prices on EV SSL certificates from trusted certification centers. Our support will guide you all the way to certification.

Frequent questions about EV SSL certificates

To process an order to issue an SSL certificate, the Certification Authority must verify that the site really belongs to you. To do this, you just need to be able to validate your domain by performing the actions that can only be done by the owner of the domain or a person authorized by him.

Three ways to validate a domain:

  • The fastest and easiest way is to follow a link that the certification authority sends to one of the administrative addresses in your domain. Administrative addresses are addresses that begin with: postmaster@, hostmaster@, administrator@, admin@ or webmaster@ in your domain.
  • Create a CNAME record for your domain that contains a unique code.
  • Place a verification text file with the code on your site. The file is posted through a link that is not visible to site visitors. This method is not suitable for Wildcard and SAN certificates.

You should also provide the certification center with the company’s registration documents.

Provide a DUNS number, if available.

Provide links to third-party authoritative sources that contain up-to-date information about your company: company name in English, address, contact phone number.

Receive a verification call from the certification center staff.

To organize the call, the certification center sends a so-called “call back” letter with a link, which can be used to schedule a call at a convenient time for you or to order a call “for now”; to select the language in which the call will be performed; to leave a comment on the call, for example, you can specify the internal number of the employee responsible for the certificate order. By the way, you do not need to translate the time of the call order, it is already specified in your time zone.

The call can be automatic – after connection, the robot will dictate a numeric code, which must be entered at the link in the letter to arrange the call.

You can also call one of the employees of the certification center to clarify the details of ordering a certificate.

Due to the fact that modern browsers consider SSL certificates with validity period of several years insecure, certification authorities issue certificates every year, during the paid subscription. Annual certificate replacement reduces the risks associated with the fact that the certificate files may be compromised.

When you renew the certificate order, new certificate files are issued. Therefore, after renewal, you must replace the old certificate file with a new one. Also, when renewing the certificate, you must go through the validation process again as the first time.