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Buy SSD hosting in Ukraine and Europe

Virtual SSD hosting fares

Monthly payment


Space on the SSD disk
Sites on account
MySQL databases
RAM Limit
Processor limit
PHP 5.2 - 8.0
Python 2.7 - 3.8
Domain for free
SSL certificate for free
Hosting Location (optional)
Free trial period


3.50 $
Space on the SSD disk : 3 Gb
Sites on account : 5
MySQL databases : Unlimited
RAM Limit : 256 Mb
Processor limit : 1600 Mhz
PHP 5.2 - 8.0
Python 2.7 - 3.8
Domain for free
SSL certificate for free
Hosting Location (optional) : Ukraine Europe
Free trial period: Test 10 days


5.00 $
Space on the SSD disk : 10 Gb
Sites on account : 15
MySQL databases : Unlimited
RAM Limit : 512 Mb
Processor limit : 2200 Mhz
PHP 5.2 - 8.0
Python 2.7 - 3.8
Domain for free
SSL certificate for free
Hosting Location (optional) : Ukraine Europe
Free trial period: Test 10 days


7.00 $
Space on the SSD disk : 20 Gb
Sites on account : 30
MySQL databases : Unlimited
RAM Limit : 1024 Mb
Processor limit : 3000 Mhz
PHP 5.2 - 8.0
Python 2.7 - 3.8
Domain for free
SSL certificate for free
Hosting Location (optional) : Ukraine Europe
Free trial period: Test 10 days


9.00 $
Space on the SSD disk : 30 Gb
Sites on account : Unlimited
MySQL databases : Unlimited
RAM Limit : 1536 Mb
Processor limit : 3000 Mhz
PHP 5.2 - 8.0
Python 2.7 - 3.8
Domain for free
SSL certificate for free
Hosting Location (optional) : Ukraine Europe
Free trial period: Test 10 days

Additional services

Dedicated IP, monthly3.00 $
SSL-certificate Comodo Positive SSL, yearly9.00 $

Want to buy fast and convenient hosting for the site?

When you buy a hosting, you get a ssl certificate and a site designer for free, with which you can easily create an adaptive website.

Fast SSD drives

On all servers, we only use high-speed SSD drives

Double backup

We store all the backwaters of the sites in two different data centers

Moneyback 30 Days

If you do not like the services - we will return the money, without any questions

Features of the service

Discount system

When paying for hosting for 3 months - 10% discount.
When paying for hosting for 6 months - 15% discount.
When paying for hosting for 1 year - 20% discount and domain as a gift.
When paying for hosting for 2 years - 25% discount and domain as a gift.
When paying for hosting for 3 years - 30% discount and domain as a gift.

Free site transfer

Have you created a site on one of the popular CMS, but do not know how to carry the site to us for hosting? Don't worry, we're ready to help you with that. No matter what engine you've created your site on, whether it's WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or some other engine, the process of transferring the site to hosting is usually very simple. You just need to apply for the site to be transferred to support. We download the archive, unpack the files into the right directory, connect your database and check the health of the site on our hosting. And after the transfer you will get 1 month of hosting as a gift.

Learn more about transfer

Test period

Moneyback - 30 days

We are confident in the quality of our services. Therefore, if something does not suit you - within 30 days after payment of the order - we will return you the money without further questions.

All hosting plans support CMS





1C Beatrix


And a lot of other systems.
P.S., if the system is not on this list, it does not mean that it will not work on our hosting 😉

Hosting from Tuthost.ua

In a nutshell about our hosting

We have been providing hosting service since 2004, during which time we have tried many different platforms. And we settled on the optimal solution for customers in terms of reliability and download speed of sites. Hosting works on the Cloudlinux platform. This gives each customer their own isolated environment for the site and its guaranteed resource limit. None of your server neighbors will be able to use your resources. You can change the PHP version for your account at any time from the control panel. What’s more, you can customize many PHP settings to set up your site’s best performance.

Double backup

Many customers are interested in the reliability of data storage in Ukraine. We have fully resolved this issue with a double backup of the data. Backups are created every day, week, month, on separate servers. But the main feature of the system is that the backup is stored not only on servers in Ukraine, but also on servers in Europe. That is, even in the case of a complete failure of the data center, where the client sites are placed – your data in any case will be completely safe.

Virtual hosting service is what started our company, but not the only one. Our goal was to provide all the services that a customer may need when starting an online business. Therefore, gradually the range of services expanded and today we can buy from you!

  • Hosting for an online store or blog
  • Domain name – in more than 100 zones around the world
  • SSL certificates – we have the best choice and prices in Ukraine
  • Virtual servers – customers who need more freedom and resources
  • Dedicated servers – you can pick up any configuration, with the help of a designer
  • Software licenses – for those who expand their business and rent a server
  • Register a trademark – if you want to protect your name

Frequently Asked Questions

If you bought our hosting and want to transfer the site to us from another hoster – order and pay for the hosting service, then make a request to support and enter the data to access the control panel of the previous hoster. You will also need to change the nym server for your domain. We have a choice of hosting sites in Ukraine and Europe.

1) Use SSL
2) For anonymous ftp
3) To access the site until the domain is registered or if the domain is not working

Instead of outdated SATA drives, we offer hosting on SSDs. They are more reliable because they do not have moving parts and the speed of data transmission on them is much higher. Accordingly, your site will work faster.

Simply order a plan Plus and above for 1 year or more and get a domain to choose from in the areas of com, net, org, biz, info, name, com.ua, kiev.ua, in.ua, en. To get a domain – order a domain, leave it in the basket and write to the finance department of the selected domain.

Services included in all tariffs

Daily backup

Backups in two different data centers. Maximum reliability.

Simple CMS installation

Dozens of CMS to choose from with 1 click installation right from the panel

SSL Certificate Free

Simple installation of free SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt

Transfer site for free

Our support will help you move your site to our hosting for free.

Free domain

Free domain when paying for hosting for a year or more.

Site Builder

Free site builder. More than 200 adaptive templates to choose from.

Technical specifications

Hosting opportunities

Cloudlinux Platform
HTTP/2 support
Unlimited traffic
Unlimited databases
Double backup
30 Days of Money Back Guarantee

Hosting apps

More than 50 scripts
Installation in 1 click
Joomla Fast Installation
Fast-install WordPress
And a lot of other scripts

Manage the site

DirectAdmin or ISPmanager
Personal cabinet
Unlimited FTP accounts
Own error pages
Protect folders with a password
File Manager Web Interface

Scripts and databases

Unlimited MyS'L base
Choosing a PHP version from 5.2 to 7.2
PHP, Perl, Python
Modules in curl, CPAN, GD Library
SSH on demand, except Base Fare
Cron tasks

Email features

Unlimited POP3 accounts
Unlimited SMTP accounts
WebMail - Roundcube, SquirrelMail
Mail filtering
Spam protection
Autoresponders, redirecting


Support via online chat
Request system (Email)
Phone support
Daily double backup
CHAVO section

The benefits of our hosting

Only branded servers

We use Supermicro servers as hosting servers. Since 2004, we have not had a single failure of these servers. Many companies in pursuit of cheapness use self-assembling solutions, we prefer reliability.

You can choose the PHP version

Right in the hosting control panel, you can choose the version of PHP that's best for your site.

Loyalty program

Our prices for regular customers are lower and lower every year thanks to the loyalty program. The longer you stay with us, the bigger your discount.

Guaranteed number of resources

Each hosting client gets their own, guaranteed amount of resources that can not be used by his neighbor on the server. Ie. virtually every client works in their own, isolated environment and you don't depend on how much resources your server neighbor consumes.

Double backup

Automatic activation of services

You can order hosting very quickly. No need to wait for the order to be checked and activated manually. All activation, change or plan operations are automated and available directly from your personal account.

Test period 10 days

Within 10 days you can test your hosting services for free and make sure everything is right for you.

Installation of scripts in 1 click

Several dozen of the most popular scripts are available to install directly from the hosting control panel.

Hacking resistance

In all time, since 2004, none of our servers has been hacked. It is worth clarifying that there were hacks of client scripts, but only through vulnerabilities in the scripts used by customers.

Domain as a gift

It's as simple as that. To each customer who orders hosting for a year or more we give a domain name as a gift.

Change of tariff plan without co-payment

You can change the hosting plan at any time, directly from your personal office, without paying a penny. Need more space? Just one click and you got it.

Resource Use Report

Right in the hosting control panel, you can see how much resources your account consumes, how much memory and processor resources.

Support via online chat

To quickly resolve issues, our customers can contact not only through email, but also through online chat.

How to pay for hosting






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