Prices for virtual dedicated server services

7.00 $ /mon.
10.00 $ /mon.
15.00 $ /mon.
20.00 $ /month.
Processor, MHz1 core (>3000 MHz)1 core (>3000 MHz)2 cores (>6000 MHz)3 cores (>9000 MHz)
Memory, MB1024204830724096
Disk space, GB20 GB SSD30 GB SSD40 GB SSD50GB SSD
Dedicated IP addresses1111

Additional services

⏩ VPS Hosting Extras and Services⏩ Prices for services
✔️ Directadmin Personal control panel24.00 $ / year
✔️ DirectAdmin Lite Control Panel15.00 $ / month
✔️ CPanel Control Panel17.50 $ / month
✔️ Plesk Control Panel13.50 $ / month
✔️ 1 Dedicated IP$2.00/month

drivessd High-speed SSD drives

For the VPS server disk system, we use fast SSD disks of a class not lower than Samsung Pro.

thumbup Discounts

If you pay for VPS for 3 months – 5% discount.
If you pay VPS for 6 months – 10% discount. If you pay for VPS for 1 year – 15% discount.
If you pay VPS for 2 years – 20% discount.

inverse Increased fault tolerance

All control nodes of VDS servers are duplicated. In fact, we spend 2 times more resources on servicing a VPS, but at the same time the price of services remains affordable.

calendar Test period

The VPS service in Ukraine can be tested for free. To do this, order the desired plan and inform the financial department of the order number. Attach a scanned copy of your passport to the letter. After verification, you will receive test access for 5 days. One user can get test access only once.

helpdesk Service and support

Support is ready to help with the initial setup of the OS and the VMmanager control panel.

dedicated Backup

Regular backups of VPS virtual servers to distributed storage ensure data integrity.

What is VPS hosting

VPS Hosting in UkraineVPS or virtual server is a service for those who are already “cramped” in the framework of an ordinary virtual hosting. The advantage of VPS hosting is that you get root access to the system, and therefore you can install any software you need: webservers, programming languages, databases. Unlike many other companies, we use KVM virtualization and do not over-sell resources. You will be independent of the server neighbors. To facilitate the management of VPS – we provide the VMmanager panel. It can manage your virtual machine, reboot, reinstall and monitor resource consumption. And for the disk system we use high-speed SSD drives.

A few words about the KVM hypervisor used. It is a hardware-level hypervisor based on Intel VT technology (virtualization technology) and AMD SVM embedded in the Linux kernel. Unlike other virtualization systems in KVM, all virtual machines are isolated from each other and each virtual server has its own resource limits. This means that you cannot use memory or processor resources allocated for another virtual machine. In addition, each VDS uses its own operating system core.

We use Supermicro and DELL two-processor servers based on Xeon processors as servers for virtual machines. Hosted servers for VPS in Ukraine, data center Volia. Each virtual machine has a default channel of 100 Mbit/s, which can be increased to 1000 Mbit/s if necessary.

The price of our VDS is low, and when paying for a long period you can get a discount from 5 to 20%.

How is vps hosting different from regular hosting?

Let’s compare and understand the difference between VPS and shared hosting.

dedicated Virtual hosting

  • Resources
    Server system resources are shared between all users of the hosting, which are located on the server. We use Cloudlinux and therefore give guaranteed resources, but other hosts may have a different situation. One user can take more resources than others.
  • Managing
    A simple control panel, which even a novice can understand – allows you to quickly run a simple site. But it is limited in its capabilities and functions.
  • IP address
    You get a common IP address, which is a lot of other sites

servers VPS

  • Resources
    Each user has his own virtual server with a guaranteed amount of resources. We use KVM virtualization where resources are not divided and you get 100% of the resources of your plan.
  • Managing
    In addition to the virtual server control panel, you get full root access. This means that you can completely independently decide what to install on the server and how to configure it. You can put any control panel you want.
  • IP address
    You get a dedicated IP, which, except for you no one, moreover – you can buy IP, if necessary.

Features of VDS servers

vps Virtual servers

If your site consumes too many resources on a regular hosting or you need a more complex system configuration or permanent root access, then you need a vps virtual server on Linux.

We offer several profitable plans for linux vps services. You will have access to a professional virtual server control panel based on KVM technology. You will receive a control panel and will be able to independently reinstall or reboot your VPS, connect via VNC and SSH.

VPS rental is available in several data centers: Ukraine or Europe, virtualization technology: KVM.

Guaranteed resources – without overselling. We allocate a guaranteed limit of server resources for each client, we have excluded the situation when one of the clients can affect the work of other VPS on the same server.

thumbup The benefits of KVM hosting

Of the most common virtualization systems, there are several of the most popular, among them OpenVZ and KVM. The difference between them is that OpenVZ uses one core and one operating system for several virtual machines. In the case of KVM, each virtual machine has its own, completely independent operating system.

Overselling often happens on OpenVZ, due to which such a VPS is cheaper, but at the expense of what? Overselling is the use of the same resources by several VDS. For example, the server has 10 GB of RAM and 20 clients, each of which is allocated 1 GB. While each client consumes no more than 0.5 GB, everything is fine. But once they start using their limits at least 80% and their server neighbors will be left without resources.

In the case of a virtual server based on KVM, this situation is excluded, since each client is allocated its own guaranteed resources. Therefore, the price of these VPS is usually higher. Separate attention deserves higher stability, security and support for multiple operating systems.

question How to choose a suitable VPS hosting plan?

To order a VPS, you must first select a plan. To do this, determine the planned load and the amount of resources needed for your project.
There are always 2 options:
1) You can optimize the project, set up caching and reduce resource consumption to take a smaller rate.
2) If optimization is not carried out and the budget allows, then you can take a plan more expensive.
You also need to understand that the control panel installed on vps hosting will also consume some resources and most likely the KVM1 plan will not be enough.

If you find it difficult to estimate the amount of resources, you can first buy a VPS, based on disk space, and the remaining resources can always be easily increased by changing the plan. Change plan – free and available at any time.


To choose a virtual server rate – estimate how much space you need for your project and what attendance is planned? You can start with minimum rates and then increase them.


For most projects, we recommend CentOS, which is the most proven OS we use on our servers. But there are also many other operating systems available for installation.


You can pay for a virtual server in any of dozens of ways, and after payment it will be activated within 5 minutes. You will receive your access credentials by email.

Available drive templates

  • CentOS 7
  • CentOS 8
  • Debian 7
  • Debian 11
  • FreeBSD 11
  • FreeBSD 12
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Ubuntu 22.04

There are many templates for virtual servers available in our repository. So if you need a special template – write to support and we will most likely be able to deploy you a VPS from an image that suits you.

Technical support vps server

We provide basic technical support and can help with the initial installation and configuration of the virtual server. But it is not the responsibility of support to configure the software. Therefore, if necessary, you can additionally order the service of administration.

Paid server administration service

If you need constant monitoring of the server or need a one-time solution to technical problems on a virtual server – then you can order our service administration of the virtual server. There is an option with an hourly fee – for one-time work or a subscription with a monthly fee if you need regular monitoring of the server.

Frequently asked questions about virtual servers

We use KVM virtualization. It allows you to provide a truly dedicated virtual server VDS, no overselling and well-proven speed and reliability.

We use a cloud platform based on Vmmanager. Each user has access to a simple and intuitive control panel where you can customize the configuration of the VPS (VDS) hosting.

No. Administration of virtual servers is provided separately and is not included in the price of the vds service. You are given a working server for use, the basic software of which is thoroughly tested. You can order server administration separately.

You need to switch from regular hosting to VPS in cases when your site does not have enough resources or you need to install some specific module for the site to work. On the VPS you will have your own isolated environment and a guaranteed resource limit. And full root access, which allows you to install any modules and configure the system as accurately as possible for your project.

Yes, you can order a free period for the test. Place an order for the VDS server and send us a request, indicating your order, attaching a scanned copy of your passport to the letter. We do not provide test access anonymously, due to the fact that it is often used to send spam.

It is possible, we did not create the cheapest VPS service. Usually a low price is achieved due to overselling resources, that is, more resources are sold than there are on the server. With us you get a guaranteed amount of resources and do not depend on your server neighbors.

You can choose any operating system for your VPS server when ordering services. We have a large selection of the latest versions of Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Cloudlinux and other operating systems.

On the one hand, a professional can work with a VPS, since you will have full root access to the server via SSH. On the other hand, even a person with minimal training can work with the virtual server, because we provide a control panel VMmanager, through which you can perform most of the standard operations to configure the virtual server.

In principle there is no difference, these words mean the same thing – a virtual server. VPS and VDS hosting are practically the same thing. Only in one case it is Virtual Private Server – a private server and in the other case it is Virtual Dedicated Server – a dedicated server.

The main difference between a dedicated server and VPS is that on one physical server, except you will not be anyone else. But in most cases, you as a customer will not notice any difference. In addition to the price, a virtual server costs significantly less.

We provide two types of VPS servers. On KVM virtualization – where you can install almost any distribution of Linux and Windows VPS, which is designed primarily for Windows.

For projects that need a lot of resources and fine technical tuning or features that are not available on regular shared hosting.

Look at what type of virtualization is used and whether over-selling is used. Because if resources are shared between different users, it may happen that the work of one user’s scripts can affect other users. We use KVM virtualization and do not use over-selling, we have guaranteed resources. Also pay attention to whether there is a traffic limit. On all our tariffs – unlimited traffic.

For VPS hosting, prices start at $5.6 per month if you pay for 2 years at once or from $7 if you pay monthly.

Servers for VPS are located in Ukraine, but there are also servers in data centers in Europe. On both sites, traffic is unlimited. This allows you to make the most competitive prices for VPS-server.

We have a large list of supported images. But if you don’t have one, you can write to support and send them a link to the OS image you would like to use to install the virtual server. We’ll help you hook it up.