Prices for Windows VPS hosting service

At the moment, the Windows license rental program in Ukraine has been suspended by Microsoft. That’s why VPS are provided without a Windows license. You can use an existing license or purchase one separately.

Windows VPS 2
30.00 $ /mon.
Windows VPS 3
50.00 $ /mon.
Windows VPS 4
70.00 $ /mon.
Processor, MHz2 cores (>4000 MHz)2 cores (>4000 MHz)4 cores (>8000 MHz)
Memory, MB102420484096
Disk space, GB5075100
Dedicated IP111

Additional services

⏩ VPS Hosting Extras and Services⏩ Prices for services
✔️ Directadmin Personal control panel24.00 $ / year
✔️ DirectAdmin Lite Control Panel15.00 $ / month
✔️ CPanel Control Panel17.50 $ / month
✔️ Plesk Control Panel13.50 $ / month
✔️ 1 Dedicated IP$2.00/month

Customized vps configuration

If you have a non-standard request and you’re not enough standard rates for virtual servers in Windows – write to our sales department your requirements (how much memory, space and processor cores you need) and we will try to find you a custom configuration VPS.

thumbup Discounts

You can order Windows VPS at a discount if you pay for several months at a time.
If you pay for 3 months – 5% discount.
If you pay for 6 months – 10% discount.
If you pay for 1 year – 15% discount.
If you pay for 2 years – 20% discount.

servers Automatic resumption of work.

Even if one of the servers fails completely, the VPS automatically migrates to another free server and you won’t even notice how this happens.

security Increased fault tolerance

All control nodes in the cloud are duplicated. That is, in fact, we spend twice as much resources on the maintenance of VPS, but at the same time the price of services remains affordable.

helpdesk Service and support

Support is ready to help with the initial setup of the OS and the VMmanager control panel. On KVM 3 and higher tariffs you will also have access to a free Windows VPS hosting control panel – ISPmanager Lite.

windowserver Windows license rentals

You don’t need to buy expensive Microsoft licenses, all the necessary licenses for VPS hosting: Windows Server, SQL Server, etc. – you can rent from us

dedicated Backup

Regular backups to a distributed storage ensures that your data is safe.

cloudwindows Windows Server

Available for Installation of Windows Server 2012 R2 Standart and Datacenter editions, also available 2016. The basic Windows Server Standart 2012 R2 license is already included.

ribbon Licensed OS

Virtual servers only use licensed OS, which ensures you have timely updates, official support and no vulnerabilities.

window Convenient control panel

Along with each Windows VPS server – the client gets access to the VMmanager control panel. In the panel, you can change the configuration of Windows VPS server, restart or reinstall, and much more.

What is Windows VPS

A Windows VPS is a virtual server with Windows 2012 R2 or higher installed, based on KVM virtualization. You get full administrative access to the server and will be able to run any Windows programs and apps on it. And with a Remote Desktop, you’ll be able to use Windows VPS as a full-fledged desktop computer. The Windows license is already included in the cost of the virtual machine.

For organizations We provide test access, thanks to which you will be able to test VPS server on Windows. If necessary, you can also additionally rent Microsoft Office, SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange licenses from us.

Benefits of Windows VPS

cloudwindows KVM Virtualization

KVM server virtualization technology provides quality hosting and reliable Internet projects while using resources as efficiently as possible. It is constantly supported by developers and continues to improve. Among the advantages of VDS KVM – hardware independence, good adaptability for various business tasks, the ability to connect guest OS (configured as necessary, the desired access rights are specified).

lock Safety

Windows VPS hosting is a guarantee of safety and security of your data. It assumes the presence of built-in protection against network threats, which destroys the attack tools and prevents their further spread. In addition, VPS has Device Guard security technology that allows only trusted software to be launched on the server. Renting a Windows VPS in Kiev, Ukraine from already includes such embedded components as Defender, Device Guard and Control Flow Guard.

redundancy Performance

Stable performance and high computing power is due to the fact that Windows VPS operates on the SuperMicro server platform and Intel Xeon Series E processors. They are highly productive, so our customers get a powerful dedicated server and easy management for their resources at an affordable price.

database Storage Spaces Direct

The technology allows you to economically organize storage (up to 90% volume savings). In addition, it is able to recover information in emergency situations without disrupting the workflow. To buy a Windows VPS server or order other services, call or email us online. We offer cheap hosting and favorable terms of cooperation.

If your site consumes too much resources on regular hosting, you need a more complex system configuration or permanent root access, so you need a virtual server VPS.

The Windows Server 2012 R2 license is already included, you don’t need to buy it separately.

Data center: Volia, virtualization technology: KVM.

  • If you pay for 3 months – 5% discount.
  • If you pay for 6 months – 10% discount.
  • If you pay for 1 year – 15% discount.
  • If you pay for 2 years – 20% discount.

Who is suitable for VPS virtual server on Windows

VPS servers based on Windows are suitable for a variety of tasks, for example:

Remote Desktop. RDP
If you need to organize a remote workplace for your employees to work from anywhere in the world.
Shared storage of documents and files
Help simplify the work of a small office and the exchange of documents and files between employees
Website made in ASP.NET
Your website is developed using .NET Framework technologies and Microsoft SQL server database then VPS server on Windows is what your website needs.
Working with accounting programs
Windows UPU is great for working with financial and money accounting programs. A Windows server will provide maximum security for your data.

Features and benefits of renting windows vps with us

Instant server activation
Servers are activated immediately after receiving payment for the order. Depending on the ordered configuration, the creation of a virtual server can take from 5 to 15 minutes. After that you will receive the data for access to Email.
Only licensed Windows
Thanks to the SPLA agreement we signed with Microsoft, we are able to provide you with all popular Windows, SQL Server and other operating system licenses for rent, without the need to buy them out.
VMmanager control panel
In the control panel you can reboot VPS, connect to the server remotely, watch server usage statistics.


The main parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing a tariff – is the RAM and disk space. Let’s consider some of the most common scenarios of using a Windows VPS

  • Accounting 1C For 5 users, who will work remotely with the database, we recommend at least 4 GB of RAM, 2 cores of CPU and 100 GB of space, for such a configuration is suitable tariff Windows VPS 4
  • Remote workstation For 2 users, with remote access will need 2 cores and 2 GB of RAM, respectively suitable tariff Windows VPS 3
  • Website hosting A small website with a database will be enough for a minimum rate of Windows VPS 2 with 2 processor cores and 50 GB of space, a larger site will need a rate Windows VPS 2 or higher

KVM is a virtualization solution for platforms with hardware support for Intel VT or AMD-V virtualization technology. In addition to the excellent virtualization support for Windows operating systems, a clear advantage is the cost of such a solution compared to the traditional Windows virtualization systems, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere, because using an open solution – KVM does not require additional licensing fees.

In addition, KVM has tremendous community support, is light and easy to use, and is undemanding of hardware resources.

Purely technically there is no difference between VPS and VDS, although these abbreviations are deciphered differently – Virtual Private Server and Virtual Dedicated Server – respectively. Some providers say that the differences are in the principles of virtualization: at the kernel level or at the operating system level, but this explanation has no basis at all. The principle of functioning and resource allocation is exactly the same.

This confusion is caused solely by the different origins of these names. The abbreviation VPS is more common in Europe and the United States, while the name VDS is more accustomed to Russian-speaking countries. So when choosing a VPS server on Windows, remember that in fact these words are synonyms.

We recommend using the latest stable version of Windows Server 2019. But if for some reason you need an older version, you can also choose versions 2012 R2 and 2016. We should warn you, however, that Microsoft is phasing out support for older versions. And in terms of price, these licenses cost the same.

From the Start menu, choose All Programs – Standard – Remote Desktop Connection, or just search for it in Start. After the window to connect – specify the IP address of your server, and the next step login and password for access, which you received when activating the server.

Yes, thanks to the SPLA program – we can provide licenses for rent and every Windows VPS is already activated with a special license key.

Our support will be able to help you with system installation and provide basic support service. But if you have non-standard tasks or you need to monitor the server on a regular basis – then we have a service of server administration.