If for your site is no longer enough resources of conventional hosting and virtual servers – then the best option to rent a server. We offer hundreds of dedicated server options in Europe that have received many positive reviews.

Quick activation is available for most servers. Configurations are available on the latest Intel and AMD server processors.
We offer nearly 3,000 server rental options in Europe and other countries. With the help of the filter you can quickly select the right server. Most servers are available with a quick same-day activation. When choosing a data center – give preference to the one that is physically closer to your customers. There are 9 data centers in 8 different countries to choose from, so renting a server in Europe with us is easy and reliable.

After activating the dedicated server, you will get access to the control panel of the server and its functions.


Disk group 1
Disk group 2

Payment for server installation and server rental in Europe

If you sign a contract for 1 year or more – server installation is free, in all other cases the cost of server installation is equal to the cost of 1 month of rent.

What are the advantages of renting a dedicated server in Europe?

In the case of server rental services – you save on costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of the server, the rental channel. At any time you can add another server and combine the servers with each other in a private network to solve common problems.

The advantages of renting a server in Europe:

Quick installation
If you need to get a server today, just make an order. For most servers, a fast setup option of up to 1 hour is available.
Server control panel
For each server you get a panel through which you can perform all basic operations with the server: rebooting, reinstallation, KVM – remote access, IP address management.
Global infrastructure
32 Tbps – bandwidth of the global network. More than 30 data centers in different countries, united in a single system, about 40 backup access points
Software pre-installation
At your request, we can immediately install on the server: CloudLinux, cPanel, Directadmin, Plesk or SQL server.

Why you need a dedicated server in Europe

European dedicated servers are used for large-scale projects that require a large number of resources. For each resource-intensive project, you can choose the appropriate configuration (disk capacity, RAM, CPU type and frequency, etc.), infrastructure and server control panel.

But it is not enough to buy or rent a dedicated server – it needs proper professional maintenance. Dedicated servers that cannot withstand overload due to the large number of requests will not suit a company whose large project must work non-stop.

Data centers in Europe are chosen by those who develop business in EU countries. European server hardware often has a power system and internet access with redundant elements in case of an outage. And data centers have protocols for behavior in case of unforeseen circumstances that can affect available remote equipment.

Who will benefit from dedicated servers in Europe

Server equipment is available in European data centers both with powerful configuration using Intel Core processors and with special Enterprise-level infrastructure, convenient control panel, Intel Xeon processors and ECC memory.

It is profitable to buy or rent a virtual server in Europe:

  • large online stores that manage trade not only on the national but also on the international market;
  • corporations to install on a server disk, manage and maintain a data-rich corporate portal;
  • consulting and auditing companies that store and use large amounts of available data.

TutHost company will help you to rent a virtual dedicated server in Europe at a favorable price, to choose a suitable configuration of equipment, to configure the server.

What is the best country to choose?

From us you can get a dedicated server in different European countries:

  • Germany;
  • United Kingdom;
  • France;
  • Poland.

The rental price depends on various factors, including the capacity of the server equipment, the location of the physical server, the licensed software, etc. To start working with a European data center, you need to pay for the service, get access to a remote server, complete software installation and hardware configuration.

Server control panel

Along with each server, you get a server control panel.

Many functions are available in the panel:

✔️ Server power management⚡ Disk management
✔️ Server restart⚡ Managing IP addresses and reverse DNS
✔️ IPMI Remote Access Console⚡ Snapshot control
✔️ Restart in Rescue Mode⚡ Reinstalling the OS on the server

Data storage on the server and what tasks the cloud solves in Europe

With the servers available for rent in Europe you can solve many problems:

  • Virtualization
    With virtualization, you can host multiple projects on one server, while completely isolating them from each other by placing each on a separate VPS.
  • Website hosting
    With shared hosting, you can quickly run up against the limits of the tariff. And on a separate server, you get full control over the software and a lot more resources.
  • Analytics and Big Data
    Large data processing and analysis projects require special infrastructure. Servers with NVMe disks and the latest generation of Intel and AMD processors will suit you.
  • Databases
    Data storage is an important part of any infrastructure. You will be able to choose a server with a lot of RAM and high-speed disks, which are suitable for a large number of requests.
  • Game servers
    We know what’s important to experienced players. Low latency, global availability and protection against DDoS attacks. We can help you choose a server for your game project
  • AI and machine learning
    Thanks to new technologies, the use of Ai algorithms is becoming more and more accessible. High-performance configurations with NVIDIA V100S GPUs and tens of terabytes of storage solve your problems.

The main advantages of renting a server in Europe

inverse Unlimited traffic

All tariffs have no traffic limitation, you won’t need to monitor the traffic consumption and overpay in case of traffic overconsumption

walletNo installation fee

You can order a server without installation fees, provided that you sign a contract for 1 or 2 years

ribbon Compliance

All servers are certified with the latest ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018, 27701, CSA Star, SOC I-II Type 2 certificates

rack Scalability

By consolidating your servers into a single network infrastructure, you can quickly connect servers to your private network

Rates for renting a dedicated server in Europe

There are hundreds of dedicated server configurations available to choose from in over 30 data centers on 4 continents. This is your opportunity to quickly buy a server at a low price for your company.

Different lines of servers are available for rent:

  • Gaming – for video games and streaming content.
  • Storage servers – these servers are characterized by a large volume of disks for data storage
  • High-performance servers – dual-processor platforms with large memory and high-speed disks
  • Budget servers – for those for whom economy is more important than the top processor on the server.

If you do not plan to rent a server in Europe yet, you can use our colocation service in Kiev. The first month is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

A physical or dedicated server is a server located in the DC and connected to the Internet channel. You can rent such a server and use it to host your projects. Only you will have access to the server, so you can decide what to install and how to configure it.

There is free technical support for basic issues related to the installation and operation of the server. If you need server administration – this is a separate service.

You can choose from 9 different data centers in 8 countries, including Ukraine. We recommend choosing the country from which you have the most visitors.

Then try searching again 🙂 No seriously, we have about 2000 different configurations. But if you still can not find – write us a request to the sales department and specify all the wishes to the configuration of the server, in 98% of cases we are able to find a suitable option.

In most cases, unfortunately, it is not possible to give the server for a test, but in any case, make a request. At a minimum, we can always give you the IP of the server in the desired location, so you can check the speed.

If you need a non-standard server configuration, which is not on the list – just write to our sales department, we will offer you options.

There are servers with quick installation – up to 1 hour, there are servers with installation in a day. The installation speed is specified against the server configuration.

By default, the servers are connected to a channel 100 Mbit, but there is an opportunity to connect the channel and 1000 Mbit, without traffic restrictions for an additional fee.