The word reselling means “resale”.
With reseller plans you will be able to organize your hosting business by investing minimal capital. These plans are suitable for those who have several projects on the Internet and want to combine them on one platform, for more convenient management. We recommend reseller plans for design firms, with reseller plans you could provide hosting to your customers.
We host resellers on separate servers, regardless of virtual hosting clients.
Our company offers the following reseller rates:

15.00 $ /мес.
20.00 $  /мес.
25.00 $ /мес.
35.00 $ /мес.
Disk space (SSD)25 GB50GB100 GB150 GB
Sites on the account50100200300
RAM limit2048 MB2048 MB3072 MB4,096 MB
Processor limit2700 Mhz2700 Mhz2700 Mhz2700 Mhz
Dedicated IP2222


All of our resellers receive a convenient hosting control panel Directadmin, in which you can quickly and easily create a client account yourself. Resellers are also given a control panel for instant domain registration. Read more here: domain reselling

domains Domain reselling

Resellers get access to the domain registration panel. More than 500 domain zones to choose from. Discounts from 5% to 15% and more – depending on the turnover. Registration through a panel or API

lock SSL Certificates Reselling

Certificates from all major certification centers. SSL, Code Signing, for Email and document signing. Discounts from 5% to 20% or more – depending on the turnover. Work through a panel or API.

window Reselling licenses

Through us you can buy all the necessary licenses for hosting, domains, servers, etc. We are ready to share our discounts with partners.

A warning

According to the rules of our hosting, it is strictly prohibited to place resources that distribute unlicensed software (warez), which distribute software intended for hacking and circumventing software licenses (cracks), as well as spam-, porno-, doorways- sites. All sites falling under this description will be blocked and deleted without warning and without the possibility of a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reselling is reselling. We have created a very simple tool to help you resell our hosting. From your account, you can create your own accounts for clients, choose your own rates and settings. You set your own prices. There are also discount programs for resellers on domains, ssl certificates and software licenses.

Hosting reselling is great for web studios or webmasters who just make websites for their clients. With the help of reselling – you can get additional income.

A free Lets Encrypt certificate is available on all tariffs. You can install it directly from the Directadmin control panel.

It’s enough to make an order through the site or personal account and pay for it. To join the discount program for domains, certificates and software licenses – make a request to the financial department. Discounts will be calculated automatically, depending on the turnover for the year.

Reselling service is a good opportunity of additional profit for IT specialists, webmasters or design studios, and for some it can become the main source of income. The word reselling itself means the sale or resale of a service.

Our company also started its business with the service of reselling. We resold hosting to another company to our first customers, although many customers did not even know about it. It was so-called white label reselling, when the client does not know which company’s services you are reselling.

Our reselling also works transparently for end customers, you can work and resell our hosting, set your own rates. In this case, you get support from our company, and your client comes to you for support.

Simple hosting or hosting for resellers: what’s the difference?

In the case of conventional shared hosting – you get a hosting account with already set parameters, the settings of which you can not change. Of course, such an account can also be resold to the client, but then you have to set a surcharge on top of our tariff, and this may not always be profitable.

On regular hosting you get technical support from our company.

Hosting for resellers differs from the usual first of all the possibility to create hosting accounts for websites by yourself, create your own rates, set account settings (the amount of space, disks, etc.).

All reseller accounts receive dedicated IP addresses in order to set up their own nameservers.

For reselling you also get support from us, and already your customers you have to advise yourself, thus creating added value to your product.

The easiest way to compare hosting and reselling is in the form of a table.

Virtual hostingReselling hosting
Задавать свои параметры аккаунты
Формировать наполнение тарифа
Активировать/блокировать аккаунт в любое время
Самостоятельно формировать тарифыЧастично
Выделенные айпи для неймсерверов
Бесплатная панель управления
Специальные цены на регистрацию доменов
Специальные цены на SSL сертификаты
Специальные цены на лицензии ПО

The benefits of hosting reselling from TutHost

window Directadmin Control Panel

We provide a Directadmin server control panel. Yes, it is slightly less popular than cPanel, but in terms of reliability, configurability, and the number of features it confidently surpasses the other panels.

ribbon White Label Reselling

In the hosting control panel, the client does not see anywhere that this panel is provided by us, you can configure the use of your domain for the panel

card Special prices for domains and ssl

We give discounts for partners on reselling domains, ssl certificates and software licenses. So you can make extra money on this as well by offering services to your clients.

database Working with API

You will be able to fully integrate our services into your existing control panels and website. Ordering and management of all reselling services is possible via API.

The cost of hosting reselling in TutHost

We constantly monitor the market for reselling services and compare our prices and those of our competitors. After the last tariff update, when we increased their resources, keeping the old prices, we can confidently say that we have one of the best price/performance combinations in hosting.

You can buy and receive reselling very quickly, activation of the account happens immediately after the payment for the service in your personal cabinet.

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