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Hosting for Joomla

The cost of hosting for joomla

Hosting for CMS Joomla from Tuthost

Since we already have hundreds of sites that are made on the wonderful CMS Joomla, we decided to create a special plan, the most sharpened for the rapid operation of this particular site management system.
To create a hosting for Joomla you need to know the technical requirements and features. We carefully studied and selected the best hosting settings for Joomla and the most popular components and plugins.

Hosting features for CMS Joomla

Joomla Fast Installation

It is possible to install and manage Joomla backups directly from the control panel.

Free site transfer

We will help you to transfer your Joomla CMS website from another host.

Quick technical support

Email support 24/7. We have a lot of experience with this CMS.

30 days of money back

Bought hosting for Joomla, but something did not fit? We'll get the money back, no questions asked.

Free domain when paying for a year

Domain COM, COM.UA and others to choose from - as a gift, when paying hosting for Joomla for 1 year

Fast site download

High-speed SSD drives and customized caching - will provide a quick download of the site.

Uptime at least 99.9%

Guarantee of a high level of uptime. Servers under constant monitoring.

Double backup

We store backups in two different data centers in different countries.

Update in a couple of clicks

Updates are easy. Keep always up-to-date, protected from vulnerabilities version.

How to choose the right hosting for Joomla

Today, Joomla has several versions that have different system requirements. Choosing the PHP version, you can easily install both the older versions and the newer ones. Also, some components for Joomla may require specific extensions that are not connected by default. The modules for PHP can be connected directly in the control panel, and there you can set up various system limits.

For large sites of hundreds of pages and a lot of plug-ins, it is important to correctly configure caching so that pages load quickly. We have already enabled the default caching of PHP scripts at the system level. You can use Joomla’s built-in caching or install your caching components. We recommend using the JCH Optimize component.

We also tested the work of the most popular components and plug-ins, so if you use this CMS you can order hosting for Joomla from us – you will not regret.