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Colocation: Server Placement

The cost of placing a server at Tuthost.ua


Case size
Free IP
The cost of additional IP

100 Mb 1U

30.00 $
Bandwidth : 100 Mb/s
Traffic : Unlimited
Case size : 1 U
Free IP : 4
The cost of additional IP: 2$

100 Mb 2U

50.00 $
Bandwidth : 100 Mb/s
Traffic : Unlimited
Case size : 2 U
Free IP : 4
The cost of additional IP: 2$

1000 Mb 1-2U

250.00 $
Bandwidth : 1000 Mb/s
Traffic : Unlimited
Case size : до 2U
Free IP : 1
The cost of additional IP: 6$

Cost of additional services

Additional IP2 $ per month
Reinstall operating system10 $ one time
Replacing equipment on a server hosted on colocation20 $ one time
Server Administration20 $ at one o'clock

All tariff plans include:

24/7 support

Technical support for hardware issues and initial server installation


Remote access to the server via IP-KVM

Server monitoring

24-hour monitoring of network availability of a hosted server

Gigabit channel

Connectivity up to 1 Gbps - channel, on request

Ability to work with the server in the data center

You can visit the data center at any time, by prior arrangement.

4 IP addresses

4 IP addresses in different subnets - for free

Benefits of Tuthost Collocation Server

The first month is free


The service of server placement (colocation) in Ukraine is necessary for those who already have their own server. The server will be located in a specially equipped room in which there are all the necessary conditions for your server to work non-stop. In each data center, all Internet channels have a reserve, there are several power inputs, uninterruptible power supplies and a diesel generator.

Ability to work with the server in the data center

There is an opportunity to work with your server right in the data center.

Data center to choose from

You can place the server in one of the largest data centers in Kiev. Choose Colocall or Volia

Discounts up to 20%

By ordering a colocation of a server with Tuthost.ua, you get a profitable system of discounts - 5% for server placement for 3 months and 10% when paying for hosting for 6 months. If you order the service for 1 year, you will receive a discount of -15%, and for 2 years -20%.


We offer accommodation in Ukraine, a channel from 100 to 1000 MB. To order colocation or to clarify the cost of renting space for the server (in the rack), call us or visit our office in Kiev. You can also buy hosting at an affordable price.

Placement of additional equipment

In addition to the server, you can place network equipment - routers or gateways.

High-quality service

We provide a colocation service - your server will be located in a specialized room, which is equipped with everything necessary for stable and smooth operation 24/7.

Расчет стоимости размещения серверов

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