managedserver Collocation: Server placement

The cost of placing a server at

100 MB 1U
30.00 $ /mon.
100 MB 2U
50.00 $ /mon.
1000 Mb 1-2U
250.00 $ /mon.
Bandwidth100 Mb/s100 Mb/s1000 Mb/s
Enclosure size1 U2 Uup to 2U
Free IP441
The cost of additional. IP2$2$6$
Power SupplyUp to 350WUp to 450WUp to 450W

Cost of additional services

⏩ Additional colocation services⏩ Prices for additional colocation services
✔️ Additional IP$2 a month
✔️ Reinstall the operating system$10 one-time fee
✔️ Replacing hardware on a colocation server$20 one-time fee
✔️ Server administration$20 per hour
✔️ Optional power outlet (if technically possible)$5 a month
✔️ Additional 100W power supply (if technically possible)$8 per month
✔️ Additional port for kVM connection (ipmi, idrac, ilo, irmc)$5 a month

By ordering Colocation at Tuthost you get:

24/7 support
Technical support for hardware issues and initial server installation
Server monitoring
24-hour monitoring of network availability of a hosted server
Ability to work with the server in the data center
You can visit the data center at any time, by prior arrangement.
Remote access to the server via IP-KVM
Gigabit channel
Connectivity up to 1 Gbps – channel, on request
4 IP addresses
4 IP addresses in different subnets – for free

Benefits of Tuthost Collocation Server

gift First month – free

Place your server with us with the “100 MB 1U” tariff and get a month for free (installation is our cost). To order a colocation of the server, use the promo code “colo-1month-free” (the promotion applies only to new customers).

ribbon Up to 20% off

By ordering a colocation of a server with, you get a profitable system of discounts – 5% for server placement for 3 months and 10% when paying for hosting for 6 months. If you order the service for 1 year, you will receive a discount of -15%, and for 2 years -20%.

diamond Service

The service of server placement (colocation) in Ukraine is necessary for those who already have their own server. The server will be located in a specially equipped room in which there are all the necessary conditions for your server to work non-stop. In each data center, all Internet channels have a reserve, there are several power inputs, uninterruptible power supplies and a diesel generator.

router Channels

We offer placement of servers in the data center in Ukraine, the channel from 100 to 1000 Mb. To order colocation or to clarify the cost of renting space for the server (in the rack), call us or visit our office in Kiev. You can also buy hosting at an affordable price.

monitor Ability to work with the server in the data center

It is possible to work with your server directly in the data center.

rack Placement of additional equipment

In addition to the server, you can place network equipment – routers or gateways.

select Data center to choose from

You can place a server in one of the largest data centers in Kiev, your choice: DC Colocall or DC Volia. We recommend placing new servers in the Volya data center.

thumbup Smooth operation

We provide a colocation service – your server will be located in a specialized room, which is equipped with everything necessary for stable and smooth operation 24/7.

Colocation – server placement in Ukraine from Tuthost

Colocation (Colocation) is a service to place the client’s servers on the provider’s premises, usually in a data center. Rack-format servers, ranging in size from 1U to 4U, are accepted for placement.

Who needs the Colocation service?

Server hosting services are suitable for those who want their equipment to be reliably protected, working steadily, uninterruptedly and always online. For those who are tired of equipment downtime due to power outages, overheating during hot summers, “accidentally” pulling wires from the equipment, etc. Colocation provides optimum conditions for your equipment to work 24/7/365 over a long period of time.

If you have a growing project that doesn’t have enough shared hosting, needs more resources: more disk space, more traffic, more processing power, or you need your project or data to be hosted on your server, then you should think about colocation.

Server colocation is suitable for those who want to use their resources efficiently, for example, without spending money on building their own server room or data center, but enjoying all the advantages of first-class data centers. It is more profitable even in the long run.

Why is it beneficial for you?

TutHost company offers you Colocation in Kiev, placing your equipment in one of the data centers of your choice. If you do not have your own equipment, we can offer you a server for rent.

We install and connect your equipment to the power grid, communication channels up to 1 Gbit/s and provide maintenance.

For new customers we have a gift – the first month is free!!!

Discounts for everyone from 5% to 20%, if you pay for 3 or more months.

The data center provides:

  • a specially equipped room,
  • uninterruptible power supply with redundancy and autonomous high-capacity diesel power plant,
  • High-bandwidth and redundant communication channels to ensure your equipment is available 24/7,
  • stability of optimum temperature and humidity,
  • fire safety: alarm system and automatic gas extinguishing system
  • round-the-clock monitoring of equipment,
  • physical security and access control.

More advantages of ordering the service at Tuthost

The first month is free
You can place your server absolutely free to test the service, to test the channel. To do this, you just need to find a promo code on this page and specify it when ordering colocation.
Round-the-clock access to the data center
If you need to work physically with your server, you can get into the DC at any time of day, just make a request.
Free server shipping
Within Kiev, we can come to you to sign the documents and deliver the server from you to the data center for free. If you are from another city – we are ready to accept the server by New Mail or any other delivery service.
IP KVM free
If something is wrong with the server and remote access does not work you can always request an IP KVM connection in the data center and see what is happening with your hardware.

Why is it profitable to host a server?

If your project is not designed for 1-2 months of work, and you plan to work in the long run, then it is worth to calculate what will be more profitable to rent a server or buy a server and put it on colocation.

Often it can be that the purchase of a server and then placing it in a data center pays for itself within 6-12 months, and after that you pay only for the placement of the server, the server remains completely in your possession and you can always easily upgrade or update it.

Of all the brands of servers, we can safely recommend for the use of servers Supermicro. They have an optimal price/quality ratio. And even if you do not have enough money to buy a new server, on the market almost always available a large number of used servers, where the maximum that may need – to replace the disks. Yes, yes, we just advised you, buying used servers, you can save a lot of money on that 😉

Calculating the cost of hosting servers

The cost of hosting servers in different companies is influenced by several factors. They are worth paying attention when choosing where to order the placement of the server. Let’s go through them in order:

  • Server size in units.
    As a rule, data centers accept rack-format servers (rack servers) whose size is measured in units. One unit equals 44.45 mm. And the greater the height of the server in units, the more it will cost to host it.
    The most popular server size is 1 unit and you pay nothing extra when placing a server of this size.
  • Channel width in Mbps.
    Here we decided not to trifle, and the minimum tariff already includes a connection of 100 Mbit. And we do not divide traffic into Ukrainian and foreign, as some data centers do. So you do not have to worry and do not watch the distribution of traffic. And, in fact, we have unlimited traffic, without any conditions.
    For large traffic-generating projects we have a tariff with a 1Gbit connection, which not every data center can also provide you with.
  • Power Supply.
    The cost of electricity is constantly rising. And if before there was no limit on the power supply capacity, but now we are forced to do separate rates for the most powerful servers. But for the vast majority of projects, even the minimum rate, where 350W of power is available – will be enough. More may be needed only for servers with 2-3 units, with a large number of disks or where there are 2 or more powerful processors.
  • Number of IP addresses.
    The minimum rate already includes 4 IP addresses from different subnets. We have our own AS so you can order quite a few more IPs from us if necessary, but we’ll check with you beforehand what they’re for. IPv4 is in short supply these days.

If you have a non-standard request and our standard rates do not suit you – just fill out the form and we will make you an individual offer for server hosting in data center.