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Domain registration name

Первоначально в зоне .name было возможно регистрировать домены только третьего уровня (например, peter.petrov.name). С 15 января 2004 года в зоне .name была открыта регистрация доменов второго уровня.

Domain name supports latin characters and international characters (Cyrillic).

The cost of registering and renewing a domain name is 11.00 $ per 1 year and domain could be registered no more than 10 years.

Minimum number of characters in the domain 3, and maximum 63.

Domain Specifications name

Name of domain zonename
Domain CountryМеждународный домен
Registration timeМгновенно
Maximum registration period10 лет
Minimum Domain Length3 символа
Maximum domain length63 символа
WHOIS serverwhois.nic.name
Domain zone ruleshttps://www.verisigninc.com/en_US/products-and-services/domain-names/name/index.xhtml
IDN support
Privacy protection

Ограничения отсутствуют

Restore price $
Domain Transfer price11.00 $

Регистрация домена name
Best price guarantee:
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Price on domain name

1 year2 years3 years
11.00 $22.00 $33.00 $

Register a domain in zone name

How to choose and register domain name


Most often, the name of the company is taken as the domain name and uniqueness is important here. You are lucky if you simultaneously select the company and domain names. In this case, immediately check in the search for the options that you come to mind. It is important to check whether there are already companies with a similar or similar name. Because if there already is a big company with a similar name that has been working for a long time, it will be very difficult for you to overtake it in search results. You may also be confused with a competitor and you will lose some traffic.


Domain name in zone name should be easy to remember and write. For example, imagine if you dictate by phone slozhnoe-nazwanie.name. In this domain there are several difficulties at once: this is a hyphen, this is a transliteration of the letter w, which can be written as zh, zsh, zch and so on. Therefore, it would be better if there are no hyphens, numbers and difficult-to-pronounce parts in the domain..

Domain Length

Despite the fact that in the domain zone name it is possible to use 63 characters in the domain name - we do not recommend this. As a rule, the shorter the domain, the better and easier to remember. But a domain that is too short can also be difficult to memorize, for example, if you use an abbreviation or abbreviation of a name, in most cases we do not recommend doing so..

Additional domains

If you have registered a domain only in the zone name – then check the same name in similar domains. For example, for a company that operates in Kiev, in addition to registering the domain kiev.ua, you can additionally register also the com.ua and org.ua domains. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation where you decide to expand your business - and competitors will take your name in other domain zones. Better to get ahead of them.

Domain registration procedure name

Whole domain registration process name comes down to the following simple steps:

  1. Think of a domain name and check if this domain is available name. If domain is available, go to registration.
  2. Fill out a registrant contact for domain name. Registrant is a person or organization that owns a domain
  3. Enter nameservers, on which to send the domain name. You can ask your hosting provider if you are hosting the site with us or have not yet decided where to host the site - specify our name servers: ns1.tuthost.com, ns2.tuthost.com, ns3.tuthost.com, ns4.tuthost.com (one per line).
  4. You can pay for domain any of the more than 10 payment methods available. After payment domain name will be automatically registered. If you have already placed your website on a hosting, then it will be available immediately after updating DNS with your Internet provider (usually about an hour).