WHMCS is probably the most popular billing system for hosters and hosting service providers in the world. For it is written a huge number of plugins, thousands of templates created and hundreds of integrations with domain registrars, server providers, ssl certificates and other services. If you are planning to start your own hosting business, this is probably the best choice for you.

You can buy from us one of three versions of the whmcs license to choose from:

  • WHMCS Plus – if you have a start-up business and up to 250 clients. Support by email only.
  • WHMCS Professional – for medium-sized businesses with 250 to 500 customers.
  • WHMCS Business – the most popular version, for companies with more than 500 customers, priority support is available.

money WHMCS Plus

18.95 $ /mon.

meeting CLIENTS
Up to 250 clients

helpdesk SUPPORT
Email support

card WHMCS Professional

29.95 $ /month.

meeting CLIENTS
Up to 500 clients

helpdesk SUPPORT
Email support

wallet WHMCS Business

44.95 $ /month.

meeting CLIENTS
Up to 1,000 customers *

helpdesk SUPPORT
Priority support

* license for more than 1,000 clients available upon request

Why buy a WHMCS license from us?

  • Large selection of payment methods – from payment by Visa/Mastercard and bank invoice to Bitcoin payment.
  • We provide all accounting documents for organizations.
  • Free help with WHMCS installation.
  • We will advise you how to choose the right additional modules to maximize the effective use of WHMCS billing.
  • Ukrainian and Russian localization is already included in WHMCS.

3 main tasks – which WHMCS solves

managedserver Hosting and Domains

Automatic registration of domains from multiple registrars and creation of hosting services.

cart Billing and automation

Issuance of invoices and monitoring of customer payments. Support for multiple payment options.

helpdesk Customer support

Centralized customer support through tickets. No need to put a separate solution, everything is included.

Recommended system requirements for WHMCS


PHP Version: 7.4 Release
PHP Memory Limit: 128MB
PHP Database Extension: PDO
PHP extensions: Curl with SSL, GD2 Image Library, JSON Support, XML, Iconv, MBString, GMP, OpenSSL, BC Math, Intl, Fileinfo
MySQL Version: Latest 5.7
Ioncube Loaders: The latest 11.x Ioncube for your version of PHP

Requirements for the system environment:
Linux and Apache 2 web server recommended

We also recommend that there is no software other than WHMCS on that server or VPN.

Migration from BILLmanager to WHMCS. Import database

We have experience in transferring thousands of customers and services from the BILLmanager database to WHMCS. To do this, we wrote a special script that gets data from the BILLmanager database and imports them into WHMCS via API.

BILLmanager -> WHMCS migration script does:

  • Domain Rates
  • Fees for services
  • Domain ordering
  • Order
  • Customers
  • Users
  • Customer contacts
  • Client balance
  • Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Tickets

Since each configuration is unique – we customize the script for a particular client. The cost of such migration from $480, depending on the amount of data. For those who buy WHMCS license from us – 10% discount on data migration from BILLmanager to WHMCS.

To order the service of migration – just write us at support@tuthost.ua or in telegram chat.