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Developed in the USA, cPanel is one of the most popular hosting control panels in the world. Hundreds of add-ons and integrations have been created for it. You can choose a template from a variety of design options. And in terms of server management functionality, there are few others that can match it.

With us you can buy a license for Cpanel both as an individual and as an organization.

cPanel solo cloud
16.00 $
  • 1 аккаунт
  • Для VPS
  • нет доп. аккаунтов
cpanel pro cloud
36.00 $
  • 30 аккаунтов
  • Для VPS
  • нет доп. аккаунтов
cpanel premier metal
54.00 $
  • 100 аккаунтов
  • Для сервера
  • Можно докупить аккаунты

There are two types of cPanel licenses:

  • Cloud licenses are intended for installation on a virtual server or cloud only.
  • Metal licenses – suitable for installation on a dedicated server.

Features of cPanel

Who cPanel is for

Answers to frequent questions about licenses:

On which operating systems can cPanel be installed?

cPanel can be installed only on the following operating systems: AlmaLinux OS, CentOS, CloudLinux™, Ubuntu®

Can I install any license on a dedicated server?

No. Only the Premier Metal license is intended for installation on a dedicated server. Other licenses can only be installed in the cloud or on a virtual server.

Can I order a cPanel license for my organization?

Yes, you can pay the license by bank transfer and get all the necessary documents.