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Installing scripts and CMS – Installatron

The Installatron script installer is available for all TutHost shared hosting plans. More than 200 different scripts and CMS are available for installation, any of which you can install on hosting in just a few clicks. With Installatron, you will easily update, clone, and backup your site.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management systems (CMS) are designed to manage dynamic content on sites.

All CMS have the ability to manage news or blogs, have a template system that makes it easy to change page design. More advanced systems include an infinite number of possibilities, including: categories, comments, registration system, voting, statistics, file managers, FAQ, etc.


Wordpress is a popular open source CMS. Today WordPress is the most popular platform. Millions of websites and blogs run WordPress.


Joomla is the second most popular CMS in the world. It was created from the Mambo project in 2005 and today is one of the most downloaded CMS in the world.


Drupal is a free and very powerful open source CMS. A huge number of modules have already been written for it.


You can easily install forums, guest books or wiki engines on your website if you plan to create your knowledge base. You can easily install forums, guest books or wiki engines on your website if you plan to create your knowledge base.


One of the most popular open source forum engines. Millions of people use it every day.


The engine to create a knowledge base or online encyclopedia. It was originally written for Wikipedia and is now used by many organizations around the world.


Modern free engines for quick forum creation. Written using PHP, MySQL. Released in 2006.

E-commerce and business

Do you want to run your online store? Looking for a reliable e-commerce solution? Installatron has dozens of apps available to create a store, work with customers, billing, and solving other commercial issues.


One of the most popular open systems to create an online store. For it, thousands of extensions have already been written, and thanks to a well-thought-out architecture, it is very popular among developers.


A simpler for novice, but no less popular e-commerce solution. Easy installation and more than 3000 available extensions.


The most popular billing system for hosting services, domain registration and a host of other related services. Customer accounting, payment and support systems are already included.

Photos and files

Solutions for easy management of your files and photos. Image galleries, music, video and other media management.


Free system for managing media content, creating photo galleries and community. Suitable for organizations, teams and authors.


Did you want your analog dropbox? You can run your own cloud to store and synchronize files. documents and contacts.


A great system for document management and teamwork. Suitable for document management.

Polls and statistics

Applications for collecting and analyzing statistics, traffic data, and for research and surveys.


Allows you to easily and quickly create the most complex polls or voting.

Form Tools

This is an application for generating web forms for collecting data from site visitors.

Seo Panel

The app is for those who promote the site. Monitoring site positions and many tools for search engine optimization.