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The Thawte brand is a great combination of trust and security. These certificates are considered one of the premium SSL offerings on the market, but are available at a price that fits any budget. When customers see Thawte printing for a website, they know that it’s safe to order products or services from this site and feel confident that their data is protected. Thawte has been in the SSL business since 1995 and has issued more than one million certificates to 240 countries around the world. This certificate is great for businesses looking for a reliable, affordable security solution.

SSL certificates Thawte comparison

Thawte SSL123
thawte sslDomain (DV)5 minutes30.00 $ /year

Thawte SSL Webserver (SAN)
thawte sslOrganization (OV)1-3 days100.00 $ /year

Thawte SSL Webserver with EV (SAN)
thawte sslExtended (EV)1-5 days220.00 $ /year

Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard
thawte sslDomain (DV)5 minutes240.00 $ /year

Thawte SSL Web Server Multi-Domain Wildcard
thawte sslOrganization (OV)1-3 days615.00 $ /year

Thawte Wildcard SSL
thawte sslOrganization (OV)1-3 days425.00 $ /year