It’s a great opportunity to make money. The market of SSL certificates in Ukraine is constantly growing, you can resell certificates for your clients and earn on it.

Our system of discounts is as simple and clear as possible. The greater the amount you have made payments for the year, the greater your discount. Only payments for SSL certificates are taken into account.

  • Turnover >$300 – 5% discount
  • Turnover > $500 – 10% discount
  • Turnover >$1500 – 15% discount
  • Turnover >$3000 – 20% discount
  • Turnover >5000$ – special conditions on prices, for discounts – write a request.

The discount is applied to all certificates when the corresponding turnover is reached. You can also immediately receive the discount you need by simply replenishing the balance with the appropriate amount and informing us. Turnover for the last year is taken into account.

Reselling certificates step by step

  • Receiving an order for an ssl certificate
  • You buy it from tuthost at a discount
  • Sell it to your customer at a markup
  • Profit from the price difference

SSL certificate reselling options

man As a customer

In this case, you get a discount on the purchase of SSL certificates and work as a regular customer, without separate access to billing for your customers. It is assumed that you independently carry out all your customers’ orders through billing, and customers do not have separate access to billing.

Reseller As a partner

You will need a separate Billmanager billing license, which you can install on your server and customize the design and layout entirely for your company. In addition, you set your own plans and payment methods. And each of your clients will have a separate access to the billing.

Advantages of our SSL certificate reselling

  • Automatic, instant activation
  • More than 40 certificates to choose from, from all major certification centers
  • Best Certificate Price Guarantee
  • Over a dozen payment methods
  • API for integration with your site
  • Fast start
  • Full integration with Billmanager – you can start reselling certificates literally within an hour
  • Simple management panel for certificates, renewals and reissuance

What you need to start automatic resale of SSL certificates

  1. Order and install Billmanager Corporate on your server or VPN
  2. Enable the ability to sell SSL certificates
  3. Create a service server and specify there your login information (your login and password) to connect to our Billmanager
  4. Import tariffs from the serving server
  5. Customize the imported rates to your liking – you can change the prices.
  6. You can sell certificates and make a profit.

We also have: detailed instructions for setting up resale services.

Become a reseller of SSL certificates