How does affiliate program work


Register in your personal cabinet and join an affiliate program


Copy your affiliate code in your personal cabinet and install it on your site


Each client who clicked on your link and paid for the order will bring you up to 20% of the order. Enrollment – every month.

Affiliate Program Terms

Thanks to participation in our affiliate program you’ll get up to 20% of all expenses of the attracted client (during one year after his registration). You do not have to be our client to participate in our affiliate program. You can attract customers with a referral link or a promo code.

To make it easier for you to attract customers – we give a 10% discount on the first order – to those who register with your referral link or using your promo code.

Remuneration is accrued on the first day of each month. Withdrawal is possible from the amount of 300 UAH or the equivalent of $ 10.

Referral link

Place your affiliate link on your site or give it to friends. If the person who clicks on the link will pay for our services – you will receive up to 20% of his fee.

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Promo code

The promo code can be passed on in person, over the phone, or told to friends, acquaintances. Everyone who registers with the promo code – will receive a 10% discount and will bring you an income of up to 20% of expenses.

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Услуга% вознаграждения
Виртуальный хостинг20
Виртуальный выделенные сервер (VPS)15
Аренда или размещение сервера10
SSL сертификаты10
Регистрация домена5
Лицензии ПО5
  • Accrual once a month, on the first day
  • Remuneration is accrued on all expenses of the client within 12 months after his registration.
  • Withdrawal of funds at the request of the client, the minimum amount of 300 UAH. Or the equivalent of $10

document Partnership Agreement

Limitations of the affiliate program

  • It is forbidden to spread the link or promo code with spam in any form, both by email and via messengers.
  • Advertising must not violate the laws of Ukraine
  • It is forbidden to run your accounts through an affiliate program. We regularly check for compliance with this condition and if a violation is detected, we reserve the right to disable the partner from the affiliate program.