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Available: DNS management, whois data protection, etc.

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For those who quickly need a business card website.

To select and register a good domain – follow these simple rules:

favorite Memorability

The domain should be easy to remember the first time

global Simplicity

The domain must be simple and easy to write

bookmark Unabbreviated

It is better not to use abbreviations and acronyms

hand Uniqueness

The domain should be unambiguous in writing

calendar Length

Do not make too long domains, up to 14 letters is recommended

domains Region

It is better for a regional company to take a regional domain

If you’ve already thought of options – check whether such a domain is free and if so, register it as soon as possible.

Checking a domain for occupancy

With the help of a domain verification service or Whois, you can not only find a free domain, but also get information about a busy domain, namely:

  • The date of domain registration, usually in the Creation Date field
  • Registry Expiry Date – Registry Expiry Date
  • Date when the domain was last updated or changed – Updated Date
  • Which company is the domain registrar – Registrar
  • Data of the domain owner – but only in some domain zones, now by default in most domain zones, personal data are hidden and are not publicly available. The owner or proprietor of a domain is also called a registrant.
  • Address for sending complaints about spam or violations – Abuse Contact Email

You can also see the nemservers to which the domain is directed in the “Name Server” field, and by them, in most cases, it is easy to identify the company that provides hosting for the domain.

What should be borne in mind, those who have decided to check whether the domain is free:

  • If you have made an order to register a domain but have not paid – this does not reserve a domain for you, anyone can take it before you pay and register it.
  • If you have ordered a domain, but they came back from the registry that it is a premium domain – then you can not get it at the regular price and the funds will return to your balance. In that case, you can either choose a different, non-premium domain or pay extra for a premium domain.
  • If you want to register a domain that we do not have on our site and you need to check the domain for availability – tell support – we will consider adding this domain zone.