Best price guaranteeDomain Validated Certificates (DV) is an easy and fast way to increase the security of your site by installing 256-bit encryption. The process of obtaining such SSL certificates is very simple and usually takes a few minutes. Verification can be done either by email or by means of a file to be uploaded to your site.
In order to get a DV certificate from one of the Certification Authorities – all you need is to prove your rights to the domain you want to protect.

Alpha SSL
globalsign logoDomain (DV)5 minutes35.00 $ /year
Alpha SSL Wildcard
globalsign logoDomain (DV)5 minutes135.00 $ /year
Comodo Domain Validated UCC (SAN)
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes150.00 $ /year
Comodo Essential SSL
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes18.00 $ /year
Comodo Essential SSL WildCard
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes90.00 $ /year
Comodo Multi-Domain PositiveSSL (SAN)
comodo sslDomain (DV)1-3 days25.00 $ /year
Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate (Basic)
comodo sslDomain (DV)1-3 days15.00 $ /year
Comodo Positive Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes235.00 $ /year
Comodo Positive SSL
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes9.00 $ /year
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes75.00 $ /year
Comodo SSL Certificate
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes60.00 $ /year
Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate
comodo sslDomain (DV)5 minutes225.00 $ /year
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium
geotrust 2Domain (DV)5 minutes70.00 $ /year
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SAN (sub-domains only)
geotrust 2Domain (DV)5 minutes115.00 $ /year
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard
geotrust 2Domain (DV)5 minutes250.00 $ /year
GlobalSign DomainSSL
globalsign logoDomain (DV)5 minutes130.00 $ /year
GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard
globalsign logoDomain (DV)5 minutes390.00 $ /year
rapidssl sslDomain (DV)5 minutes15.00 $ /year
RapidSSL Wildcard
rapidssl sslDomain (DV)5 minutes120.00 $ /year
Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC Wildcard (DV)
sectigo_logoDomain (DV)5 minutes285.00 $ /year
Sectigo SSL Certificate
sectigo_logoDomain (DV)5 minutes50.00 $ /year
Sectigo SSL Wildcard
sectigo_logoDomain (DV)5 minutes195.00 $ /year
Thawte SSL 123 Wildcard
thawte sslDomain (DV)5 minutes240.00 $ /year
Thawte SSL123
thawte sslDomain (DV)5 minutes30.00 $ /year

Regardless of the size of your site – all sites now require SSL certificates. This affects both the ranking of your site in search results and the credibility of the site by its visitors.

What does DV SSL certificate mean?

DV in ssl certificates stands for Domain Validation or Domain Validation. These are the simplest certificates that perform only one type of verification – domain verification.

Technical parameters of SSL certificates.

Technically, certificates with domain validation differ from each other in two ways:

  • By certification centers. Here you should choose the certification center that you trust the most. And if you are lost in the choice – just choose the cheapest, in most cases that will be enough.
  • By the number of domains the certificate protects. Basic certificates – only for one domain, wildcard certificates – protect all subdomains of one domain, san certificates help to protect several different domains at once.

Well, there are some very special certificates, which combine all the advantages of the previous types: SAN wildcard certificates – they can protect different domains and all subdomains of these domains. That is, one such certificate you can secure a number of your projects at once.

To verify such a certificate, you can choose from three options:

  1. Check by email. In this case, when ordering, you choose from a list of email addresses to which you have access. You will receive an email from the certification center with a link to go to this address.
  2. File placement – this option is no longer available for all certificate authorities. In this case, you will need to place on hosting or in the cloud, where your site is located – a special file and make sure that it is available at the link provided by the certification center.
  3. Check through DNS. As a rule, you need to create a CNAME-type entry in the domain zone file in the control panel of your hoster.

Why order DV SSL?

It is worth ordering certificates with domain validation in several cases:

  • In case you need an ssl certificate as quickly as possible. Because the entire verification process is fully automated. You don’t have to wait for a manual check. As soon as you complete all the necessary steps – the certificate will be issued immediately. That is, you can get a certificate in 5-10 minutes after ordering and payment.
  • You have a small project, but you want to get an extra bonus in site ranking from Google.
  • You have forms on your site that visitors fill out and you would like to ensure that the data you send is encrypted.
  • In terms of price – this is the cheapest type of certificate, so if you want to save money – you need to buy a DV certificate.

The advantages of ordering a SSL certificate with domain validation from TutHost.

SSL with domain validation is advantageous to order from us for two reasons:

  • First, because we give the largest choice of such certificates from all the most famous certification centers.
  • Secondly, we have a guarantee of a refund within 30 days of payment, in case for some reason you do not fit the certificate.

The cost of SSL – certificate with DV in TutHost.

Prices for SSL certificates, this is another reason why it is better to buy DV certificates from TutHost. We buy such certificates from certification centers in bulk and then we are able to provide really low prices for them.

We guarantee the best price for certificates, if you find cheaper – just write to the financial department and guaranteed to get a discount.