Protection against DDoS attacks

If your project often faces DDoS attacks – we can help you provide first-class protection. All you need to do is leave an application, and we will help you set everything up and get clean traffic and stable operation of your site.

What can we do?

  • Repel high volume attacks over 1 Tbps
  • Quickly organize the protection of your service
  • Detect malicious traffic with high accuracy
  • Ensure monitoring the availability of services

security Anti DDoS Lite

100.00 $ / month.

lock DDOS Protection
1 domain

inverse UDP/ICMP filter
100 GBPS

network SYNFLOOD filter
750 KPPS

cloudmanaged HTTP Filter 
5000 queries/sec.

global Net traffic
100 MBPS

protection Anti DDoS Pro

250.00 $ / month.

lock DDOS Protection
4 domains

inverse UDP/ICMP filter
300 GBPS

network SYNFLOOD filter

cloudmanaged HTTP Filter 
20,000 queries/sec.

global Net traffic
250 MBPS

Protected Anti DDoS Premium

500.00 $ / month.

lock DDOS Protection

inverse UDP/ICMP filter
2000 GBPS

network SYNFLOOD filter

cloudmanaged HTTP Filter 
100,000 queries/sec.

global Net traffic
500 MBPS

  • Bonus: If you pay at once for 1 year – 2 months of protection from DDoS-attacks on the site you will get as a gift

What is additionally included in the rates?

Mail protection
Sending mail through a secure channel
Blacklist and whitelist management
Proxying outgoing connections
SSL Certificate
We can use your SSL certificate
Control Panel
Online Statistics. Access and error logs
Load balancing
Proxying outgoing connections

You can order hosting with protection from DDoS attacks in any convenient way: by email, online chat or through your personal cabinet. This will give you universal server protection from DDoS attacks, as well as websites and more.

You can order DDoS protection services in any way you like: by email, online chat or in your personal cabinet.

Just tell us which site you need protection for, and we’ll give you a protected IP, help to direct traffic to it, install the certificate and get the clear traffic.