If you are not satisfied with the conditions or the price of maintaining your domain at the current registrar you can easily transfer the domain to us for service. The transfer procedure is simple, but there are several points that are worth paying attention to, we have described them below.

For a successful domain transfer, in most cases you only need to know the transfer code, and after the transfer you will get a lower cost of domain maintenance and a convenient domain control panel. We also have free control of the DNS.

Domain transfer

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The advantages of transferring a domain to TutHost: 

The following advantages can be highlighted:

✔️ Easy Transfer. To order, you only need a transfer code;⚡ Simple control panel. Everything you need for your site in one office: domains, hosting, SSL certificates;
✔️ Hiding owner data for most domain zones;Manage DNS records (A, CNAME, MX, etc.) for free per domain;

domains Transfer of international domains

To transfer domains in the areas of com, net, org, biz, info, etc. you need a domain transfer code.

global Transfer of Ukrainian domains

For transfer of domains in com.ua, kiev.ua and other Ukrainian domain zones.

Transfer of international domains

To transfer the international domain without any problems, you need to follow the rules below:

  • After registering the domain or the previous change of registrar, it should take more than 60 days
  • There should be more than 7 days before the end of the domain.
  • The domain must have the transfer blocking removed, i.e. there must not be a status: clientTransferProhibited in Whois
  • You need to know the transfer code for your domain and specify it when booking a transfer.
  • When transferring the domain is renewed for 1 year, so when ordering a transfer you will need to pay immediately to renew the domain for a year.
  • After submitting an application for a contact email of the domain administrator, a letter will come with a link to click to confirm the transfer.
  • After that, the domain will replace the registrar within 5-7 days, and there will be no interruptions in the work of the domain.

Transfer of Ukrainian domains

For the transfer of the Ukrainian domain to our service you need:

  • Get the transfer code from the current registrar (for different registrars the code may be called differently, for example: Auth Code, AuthInfo password, transfer password).
  • After that, order a domain transfer through your personal account, specifying the transfer code.
  • The current registrar may ask you for our registrar ID and legal name. Our identifiers are in the spreadsheet.

Three simple steps to transfer a domain to TutHost:

As in any business, preparation is more complicated than the domain transfer itself.

Get a transfer code for your domain from your current registrar.
Specify your domain, click “Check and Transfer”.
Arrange the transfer
After checking, the “Transfer” button will appear. To order, click it.

Why should I transfer my domain to TutHost?

award Official registrar

We have the status of an official domain registrar for most domain zones;

card Convenient payment

You can pay for the domain in any way convenient for you – we offer more than 10 methods of payment, even in Bitcoins;

rack 4 DNS servers

To ensure that your domains are always available, we have located name servers in 4 data centers in different countries;

thumbup Best price guarantee

We have the Best Price Guarantee from the official registrar. Found a cheaper domain? Offer a lower price to make it even more pleasant to buy.

Frequent questions about domain transfer

Domain transfer, by itself, doesn’t cost any money, but when you transfer the domain, the domain is renewed for 1 year. To transfer the domain to another hosting, you need to pay the renewal fee. At the same time our price for transferring the site to any domain will be lower than most competitors. And if you buy hosting for a year, you can get a domain for free. This allows us to make the cost of moving your site to another hosting site minimal.

Take a look at the testimonials of our precious customers about our domain transfer service and become one of them.

  • In most domain zones for rezoning – from the date of registration or last change of registrar must be 60 days, and the domain must be more than 7 days to expire.
  • You need to disable transfer blocking – the Whois should not contain the status: clientTransferProhibited

In most domains the transfer lasts from a few hours to 5 days. The main thing is to specify the correct transfer code and unlock the transfer at the old registrar.

A transfer code or domain hosting transfer code is a code of letters and numbers that is required to transfer a domain from one registrar to another. You can get this code from your current registrar. And you can find out who your registrar is through the Whois service in the registrar or mnt-by field.

Domain transfer

Transfer the domain to us for service quickly and easily. And as a result, you’ll get a lower cost of domain maintenance and a convenient domain control panel.