40 useful tools for working with web analytics

Web analytics is one of the most powerful tools for understanding user behavior on your website. It provides valuable insights into how visitors interact with your pages, allowing you to optimize content and increase conversions. But to utilize the full potential of web analytics, you need the right tools.

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The use of these tools allows you to reduce costs and test promotional strategies. To enhance the effect, it is also worth ordering a service for server protection, with which you can minimize the negative effect of hacker attacks.

The best web analytics tools

Marketers can use one or more web analytics tools. And in order to choose the one that’s perfect for you, it’s worth exploring the most popular options.

Google Analytics

To collect statistics for free, you can use the effective Google Analytics tool. It will suit more experienced marketers, but beginners will find it difficult to understand all its subtleties.

Among the main advantages that Google Analytics has to offer, there are a few key ones:

  • availability of a mobile application, which allows you to continue working in any convenient place;
  • many parameters that can be used to generate reports and various documents;
  • most of the data is collected and processed automatically.

Data collection parameters can be defined in-house. If there is a need to process a large amount of information, sampling can be used.

If you additionally get Microsoft licenses for rent, you can optimize the performance of any website.

Adobe Analytics

The existence of Adobe’s analytics tool is known to virtually all marketers regardless of their experience. With the help of this service, you can determine how many visitors were on the site and what exactly they were interested in.

As a rule, the Adobe service is applied in the business sphere. All because with its help you can assess the nature of traffic, as well as the peculiarities of the behavior of visitors to the site. This service also allows you to adjust the settings so that the final reports meet the specified requirements.

For online businesses, Adobe Analytics is as indispensable a tool as the hosting panel. With the statistics and analytics it provides, you can get to know your customers better and put together a strategy that will help maximize your profits.

Before deciding to use the paid version, you can use the demo version. This will allow you to evaluate the functionality and basic options.


The main purpose of the Clicky service is a careful control of targeted or contextual advertising, as well as its analysis. Among the available functionalities are:

  • parsing of keyword phrases and words;
  • meta tag parsing;
  • selecting appropriate groups as well as communities;
  • comfortable and easy integration;
  • simplifying the process of preparing announcements.

Clicky is pretty easy to use, so even a beginner should have no trouble figuring it out by reading basic open-source instructions. The cost of the service largely depends on what functionality will be selected for the service (for example, the Custom tariff allows you to analyze up to 1000 websites).


If there is a need for in-depth analytics and evaluation of statistical data, it is better to use the Finteza service. The main advantage of this tool is that all actions related to the processing of information data will be carried out in real time. In this case, the speed of the analyzed site will not decrease in the process.

If you want to grow your online business, then in addition to creating a website, buying a control panel you need to analyze user activity from time to time to identify their interests and needs. Finteza, being one of the best analytical tools, will help you with this, also thanks to additional features such as:

  • traffic estimation and bot detector;
  • Automatic funnels by page, event, source;
  • Audience analysis (IP, geography, devices, etc., but all within the bounds of privacy);
  • comparing pages in terms of effectiveness;
  • automatic counting of conversions by source in real time.

Finteza is great at solving any marketing problem from simple conversion monitoring to independent monetization.


To analyze the behavior of users who visit your website, the Kissmetrics service is also a good fit. With this tool, you can collect various useful data, save it, and process it automatically. Based on the data obtained, reports can be made on sales volumes, activity levels.

Some of the features and benefits of the service include:

  • data segmentation and export;
  • tracking clicks on links;
  • obtaining detailed information about visitors;
  • Availability of cohort analysis and A/B testing;
  • easy integration.

The only disadvantage of Kissmetrics is its high cost.


Mixpanel is another powerful and quality web analytics tool. You can use it to understand how engaged your potential audience is, and general statistics are also available. The Mixpanel service will demonstrate the greatest efficiency in case it is necessary to evaluate a large business. It has a perfectly designed functionality for such purposes.

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is an effective analytics tool that allows you to do all the necessary data collection for free. To use this service, you need to pre-install the source code and also customize it.

Open Web Analytics can be easily connected to CRM systems. The service is also supplemented with a control panel, which simplifies the process of checking an online store or other online resource or online store.

To understand how a site is performing, whether a reorganization is required, a metric can be used. The main site metrics in Open Web Analytics are displayed on a custom dashboard: traffic, page views, average time on site, bounce rate, and revenue. The dashboard also shows information about recent users, which includes their browser type, the number of pages they viewed, and the time of their visit.

If you have already created and configured a website, purchased a Cloudlinux license, acquired other useful tools and are moving on to the audience analysis stage, Open Web Analytics will pleasantly surprise you in the process.

Oracle Analytics

To quickly gather analytical data and prepare a corresponding forecast without spending a lot of time, you can use the Oracle Analytics service. In order to increase the effectiveness of this service, additionally connect artificial intelligence and other tools that are contained on the official website.

You can also try the demo version and evaluate the functionality of Oracle Analytics before purchasing. Its cost is quite low monthly payment of $16 is required.


If you need to work with advertising offices or CRM-systems, pay attention to OWOX BI service. Its basic functionality contains:

  • collection of data that relate to cost indicators;
  • preparation of forecasts;
  • Establishing the degree of effectiveness.

You can also set up end-to-end analytics in OWOX BI if necessary. This simplifies the process of studying and evaluating the behavioral parameters of the audience.


Parse.ly is designed specifically to gradually improve the quality of content added to a website. This service is used when you need to increase the effectiveness of a blog or commercial web portal. After all, this is where a lot of content is published.

Parse.ly can be used to assess how interested readers are in visiting a web portal and reading publications. A dashboard is also available to make things easier, as well as other types of metrics to monitor attendance.


SEOPressor is a plugin for WordPress that is perfect for SEO tasks. It allows you to determine how well your keywords and phrases are chosen. Additionally, you can use call tracking to find out which ads will be more attractive to users.

40 useful tools for working with web analytics

The service is not free, but its price is not high at all only 9 dollars a month.


This partially free service was one of the first to be introduced, and it is still actively used by marketers and other professionals. The main task of Similarweb is to evaluate the traffic to a web portal. The free version contains all the necessary functionality, but the paid version contains more useful features (such as the ability to analyze a larger number of sites).

The service is also attractive because it allows you to thoroughly work out the SEO component, evaluate investment and commercial characteristics.


In order to be more successful in the digital environment, you should properly and intelligently make a marketing strategy. The developers of Ubersuggest understood this very well, that’s why they created a service that is almost perfectly sharpened for this purpose.

With Ubersuggest, you can evaluate the quality of links, study traffic, and choose the right keywords. And all this at affordable prices the most expensive tariff plan with maximum functionality costs 40 dollars a month.


This tool is actively used by advanced marketers, because with its help you can quickly map the path of web portal visitors. All actions will be performed in automatic mode. It’s important to consider the downside – the high cost ($999 per month). But in order to evaluate the functionality, you can use the trial version, which is available for 14 days.

The best web analytics blogs

Web analytics is a complex and multifaceted field where the rules of the game are constantly changing. To succeed in this niche and get the most out of it, online tools alone are not enough, you need to constantly educate yourself and learn new things.

Blogs where people with a lot of experience share their knowledge and give useful advice will help you. Let’s consider the most popular among them:

  • Netpeak’s blog. This blog is dedicated to digital marketing. Here is a detailed look at the specifics of content processing, rules for using SMM and PPC. The blog also features success stories from brands whose experiences you can learn from.
  • Deloitte Insights. This is an English language blog with many interesting and valuable publications. For example, here you can learn how to properly use analytics data, how to make forecasts and perform other marketing manipulations.
  • Blastam. This blog contains detailed information about A/B tests as well as Data Layer. All of these tools may be required not only by analysts but also by marketers.
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics | Simo Ahava’s blog. Those marketers who focus on analytics should definitely visit this blog, which is owned by Simo Ahava. Simo Ahava is a well-known Finnish analyst and expert who specializes in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. On his blog, he shares valuable content and useful tips about conversions and various analytics tools.
  • Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik Digital Marketing and Analytics Blog. This blog belongs to a web analytics guru whose name is Avinash Koshik. This person not only actively blogs, but also writes books in which people interested in web analytics will find a lot of useful information. Another unique development by Koshik is the feature-rich online platform Market Motive Inc.
  • Big Data Analytics News | Big Data news, Hadoop, NoSQL, Predictive Analytics. The main focus of this blog is data scientists. Not only articles and publications, but also news articles are devoted to this topic. All of this will allow analysts to significantly expand their own horizons.
40 useful tools for working with web analytics
  • Data Science Central. This blog contains all the things that might be of interest to analysts. The site provides quite a few useful publications on the basic components of artificial intelligence.
  • Brianclifton. This blog is written by Brian Clifton, who is considered one of the best web analysts. The main focus of his work as a professional is Google Analytics.
  • CXL. If there is a need to learn metrics, it is better to opt for this blog. You can find a lot of useful and interesting things here, but you need to know English.
  • BITimes. This web portal is a news blog. Here’s a look at what’s new in web analytics and related industries.
  • SnowPlow. The blog is run by a group of people who work for the same agency. They talk about exactly what analytics is for and how useful it is. There are quite a few blog posts that learning and putting them into practice will help improve key business metrics.
  • Optimizesmart. Himanshu Sharma is considered as the proprietor of this blog. This specialist paid a lot of attention to aspects such as calculating ROI and Bounce Rate. Separately, the blog discusses the most popular and commonly used attribution models.
  • Moz Analytics. This blog is the property of MOZ. Here’s a detailed look at everything you might need for SEO optimization. You can also find a lot of useful information about web analytics, conversions, etc. here.
  • Jeffalytics. In order to successfully use Google Analytics in your work, it’s worthwhile to learn a lot of useful and valuable data beforehand. And this blog has everything you could possibly need.

Blogs differ from dry documentation in that they are less disconnected from life and actual practice. They are written by people just like you, the only difference being that they have more experience and qualifications. So if you are interested in web analytics, many of the above blogs will be useful and interesting.

Best Reddit threads and Slack feeds

You can also get valuable information on Reddit threads and Slack channels. Let’s take a look at the most famous of them concerning web analytics:

  • Google Analytics. This platform has been prepared specifically to learn how to collect data from certain applications and web portals. Through special tools that are available now, reports can be prepared.
  • Analytics. There is a lot of useful information available here that may be of practical use to you.
  • BigData. This branch provides a lot of useful and valuable data that may be required in the processing of quite large amounts of information.
  • Data. If you wish to get a lot of valuable and useful information about analytics and data processing capabilities, you should visit this channel.
  • Datascience. Here, members actively discuss many topics that focus on analytical data and how to process it.
  • Dataisbeautiful. To broaden your horizons considerably, you should visit this thread. After a few hours of scrolling, you’ll realize that working with data has not only practical benefits, but aesthetic benefits as well.
  • Measureslack. This channel has many chats on topics ranging from data visualization to working with analytics tools.

While blogs are mostly written by professionals, anyone can express their thoughts on Reddit or Slack. If you prefer sharing and discussion over just consuming information, you’ll love it here.

Best Facebook Groups

Today, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks with many communities of interest. Among them, we can distinguish several groups that are devoted to web analytics and data processing features:

  • BIG DATA Professionals | Scientists | IOT | NoSQL | Hadoop | Spark | Flink. This group publishes interesting information regarding data processing and machine learning.
  • BIG DATA. In this group you can find a large number of publications on databases and working with them.
  • Data Science Beginners. This group was originally created to break down the features of web analytics in more detail. There are quite a few users here who have a lot of experience and will have a lot of useful things to say.
  • BIG DATA and Visual Analytics. This panel was developed specifically to explore the use of analytics systems in the business domain. With the right approach, you can not only learn new information, but also find effective solutions that can be put into practice.
  • Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager/Google Data Studio Enthusiasts. This group actively discusses various software, peculiarities of working with codes and other aspects.

Facebook is a versatile tool that is suitable for both socializing and learning new information. In themed groups you can find people with the same interests as you, share your experiences with them and discuss topics of interest to you

40 useful tools for working with web analytics


Web analytics tools play a key role in the online business world. They allow website owners and marketers to gain valuable insights into user behavior, campaign effectiveness, and overall web performance. By properly managing your information, you can multiply your audience reach, and consequently, your profits.

To make working with data easier, you can use online services and support tools, and to facilitate learning and integrate more quickly into the field, you should pay attention to professional blogs and special platforms where you can communicate and share experiences with colleagues of interest.

There is a huge amount of material on the Internet (both theoretical and applied) that will allow you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of web analytics we have mentioned only a small part. But if you have just stepped on this path and have not yet formed your taste and stable opinion, it is better to get acquainted with this universe to start with them.

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