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How to choose hosting? Basic requirements

Hosting is commonly referred to as a service, the essence of which is to place the data on the website around the clock working server. Do you want your resource to work efficiently and quickly? So you need to choose a stable and powerful server.
The choice of hosting is comparable to buying a home – the better it is, the more comfortable it is to live there. With the deterioration of its quality will increase inconvenience – there will be failures and malfunctions, which adversely affects the work/load/reliability/promotion of the website.
That is why it is important to pay maximum attention to what hosting to choose.

Free hosting: economy or headache?

Hosting is something you can’t skimp on! If you plan to make a serious website, it is worth a little money and choose a quality service. Among the main disadvantages of free hosting include the following:
1. Obtrusive advertising. There is no way to turn it off. Free services need to pay off. This is the reason why hosts have to make money in other ways. Choosing free hosting, be prepared that on your business blog can appear the most unexpected ads, up to advertising of intimate goods.
2. Minimum permissible load. You can attract a lot of visitors to your site. Here’s just a free hosting with an increased load can not cope, respectively, they begin to receive messages about the inaccessibility of the resource. All this will have a negative impact on traffic to the resource.
Low level of technical support. When choosing a free service, don’t expect to be consulted for free. However, technical support hosting must be timely and round the clock.
4. Additional costs. The owners of such hosts often use cunning tricks to lure customers. For example, over time you may find out that the service is only free for six months, and then have to pay triple the price.
Thus, answering the question – “what hosting to choose?”, you can clearly state – not free!

What to look for when choosing hosting?

1. Location of the hosting company. It is important that she be in the same state as you. Ideally, if the company is located in the same city as your business. This will provide a small advantage in being able to contact tech support when you have questions about hosting.
2. Company size. Practice shows that you should not trust too small or large companies. There is a possibility that one day it will simply disappear. As for large organizations, there may be problems with technical support. When you go to them for help, you may hear that they have many clients, respectively, no time to deal with your issue.
3. tariff plan. If you have already figured out hosting, then study the proposed tariff plans and give preference to the most profitable.
Technical parameters of hosting (the amount of space, bandwidth, the maximum number of sites for placement, the availability of the database, the quality and speed of connection, support for different programming languages). Here you need to start with what goals you set for yourself.
5. Verification of technical support. Choosing hosting (Ukraine), you can find many companies offering this service for free for one month. During this period, you can check the quality of the technical service. The responsiveness and quality of technical support shows that this organization can be trusted.
6. Conclusion of the contract. Buying hosting, it is recommended to conclude a contract. If you lose all the data, it will be very difficult to prove anything later. In addition, the document will be spelled out any nuances, respectively, hosters will not be able to require you to pay additional fees for new services that are connected without your written consent.
7. Customer reviews. Looking at reviews about the hosting, you should be aware that there will be many positive and negative feedback. A good sign is when a firm’s employees respond to negative comments in an attempt to “whitewash” their own reputation. You shouldn’t consider feedback about a flaw if it was pointed out by a single customer. However, if a lot of people bring it up, this is where you have to think seriously. In addition, reviews help you learn valuable information about additional services (for example, protection from DDOS-attacks, customer counseling, timely warnings about debts, etc.).
Using these simple tips, you can surely choose a great and stable hosting service that guarantees smooth operation of the website!
Choose your hosting thoughtfully!
The text was prepared by the Tuthost copywriting team

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