Review of 19 best website builders

Many people are interested in creating their own website to run their business, but not everyone has a considerable amount of money to attract specialists to do it. For those users who combine the desire to save money and show their creativity, avoiding long evenings of frustration over complex program code, and were invented online website builders.

They allow you to create sites without in-depth knowledge of layout and web programming (but basic knowledge is desirable, as their presence will simplify the work). In most cases, users are only required to register, with some designers providing all services for free.

Review of 19 best website builders

As the popularity of online builders is constantly increasing, so is the number of online builders. In order for each user to make a choice in favor of one or another tool, we will review 19 best website builders.

Features of website builders

Online builders were developed to allow users to perform a professional web portal build without in-depth knowledge of administration, layout or web design. They contain a handy toolkit to work with, which minimizes the routine and allows you to tweak the desired page blocks with the help of a visual editor.

With this software you can drag and drop and modify elements on the page, add text, images, widgets and other components. Many designers support creating responsive websites that display well on a variety of devices including PCs, laptops, cell phones and tablets.

Creating a website on a constructor takes much less time than developing one from scratch. Also, some designers provide hosting and domain name registration options in one place.

Moreover, creating your web resource on a constructor can be more beneficial economically, as many constructors provide tools for search engine optimization of the site.

Types of constructors

Before using website builders, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the most popular options. All of them are divided into two groups these are downloadable builder programs and online builders. If necessary, you can familiarize yourself with free templates in advance, which are available in quite a wide range.

Designer programs should be downloaded and installed on your computer beforehand. Such a builder is very similar to a classic graphic editor, but when using the program, the pages of the site that are created are saved in an archive. Later on, you need to upload the site to the pre-purchased hosting, you also need to purchase and domain name. Only then will your website be able to be visited by internet users.

Among the advantages that are inherent in constructor programs are several:

  • You don’t have to have constant access to the internet to prepare individual elements for a website. All information is stored on your hard drive or SSD, not on a third-party server.
  • Since you use a computer to store your data, you have complete control over the files and structure of your own project, without the limitations that web services can impose.
  • Since you are not tied to a specific web service, you are free to choose your hosting provider and host your website wherever you want.

Another option is online constructors that work in the browser and for which you need to have a constant and stable internet connection. Its advantages are as follows:

  • Creating websites with online website builders is fast and convenient. You can start working immediately, no software installation is required on your computer.
  • You can work from a variety of devices. This is convenient in case the development of the site is engaged in several people.
  • Online platforms usually provide regular updates and technical support to help keep your website up to date.

Online website builders are favored by those who want to quickly create a simple website with minimal development and maintenance costs. They are especially useful for small businesses, personal blogs, and projects that don’t require complex functionality.

Some of the online constructors can be used for free, although you will have to take out a paid subscription to get advanced features. In paid builders, a free test period is usually available.

After the creation of the site, if necessary, you can also order services to transfer the site from one hosting to another.

19 most popular website builders

Since there are many kinds and types of website builders available now, you should approach the choice responsibly. To make it easier to navigate, you should familiarize yourself with the most popular options, which we will consider in more detail.

1. Wix

Online builder Wix was first introduced in 2006, and for a long time it has been a leader. So, this online constructor is often used if you need to create a blog, a quality online portfolio or online store. Wix is a veteran among website builders, because on its basis it has already prepared more than 100 million web portals.

A distinctive feature of the service is the ability to choose the design that is perfect for your web project. There are quite a few templates available that are based on DragDrop. If you opt for the basic options, you do not need to configure everything yourself in this case everything will be done automatically. This allows you to create both a computer and mobile version of your website at the same time.

Another feature of the Wix online builder is the ability to prepare a web portal from scratch. In order to do this, it’s worth using WixCode. A simpler version of WixADI is also available for less experienced users.

Such a rapid growth in the popularity of this online builder is due to the following reasons:

  • adaptive design;
  • lots of widgets and apps;
  • security and regular updates;
  • analytics and statistics.

Wix is popular in the e-commerce industry as well. So, you can easily create a portal that is ideal for selling goods or advertising services.

To successfully use Wix, you should familiarize yourself with the main features and terms of use beforehand. The website of the constructor contains an instruction manual, in which the main points concerning the rules and peculiarities of use are spelled out.

2. Weebly

The Weebly online builder is no less in demand. As a rule, this option is chosen by representatives of small businesses. All because with its help you can easily create a small website or a business page, characterized by ease of use and the necessary functionality for comfortable interaction.

Online builder Weebly stands out with a rather large list of templates and useful widgets. For example, you can independently set the timer of shares that will be published automatically.

Review of 19 best website builders

Using the online constructor will be convenient for people who plan to organize their own blog or online store. There will be no problem in the process of selecting a suitable topic. The dragdrop interface is no less elaborate.

With Weebly you can quickly prepare and launch an online store, making it easy to manage. Once it’s created, all the features you need will work on your computer, smartphone and tablet.

If you are launching a commercial website for the first time, you can use technical support services or help center. There are a large number of useful publications and tips that relate to SEO optimization.

But this online constructor has one significant disadvantage – high prices. In order to optimize costs, it is best to get a package for a year at a time.

The list of benefits that are inherent in this designer also includes:

  • Relatively easy to use. With all the stages of creating a site will cope even a person who has not previously used such applications.
  • Advanced functionality that gets the job done quickly.
  • Additionally, mobile constructors have been prepared, with the help of which you can work out individual elements of the site.

In the free plan, you can get a basic package of features.

3. Google Sites

Google is gradually developing and deploying unique prooducts that replace much of the standard software used in Windows. Not so long ago, a unique online builder Google Sites was introduced, which has several distinctive features.

One is the availability of six templates that are simple and minimalist. Although the templates have a fairly simple design, they are quite easy to adapt to smartphones or tablets. Some pages can be edited not only on a computer, but also on a smartphone.

You can integrate most of the apps from Google if needed. For example, you can add a map or connect a calendar. All of these steps will not take much time.

Since the Google Sites online builder only provides a basic set of settings, there can be some difficulty with SEO optimization. So, you can easily change the title or description. But there are items that are much more difficult to work with.

The Google Sites online builder is free to use, but you need to consider the limitations regarding customization and functionality.

This handy online builder has introduced many templates that are quite easy to work with. The freedom of personalization makes it easy to choose the most appropriate layout and the best design. In addition, the design can be further customized to suit your own requirements.

4. Webnode

Many users want the creation of a website to be a pleasure, not a routine process that is complicated by the confusing interface of some constructors. The creators of Webnode heard them and worked hard to simplify the interface and make it similar to Microsoft Office.

Among the distinctive features that are inherent in this online constructor are several:

  • The control panel is characterized by convenience and ease of use. Even users who have never done anything like this before will be able to understand all the intricacies.
  • Creating a mobile version can be automated. In this case, the computer version is initially created and the mobile version is generated automatically.
  • A dragdrop editor is prepared for advanced users. This allows you to use not only a free online builder, but also html code to develop your website. This is important because the developers of the designer provide a small number of templates that are characterized by sameness.
  • It is not difficult to understand all the intricacies and features of this web builder. For this, you need to read the instructions that are mentioned on the official website.

Several service packages are prepared for users, which differ in the set of available functions, cost, as well as the amount of traffic provided. Before making a choice in favor of an attractive option, it is worth comparing all these parameters and adjusting them to your requirements.

Through this online constructor you can also create platforms for organizing online broadcasting of events. You should learn the ins and outs of the process before taking advantage of this opportunity.

5. Jimdo

More than 20 million websites have been developed using Jimdo’s functional online website builder. Especially for beginners, the main page provides an instruction manual that lists the basics. To understand whether the constructor is suitable for active use, you can use the free version beforehand. Although the functionality is a bit cut down, you can use it to create the most simple website and conclude if this online builder is right for you. In the future, if you take advantage of paid tariffs, you can gradually expand the list of available features.

Those users who do not know what kind of site they need, can take the help of artificial intelligence, which is integrated into this service. To do this, you need to fill out a small questionnaire and enter the requested data. Based on the information obtained, a decision will be made as to which web portal will be suitable for your purposes. Multiple variants will be automatically created if necessary. This will allow you to compare them and choose the best one for your online business.

Another distinctive feature of the designer is the ability to make changes from a smartphone. Most actions can be performed using a mobile device. For people who are often away from home, it’s really important to develop the site on the way home, in a queue at the health center or in a café with a cup of tea.

On the downside, the cost of most paid packages is quite high. However, it is justified because the paid versions have quite a few unique features and attractive options. Using them, you can prepare web portals that are characterized by ease of use, attractive design. This option is suitable for developers with big ambitions.

6. Tuthost

Tuthost’s online website builder has an intuitive, simple interface and a large selection of adaptive templates. In order to use it, you should place a pre-order, after which a free version for 30 days is provided. Also, the constructor is included by default in all website hosting tariffs, so to use it you just need to choose the appropriate tariff and place an order for the service.

Additional features of the online builder include the following:

  • Availability of adaptive templates. Tuthost online builder provides the possibility of easy adaptive layout, which is very useful for users visiting web resources from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Social media integration can be done if required. The ability to post different social elements from comments to likes and share button is available by default.
  • Ability to connect your own domain.
  • About 200 website templates that are grouped by topic and easy to find.

On the website of the constructor there is a detailed instruction, studying which, you can simplify the process of creating a website. The manual describes in detail all templates, modules that can be used in the process of creating websites, etc. In addition, there are items that relate to the rules of working with individual elements.

7. uCraft

This constructor is characterized by its ease of use. There are many options and functionalities included in uCraft that allows you to create the perfect website and design it perfectly. Not only freelancers, but also street artists, as well as representatives of small businesses without experience in the field of website creation can use such a constructor.

Now the uCraft builder provides such opportunities:

  • many available tariffs, which differ in cost and options provided, there is a free tariff;
  • Having your own domain that can be easily connected;
  • setting up the appropriate SSL certificate;
  • tools for active SEO-promotion of a web resource.

The developers of uCraft have also provided the ability to create a large number of pages. In the future, it may be necessary to rent a server, which ensures the normal operation of the web portal.

The online constructor can be used not only to create websites, but also to prepare logos.

8. Shopify

If the user plans to create an online store, it makes sense to use a unique online constructor Shopify, which was originally developed specifically for online commerce. A variety of widgets as well as extensions were introduced specifically for this purpose. If you run the app and additionally dragdrop technology, you can set everything up within 12 days. To simplify the process of attracting potential customers, you can use appropriate SEO tools.

The online builder provides access to a variety of unique and attractive themes. If you additionally use the built-in editors, the customization process will be maximally simplified. The topics are categorized to provide an easier process of selecting attractive options to use. Each topic is carefully crafted. This is important because the chosen theme determines the appearance of your website and its appeal to potential customers.

Since the app stands out with a large number of options and features, the rates are set quite high. But such investments pay off pretty quickly. For $299 per month, you can sign up for the Advanced plan with maximum functionality.

9. Webstarts

To create your first full-fledged website, you can use the Webstarts online constructor, getting rid of unnecessary expenses for the work of a designer and a layout designer. This option is ideal for those users who are creating their own website for the first time.

The home page of the online builder contains detailed instructions that list the main processes. You can also use a special questionnaire and enter the parameters that the web resource should meet. As a result, the creation of the website will be handled by artificial intelligence.

Even with the free version, you can create a website with a huge number of pages. Additionally, you are provided with a cloud storage space of up to 1 GB. You can use not only your computer but also the mobile app to adjust settings.

If you prefer Webstarts paid tariffs, you can easily connect a contact form or other tools. All of this will create a more efficient version of the website.

Professionals note that it is Webstarts that is the best option for those users who want to create a website on their own.

10. Tilda

By favoring this unique development, a large number of modules can be accessed simultaneously. Modules can be inserted one by one and their position and placement can be changed. All of this allows you to create a functional and usable website.

Another distinctive feature of the online builder is the presence of a prototype Zero Block graphic editor. If you use this option, you can work out all the design elements from scratch.

Due to the fact that there is a mobile version as well, there will be no problems in running the online builder from your phone. Through basic modules, you can create one website for free.

If you use a paid plan, you can get a domain name, as well as access to all possible blocks. You can migrate your website from one hosting service to another if needed.

The official website of the designer also has a support team that can advise you in case of difficulties.

A few of the additional benefits of Tilda include:

  • All modules and topics are organized so that they can be accessed at any time. Adjustments can be made as needed.
  • Through expertly prepared graphic editors, unique design elements and details can be created. With their help, it is easy to make the website more attractive to users.
  • The online builder was introduced quite some time ago. The number of users who have already taken advantage of this builder is quite large. They confirmed the efficiency and speed of the application.

Online builder Tilda can be used to create almost any website its functionality allows you to do so.

11. Bookmark

If you need to create a professional and functional website, you can use Bookmark, an online constructor that is constantly being modernized (AIDA artificial intelligence is already integrated into it). The developers have made every effort to ensure that everyone can create a user-friendly website.

You can also use an online constructor if you need to prepare an effective and functional online store. A platform that currently supports multiple languages is available for this purpose. In addition, you can also use effective analytics collection or other functionalities.

A free version is available for testing. It will allow you to evaluate the functionality, available options. After that, you can choose an attractive paid tariff.

12. Webflow

If a person has never used an online builder but plans to launch a website, Webflow is a great fit too. Due to the fact that the application is characterized by ease of use and advanced functionality, there will be no problems in the development process.

On the downside, when using the free version of Webflow you can only create a PC version of the site. In order to get a mobile version, you need to activate a paid tariff.

The online builder is equipped with drag-and-drop technology that simplifies the design process. Also contributing to this are such features of the software as:

  • a special grid to prevent the individual elements from spreading;
  • effective visual customization;
  • extensive animation library;
  • lots of useful videos on the official website.

To get access to more options, you need to activate one of the paid tariffs.

13. xWeb

Among the available online builders, one cannot fail to mention xWeb. It contains quite a few adaptive templates and a wide range of free tools, which allows you to create not only classic websites, but also online stores.

If at any stage there are difficulties or questions, you can always contact technical support. The site also contains a detailed manual, in which all the functions of the designer are described in maximum detail.

Some of the options are available on the free subscription as well. But in order to take advantage of all possible features and options, it is better to choose a paid tariff.

14. Simbla

The Simbla service was originally developed for professionals. It includes a CRM system designed to fully manage a commercial web portal. Separately prepared applications and design elements that simplify the process of creating an online store.

With the help of this multifunctional constructor you can create a full-fledged website, which can be further supplemented with web pages and other elements.

To create a full-fledged website with Simbla, you need to pre-select a suitable plan. It is worth considering what additional features may be required.


Special attention should be paid to the online builder, which has been used by developers for many years. About a third of the websites that are on the web are created through, and the number of people who favor this online constructor is constantly increasing.

When using this CMS, you can join separate systems, migrate your website, and do many other things. At the same time, the list of functions that will be available for use depends largely on which tariff is chosen.

Review of 19 best website builders

For this purpose, you can use packages called “Personal”, “Premium”, “Business”, “Commerce” as well as “Enterprise”. Starting with the starter package, you can get additional hosting space. Additionally, mailing support is provided. If you choose the “Personal” package, you can take advantage of a free domain for the first year and email support.

The free plan offers all the features you need to create a full-fledged website, but if you choose it, you’ll have to periodically watch ads that can’t be turned off.

16. SnapPages

If user interface variability is important to the user, the SnapPages online builder has proven itself to be a good fit. If necessary, you can select the most comfortable mode for operation.

SnapPages allows you to build a website from individual blocks. The free plan offers access to 12 new themes as well as 21 templates. This is enough for beginners to create a simple website.

To simplify the process of developing a website, you can use drag drop editor. This allows you to quickly change the theme, move modules around, and customize the features you need. Although the list of SnapPages functionality is relatively small when compared to the other services on the list, it is quite possible to create a simple website or an attractive blog with its help. But for more complex projects, like an online store, it is unfortunately not suitable.

In order to test the online builder, you can use the demo version. Its duration is 14 days. Next, you will need to select one of the available plans.

17. Voog

Not so long ago, Voog online builder was introduced, which can be used to create online stores, simple websites, as well as blogs. While many people consider Voog Designer to be a relatively simple and affordable application, it has many unique features.

The Voog platform offers many customizable templates that can be edited. This will help you create memorable websites on your own. You can also create your own design for the web page.

To evaluate the basic functionality of the designer, you can start with the free version. This option is suitable for beginners who are just choosing their online web development tool and want to try out each of them. However, to create more complex projects, you will need to upgrade to the paid version, the functionality of which is much wider.

18. Duda

If a multilingual website is planned, the Duda app is an ideal option. The services of this online constructor are actively used by entrepreneurs and businessmen, as well as people who realize international projects on the Internet.

Despite the fact that you can create more complex sites using the Duda constructor, even beginners will be able to understand all the subtleties. The online builder has advantages such as:

  • the ability to collect statistical data;
  • detailed analysis of the main SEO indicators;
  • The simple process of creating a website using Drag Drop.

Graphics can be managed either manually or automatically using the built-in editors. Some of the work can be done via smartphone or tablet.

The minus of this app is the lack of widgets, but in some cases you can do without them.

19. Squarespace

With Squarespace’s online builder, you can create attractive and original websites. The builder includes a block editor, which makes the process of creating a website more convenient.

The professionals who developed Squarespace paid a lot of attention to its interface. All elements that make up the menu are conveniently located and interconnected, which greatly simplifies the process of work.

On the official Squarespace website, you can quickly start developing by selecting a template and activating a trial version. If you are serious and plan to create a large web project, you can choose a plan and take advantage of the paid version (the more expensive the plan, the more advanced functionality becomes available).

Squarespace also integrates other useful options for web development besides the website builder itself: logo builder, templates for online marketing, etc.


Such a rapid increase in popularity of online constructors due to the fact that you can with minimal investment to create a single-page site, online store or any other portal. The services of such constructors are actively used by bloggers, copywriters, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as other users seeking to announce themselves or their services in the global network.

Review of 19 best website builders

The internet is rife with many online builders that you can use to simply create a website. Among the wide range of options you can choose paid and free options (paid, as a rule, more useful features, while free ones are suitable for familiarization with the software or creating the simplest sites).

In case you are interested in services that offer budget options, you can opt for the WIX builder starter package. With its help, you can prepare a web resource with a standard set of options or build an online store. There is no universal and only right option, so you need to make a choice based on your own needs and budget possibilities. Almost all website builders offer a free trial version, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the software in general terms.

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