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ISPmanager 5 licenses

ISPSystem Server Software

Best Price GuaranteeWe are the official distributors of ISPSystem in Ukraine. This is easy to check in the list of ISPSystem partners.

Here you can purchase licenses for a variety of software used on servers and in the creation of sites. We are official partners of ISPSystem, so we can offer you the best prices for ISPmanager, BILLmanager, VMmanager and others.

Guarantee of the best price. We are constantly making sure that our prices for ISPmanager and other software licenses are the lowest. If you find someone with the same product at a lower price – just email us and we will make a special discount for you.

Prices for ISPmanager 5 Lite and Business

1 месяц1 год 
ISPmanager 5 Lite
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ISPmanager 5 Business*
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New features of ISPmanager 5

Simplified web interface

The look of the control panel is completely redesigned, with outdated settings and features removed;

Support for two interface modes

A simple one in which you will be asked to enter only the necessary settings, and an expert one in which all settings are available.

Settings wizard

That will help you make the initial setup, request the necessary data and create the required records;

New system of access

With which you can flexibly customize users' access not only to features, but also to individual form fields;

Features ISPmanager 5

ISPmanager 5 is one of the most popular hosting control panels through a simple and intuitive web interface. All major server management operations, such as user management, sites, domains, inboxes, are done in just a few clicks.

ISPmanager hosting control panel was created using a multi-level system of access rights, thanks to which administration work is simplified for all server users. The access-sharing system allows you to use ISPmanager for both personal projects and professional hosting services.

You can also order: modules for ISPmanager, including Virusdie, Softaculous, KernelCare, CloudLinux, DDoS-GUARD and others.

ISPmanager Business is installed on the main server, and when you scale the infrastructure, you just need to connect additional nodes to the main server. The cost of each plug-in is equal to the cost of the license for the selected period.

Convenient server management

ISPmanager is a simple interface that not only an experienced ISP administrator can easily master, but also a novice user. You can easily install software, set up a web server, and more.

Easy site management

ISPmanager 5 lite has a wide and accessible functionality, so you can manage your sites, domains, DNS settings. Also, the ISPmanager control panel allows you to create FTP users, watch logs, work with CRON, etc.

Modules for ISPmanager

The control panel can be easily enhanced by installing additional modules, such as CLOUDLINUX OS, VIRUSDIE, SOFTACULOUS, DDOS-GUARD and others. It is cheap to buy an ISPmanager license, hosting for the site or order other services at affordable prices, you can Tuthost.ua - the official distributor of ISPSystem in Ukraine. You can contact us online, by phone number or by visiting the company's office in Kiev.


The ISPmanager license ensures that your data is always protected. Back up locally, on the server, or to the cloud using a special internal system. You can restore backup in just two clicks.

Resource accounting system

ISPmanager 5 has built-in mechanisms for keeping usage statistics of VPS or server resources, . For example, you can see the size of the space available, the load on the server, or the number of processes you're in the process.

Simple installation of the ISPmanager panel

Installing ISPmanager is a very simple process. It is enough to download and run the installer script using the link from the documentation. Installation is recommended on a clean server with CentOS 7. A 14-day trial is available, which is activated automatically on ip.

Screenshots of the ISPmanager panel

Billmanager billing licenses - to manage the hosting company

BillManager is one of the best billings for hosting business today. It is especially good for companies operating in the Europe, as it takes into account many accounting features and allows you to set up the system of paperwork. Billing is integrated with a variety of control panels (Cpanel, Directadmin, ISPmanager), payment systems and registrars, allowing you to automate all business processes as much as possible and minimize the need for manual work.

1 месяц1 год 
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35.00 $360.00 $
BILLmanager Corporate
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210.00 $2150.00 $
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Bonus for customers from Ukraine
When you buy a BILLmanager license from us, you get a customized plug-in for payment through Ukrainian banks for free. And prepared xslt templates of invoice, the act of completed works and tax invoice, which meet the latest requirements of Ukrainian law. To get templates: after purchasing a license – send a request to the support service.

VMmanager licenses - virtual machine management

VMmanager is a virtualization management solution. VMmanager is designed both for hosting virtual machines and for building a cloud. KVM is used as a hypervisor, and all hypervisor management operations are performed by the Libvirt library.

1 month1 year 
VMmanager 5 KVM7.00 $70.00 $
VMmanager 5 OVZ7.00 $70.00 $
VMmanager 5 Cloud90.00 $900.00 $
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DCImanager licenses - server control panel

With DCImanager, you can make it much easier to maintain dedicated servers, centralize the management of your entire infrastructure, minimize installation and maintenance costs, and significantly reduce downtime, and provide additional services to their customers.

1 month1 year 
DCImanager 5 (100 - 2000 servers)13.45 $134.50 $
DCImanager 5, Enterprise (from 100 racks)--
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DNSmanager licenses

DNSmanager is a domain name control system for both secondary and primary domain name servers, designed to integrate with ISPmanager and VMmanager control panels as a standalone product.

1 month1 year 
DNSmanager7.00 $50.00 $

IPmanager licenses

Ipmanager is a system for distributing IP addresses between servers. It is an auxiliary product that integrates with control panels: ISPmanager, VDSmanager, DSmanager and DNSmanager.

1 month1 year 
IPmanager7.00 $50.00 $
Updates for lifetime license

Lifetime license includes 1 year of free updates. In the future, one year of updates is equal to half the cost of an annual license.

What is included in the basic support?

The cost of each license includes only basic support, this includes:

  • Advising on the configuration, installation, use of software products ISPsystem.
  • Installing ISPsystem software products on the client’s server.
  • Initial setting of ISPsystem software products.
  • Diagnosing and fixing malfunctions in ISPsystem software products.

Basic support does not include.

  • Diagnosing malfunctions in the server on which the ISPsystem software product is installed.
  • Set up the system and third-party software, as well as set up the network on the client’s server.
  • Develop, implement and support plug-ins/refinements for ISPsystem software products.


ISPmanager Lite or Business?

Which option to choose? Lite or Business? In short, Lite is for yourself, Business to provide hosting services.

ISPmanager Lite

We position ISPmanager Lite as software to manage a server that hosts sites owned by one company or person. Such servers generally do not require hosting resale features, a system of requests and notifications, and a strict restriction of functionality and resources for individual users.

ISPmanager Lite is ideal for installed on virtual and dedicated servers.

ISPmanager Business

This option is designed to provide hosting services on the server. ISPmanager Business features many reseller tools, the ability to create tariffs with access restrictions, system resources, etc.

ISPmanager Business is designed to provide services such as virtual hosting, reselling, email hosting and DNS hosting.

List of the main differences of the Business version are the

  • Slave servers. The ability to combine multiple servers with ISPmanager installed in one control panel.
  • Resellers. A separate class of users to provide services such as “Reselling.”
  • Sending various notifications to server users.
  • The ability to set individual access rights to the functionality of the panel for different users or groups of users.
  • The ability to set individual limits on the consumption of system resources for different users or groups of users.
  • Wide functionality to create user templates (tariff plans).
  • The ability to assign IP addresses to users to use when creating sites.
  • Lots of small moments in the various ISPmanager modules that make hosting services easier.