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FAQ Domains

  1. What to do if the wrong phone number for pp.ua domain
  2. What are Premium domains?
  3. Change of the owner (registrant) of the second-level domain in the UA zone
  4. How to transfer, transfer a domain to another registrar?
  5. How to change the email in the international domain if you can’t access the email
  6. How to activate the domain pp.ua if you do not get sms.
  7. How to set up resale services (certificates, domains, licenses)
  8. Our identifiers for domain transfers
  9. What are the statuses of international domains
  10. How to transfer RU or SU domain to us, if it is registered at Regtaim (webnames.ru)
  11. What nameservers should I specify to host my site?
  12. How to transfer a domain to us for service within PublicDomainRegistry.com
  13. How to transfer a domain com.ua, kiev.ua to our service
  14. Will I be able to take back my domain if I move to another hoster?
  15. How quickly domains are registered in the .UA zone
  16. How to change the administrator, domain owner
  17. What is needed to verify a domain in the zone .RU
  18. What you need to register a .UA domain
  19. Who will be the owner of the domain?
  20. How does domain auto-renewal work?
  21. What do the statuses of Ukrainian domains mean.
  22. What you need to register domains edu.ua
  23. Resolving domain disputes in COM.UA and .UA domains
  24. Where to check the TRADEMARK registration
  25. Data protection (WHOIS – Privacy Protect)
  26. How to transfer RU or SU domain to us, if it is registered at the registrar Naunet (naunet.ru)
  27. Restoring domains after their expiration
  28. How to change the domain registrar in the zone.
  29. New gTLD domain registration and transfer rules (domain registrant email verification)
  30. Instructions for transferring the domain name (if/uz/ks/cv/rv/org.ua) to us for service
  31. How do I buy a domain ?