Reseller Area

Resellers can manage API connection credentials directly from the provider WHMCS client area as well as see any details on its TLDs offer. Go to ‘Domains’ ‘Reseller Area’ to access them.

Domain Reseller Area


As you can see, ‘Orders’ section includes a detailed list of orders placed on domains with offered TLDs, with any payment details and date.

Domain Reseller Area


‘Pricing’ section includes a list of the Reseller’s TLDs with the option to preview its pricing set up by the provider.

Domain Reseller Area
Domain Reseller Area


The ‘Domains’ section allows Resellers to manage their domains. If you want to assign any domains that were bought previously, simply click on the following button.

DR3 58 1.png

Now you can select one or more domains from the dropdown menu.

DR3 58 2.png

There is also the possibility to unassign the particular domain. Note: Please remember that once a domain is unassigned, you are not able to manage it until it is assigned again.

DR3 58 3.png


Under ‘Settings’ section you will find any API details necessary to install and activate the integration module.

Domain Reseller Area

Underneath the API details you will find a list of generated integrations. Depending on the provider, you may download the packages, download the additional fields and documentation per Integration.

Domain Reseller Area


Preview a list of logs on API requests and responses, including errors stored in the module.

Domain Reseller Area

API Documentation

Access API documentation details with basic information and API Calls and Models. This API documentation has been prepared to allow you to write your own integration modules for platforms other that WHMCS and Blesta (included by default).‘Information’ tab contains: Endpoint – URL to which all the API requests are directed Authorization – Username and token parameters to authenticate the client in the API request. Example – exemplary request to API to renew a domain

DR3 63.png

Available ‘Calls’ list:Note: The screen below does not capture all the supported functions.

Domain Reseller Area

Available ‘API Models’ list:

Domain Reseller Area

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