How to choose hosting and not to lose money

Hosting is the place on the server where the site files are stored – databases, content, the engine, etc. The operation of the resource, its stability and the profitability of the business, if we are talking about commercial projects, depends on the reliability of the storage and speed of the servers. Tuthost is considered a good provider. It has been providing hosting services since 2004. There are different tariff plans and additional services. Today we will tell you how to choose the hosting that meets your needs and does not lose money.

How to choose website hosting

What are hosting services like?

There are three types, the difference lies in the degree of service by the host company and technical capabilities.


On the same server are hosted and work sites of different owners. Technical power is distributed to all users, there is no need to configure everything manually, the provider is responsible for ensuring performance. What is good virtual hosting for the site:

  • low prices (the hoster profits from a large number of customers);
  • the ability to contact technical support if problems arise. Important: The response rate is always high, because the hoster is responsible for the resources of many users. If conditionally 1000 sites at a time become unavailable, it is fraught with the risk of losing the reputation of the provider;
  • Additional features – check files for viruses, install SSL-certificate, CMSMany of them are available with a single click. Many of them are available in a single click;
  • accelerated operation of the resource in some cases. Suppose a server is designed for uninterrupted operation of 1,000 resources, but only 500 owners use the services of a particular provider. Accordingly, existing sites take extra power from “unfilled cells”;
  • Server setup and software updates are the sole concern of the hoster.

There are two disadvantages:

  1. Theprovider’s desireto get increased profits and to host more accounts than intended. For each of the users is fraught with problems in performance, slow loading speed pages. The solution is to work with honest hosters, for whom reputation is important.
  2. “Bad Neighbors. On the same server, along with your online store can be located online movie theaters, casinos, adult resources, which somehow violate the law. If they are blocked, “law-abiding” projects will also suffer. Solution: check in advance what resources are hosted on the same IP, cooperate with hosts that value their reputation and do not work with problematic customers.

In general, this is a reliable and good hosting, it is suitable for beginners who do not want to understand the intricacies of the settings and experienced website owner, for whom it is important to save time.

VPS hosting

Means a virtual dedicated server. You rent part of it, not as dependent on your neighbors, because there are fewer of them, too. Benefits:

  • You have full control over the capacity you paid for. Resources that you don’t use are not shared with other clients, but you can’t use additional ones either.
  • You control the operating system and the software on the server. Support staff can configure the hosting for the most comfortable work.
  • Adequate price if we are talking about medium or large projects. We recommend choosing hosting for online store, corporate portal, forum – the resources that contain a large number of files and use a lot of disk space. For Landing Page or a single page such a solution is not rational.
  • There is no limit on the number of sites for one account. All limits apply only to capacity. You can post a single large project or many small ones.

One disadvantage: you will have to delve deeper into the settings or separately pay for technical support if something goes wrong or requires additional functionality not provided in the selected tariff plan.

Dedicated server

All power and equipment is completely yours, no neighbors, any settings are possible. The only deterrent is the high price. However, a dedicated physical server makes sense to rent only for very large projects, such as online games.

How to choose hosting

How to Choose a Hosting: Practical Advice

  • Think about how much disk space you need. This value is in direct correlation with the type of project. For business cards requirements are minimal, large projects need more resources. This is one of the points influencing the choice of a good hosting plan for the site. Also decide whether you plan to expand in the future, so you can order the best package at once.
  • Look at the technical requirements for hosting on the official website of the CMS used (for example, these are posted on WordPress). Keep them in mind when choosing a service.
  • Find out if a dedicated IP is available. This is much more convenient than sharing it with several users, in addition, will protect against unwanted neighbors.
  • Ask about the possibility to configure SSL-certificate (the service is available on a paid and free basis).
  • Ask if you can choose hosting and domain from the same vendor. Why is it profitable: you pay for two services once, in case of problems you know immediately who to contact, you can get a domain as a gift or a good discount on it.
  • Should be able to back up your data, so as not to lose the site and all the money invested in it if trouble occurs.
  • Find out what type of drives your ISP uses – regular hard disks or SSDs. The latter option is better, as it works several times faster. Accordingly, the pages are also loaded at an increased rate.
  • Pay attention to uptime – the time of uninterrupted operation of the site. The minimum value is 99.5%, which you can find out with the help of various services, such as Google PageSpeed Insights. When performance is low, the number of dissatisfied visitors increases, which negatively affects your business.
  • Analyze the usability of the control panel installed on the server. How it is implemented depends on how much time you spend on administration.
  • Ask your ISP where the equipment is geographically located. Many companies use server capacity located abroad, explaining it by the reliability and stability. However, keep in mind that when the distance between the server and the user increases, the download speed drops. It does not matter if you need to choose hosting for a web site, an online store or a news publication: the further the server and the more “heavy” elements on the pages, the longer they are loaded.
  • Ask in advance about the work schedule of technical support and the questions that you can address to it for a quick solution.

Where can I find a good provider?

Looking for a host company, you can on the thematic sites, forums. There are also rankings compiled, but there is no guarantee that the information presented in them is objective. In the forums you can also communicate with real users, who will advise where to buy the best hosting and domain.

In Ukraine, hosting services are often ordered in the company Tuthost. The server facilities are located within the country and in Europe, it is up to the user to choose what suits him. There is a free test period of 10 days. Here you can choose hosting for WordPress, email, for large projects. Implemented a free transfer of the site, the practice of a refund if the quality of service does not suit the customer.

Frequent questions about hosting

Hosting is a service for placing information on a server. You upload your site’s files to the hosting provider’s servers, and it becomes available to other users on the network. Site files can also be placed on a home computer that has Internet access. But then you would have to configure the right software, keep the computer turned on all the time and monitor the stability of its work yourself. It’s more convenient to buy a hosting service from a company that will do it all for you 24/7. That’s why choosing a website hosting is one of the first things on the list when creating your own online resource.

There are 5 main types: shared hosting, cloud hosting, UPU, dedicated servers and colocation.

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