Basic types of hosting: pros and cons


Any site on the Internet needs a server – a powerful and productive computer with an uninterrupted connection to the network, capable of storing and processing significant amounts of information. Providing space on it is called hosting. This service is among the first to be requested by site owners when launching a project.
There are different types of hosting, what is hosting and what are its types, we will focus on in this article. Graphically they can be shown as follows:

Types of hosting

Consider what kinds of hosting, how they differ from each other, their advantages and disadvantages.

Differences between types of hosting

There are several main criteria that should be analyzed first when choosing a provider.

  • Server space – hard disk space allocated for your site. That’s where the content, databases and other files are stored. The larger your project, the more space you will need. When renting a server with minimal performance, think about whether you plan to expand in the near future, so you do not have to urgently look for a new hosting or change your hosting plan.
  • Server configuration, or server configuration. This term refers to the general technical characteristics of the computer, which determine processing power, stability, speed of information processing, supported software, allowable load, etc. Ask about these parameters in advance, make sure that the work will be stable and without interruptions.
  • Memory. RAM is one of the most important indicators that affect the speed of information processing. It temporarily stores input, output, intermediate data, it depends on how quickly your site will load on users’ devices. This, in turn, determines their loyalty.
    Before you sign a contract with a provider, find out all the features of hosting, think about whether the server capacity for the normal functioning of the site, and also ask the possibility of changing the tariff plan.

Virtual (shared) hosting

It is essentially one server, its power and hard disk space are shared among many users. Each of the site owners manages the resources allocated to his project, the software is pre-installed – you do not need to find and install it yourself.
Shared type virtual hosting is suitable for small resources with low requirements, such as business cards, small startups. Now it is one of the most popular solutions, which is due to the ease of setting up and low rental price.

Стоит недорого (в среднем – до 10 долларов в месяц)Не подойдет крупным проектам, так как место на жестком диске ограничено
Универсальная и понятная панель управления, с которой разберется даже новичок – не надо держать в штате системного администратораИз-за большого количества соседей бывают перегрузки, что негативно отражается на каждом из сайтов
Общие серверные настройки остаются в зоне ответственности компании-хостера, самостоятельно в них вникать не нужноНельзя использовать «тяжелые» скрипты, что также обусловлено ограниченной мощностью сервера
Небезопасно из-за риска вирусного заражения соседнего сайта или его блокировки. На одном сервере с вами могут размещаться проекты, нарушающие законодательство. При их блокировке пострадают и другие ресурсы, если они не используют выделенный IP-адрес.
Плюсы и минусы виртуального (shared) хостинга

Another peculiarity: if not all capacities are used, the “excess” resources are redistributed among the “active” clients.

Virtual Private Server (VPS/VDS)

In this case, each user is given a separate virtual machine with all the resources. There are already fewer neighbors here, so the risk of getting hurt because of them is reduced.
Virtual private/dedicated server is suitable for medium-sized projects – online stores, portals, etc.

Своя операционная система на каждой виртуальной машинеУправлять и настраивать параметры сложнее, поэтому потребуется либо изучать администрирование самостоятельно либо брать в штат специалиста
Все вычислительные мощности – только ваши, даже если вы используете их не полностью, они не распределяются между остальными клиентамиВсе равно присутствует риск пострадать из-за соседей
Права администратора в управлении и настройкахДороже, чем обычный виртуальный хостинг
Можно ставить свое программное обеспечение
Плюсы и минусы виртуального выделенного (VPS/VDS) сервера

Dedicated server

All the power is at your disposal, since you rent a server completely, you do not share it with other users. The control over the processes is also only in your hands, the hoster is only responsible for the hardware. If you compare types of hosting, this will be the most expensive and the least common, it is used for large-scale Internet projects.

Доступ к серверу только у васВысокая цена
Высокий уровень безопасности, связанный с отсутствием соседейНастраивать все самостоятельно сложно, понадобится сисадмин
Плюсы и минусы выделенного (dedicated) сервера

There are additional types of web hosting:

  • Colocation is similar to VDS with one difference: you rent space in the provider’s data center and use a dedicated Internet channel, you buy and install the equipment yourself.
  • Cloud-hosting (cloud-hosting) – does not provide strict tariffs and restrictions associated with them. You pay for the resources you actually use, you can increase or decrease the parameters if necessary.


Analyzing the types of website hosting and choosing a specific one, based on the scale of the project. If you have a small business card and do not plan to expand in the near future, it makes no sense to overpay for a dedicated server. Another factor that should not be overlooked is the technical support on the side of the provider. Operators should always be in touch and ready to solve any problem of the user, if it was the fault of the hoster.

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