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Domain transfer. The main aspects of domain transfer between registrars.

Domain transfer, domain transfer is a very important procedure in the life of a domain name. Therefore, it is very important to comply with all the rules of the domain zone when registering a domain name.

This will make it easier for you to transfer your name to another registrar.

Usually the first registration of the domain name occurs without any problems.

Perhaps the share registrar enticed its price for the first year, or the domain was registered on the recommendation. But sometimes the question may arise, but how to transfer your domain to another organization.

In fact, this is the main aspect of the transfer of the domain between registrars. This question may arise in any situation: whether it is a question of price, found cheaper or a new recorder inspires more confidence. It is always easier to work with a local registrar, one that is closer or in the same country. This has to do with both the issue of payment, which is available to you and access to technical support in your language, if you have any questions.

Many people like to transfer their domains for service to their hosting provider, where the site is hosted, to keep their services in one place. Also, the reason for the transfer may be the lack of the current registrar required functionality. For example, there is no possibility to manage DNS domain records. Or the current registrar has suspended its activities.

When choosing a registrar, you should never pay attention to the low cost of the domain name. First of all, you should pay attention to the reputation of the company, as well as where the company is legally located. We are not going to recommend in this article how best to do and where best to keep your names.

In this article we want to talk about aspects of transferring a domain between registrars. How to do it correctly and what it takes.

Each domain zone has its own rules for the transfer (transfer) of a domain between registrars, so it is better in the first place to contact your registrar for complete advice on how to transfer your domain.

Sometimes this process can be automated by the current registrar, but in this case you need to be very careful about the data provided and protecting access to your e-mail and phone.

But basically the principle of transfer for domains is the same:

  1. To perform a domain transfer, you need to obtain a domain secret key from your current registrar.
  2. The domain must have its blocking status removed from the transfer of the domain to another registrar.
  3. Place an order for a domain transfer with a new registrar and pay for it.
  4. Wait until the domain is transferred to the new registrar.

Each registrar may have its own peculiarities of obtaining the secret key for the domain, but these peculiarities affect the security of your name. Therefore, some registrars may require additional verification to ensure that the transfer is actually requested by the domain name owner.

We also want to draw your attention to the limitations of transferring a domain to another registrar.

It has been since registration or the last transfer:

  • For international domains – less than 60 days.
  • For Ukrainian domains – less than 7 days.

Also, domain transfer is not available under the following conditions:

  • The deadline for registering a domain expired.
  • The domain is in Hold, Redemption Period or Pending Delete status.
  • At least 15 days are left before the domain expires.

In case you specified wrong email or your data when registering a domain,

You will need to first update your data at the current registrar, and only after making the transfer of a domain. So always when you register a domain specify your actual data – it will allow you without any problems to transfer your domain to another registrar.

If the data were not correct, in particular the name, the domain will be problematic to transfer, and sometimes even at all such an opportunity will be absent. It is better to remember this before registering a domain name, so as not to make mistakes in the registration process.

Also want to cancel the peculiarities of the transfer, in case all the data still match and the authorization key you received. In the process of transferring it is impossible to change the NS servers, so if you want to change not only the registrar, but also your hosting provider, it is advisable to make these changes before the transfer of the domain, as in the transfer process these changes can not be made. This can only be done after it is completed.

As a rule, the transfer of a domain name takes up to 5 working days (except weekends), in most cases 7 days. But sometimes you can accelerate the transfer of a domain name by asking the current registrar to confirm the transfer of the domain.

In the Ukrainian domain zones transfer features correspond to those that we described above.

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