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SSL certificates for FATCA and IRS

Under the law FATCA all banks must pass to the IRS data on their foreign clients (account numbers, amounts on them, the turnover of accounts).
Transmission of customer data to the IRS is made through a special web application IDES (International Data Exchange Service), which allows to achieve the protection of transmitted information.
To register with IDES, the bank must first obtain an SSL certificate, which is required for the authentication of the institution, as well as to protect transmitted data from falling into the hands of cybercriminals. A private key certificate is used to sign and then decrypt messages that are sent from sender to IRS and back.
To gain access to the IDES environment, you must register, which is done through the official IDES website.

There is an official IRS recommended list of certificates for filing:

We provide 5 of 10 recommended certificate options, namely:

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