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ImunifyAV+ antivirus for websites

ImunifyAV+ antivirus for websites

The latest ImunifyAV+ antivirus is connected to the virtual hosting. All client sites are scanned once a day. ImunifyAV+ antivirus has the largest database of malicious scripts and will help you find and disarm viruses, infections or malicious scripts in a timely manner. The user can see the results of the site scan in the Directadmin control panel, item “ImunifyAV+”.

ImunifyAV+ antivirus for websites

Three sections are available to the user:


The results and information about detected dangerous scripts are published here. If the antivirus can cure the file, it will remove the malicious code from it. If necessary, you can restore the original version of the file.


History and results of all time scans and status: “Cleaned” – if the file was cured and “Marked as malicious” – such files should be paid attention to.

List of ignored objects

Here you can add files or folders – which will be excluded from scanning, such as a folder with logs, pictures or archives.

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