How do I check the registration period of a domain?

Domain is the unique name of the site, which can be seen when copying the link – it is always written in Latin characters. Any domain name has a certain registration period, at the end of which the online page will no longer be indexed by search engine crawlers and appear in extradition. In this article we will look at how to find out how long a domain is valid and how to know when to renew a domain.

Why check the registration period of the domain?

Why do you need to know the registration period of the domain, if the site is already functioning normally? And there are many reasons to motivate this action. If a person – the owner of the site, it is important to check and know when the registration of the domain name expires in time to renew it. Otherwise, the site will cease to appear in search results, and therefore will not bring income.

Also checking expiration dates can be useful for people who are on the hunt for beautiful domain names. After all, thanks to this, you can find “dead” Internet pages and buy back their address. Or find out when the domain expires to make an offer to the owner and purchase his site. In general, it is one of the most useful tools.

How to find out how long a domain registration period

How do I check the registration period of a domain?

You can check the validity of a domain in several ways. So, if a person – the owner of the name, he can find out this information on the site of his hosting provider. In this case, the owner is warned 30 days before the end of the registration and offered to extend the registration. If you plan to use the site for a long time, it is recommended to set up automatic renewal.

Also check the registration period can be carried out in another way, which can be used by anyone. To do this, you can in the search box “Google” type in the key phrase “Check the registration period of the domain. Several services will appear in the search results, you can choose any to your liking. In any case, they are almost exactly the same, so there is not much difference.

Now you need to take a link to the home page of the site whose domain you want to check. If you link to other pages, the tool may not give you the information you need or not at all what you need. As soon as the link is copied, it must be pasted into the appropriate field of the tool – it is usually the only one there. So it will be very problematic to make a mistake.

It remains only to click on “Verify” or other similar button and wait for the result. The tool will give the registration period of the domain, as well as other information. For example, with such a check, you can find out the date of creation of a domain name, its status, the name of the owner and much, much more. True, some information may not be available under Privacy Shield rules.

To summarize

Checking the registration period of a domain can be done in two ways: with a special tool and on the site of your hosting provider. Both methods are absolutely free, but the second option is available only to the owners of a particular Internet resource.

Frequent questions about domain registration

Domain Whois check allows you to find out information about the site, including who owns the domain and site – an organization or individual.

Often this information is in the Person, Administrator, or similar boxes, but in some cases the owner’s information may not be displayed. This depends on the rules of the particular domain zone, as well as whether the administrator has ordered the data hiding service.

Through Whois service you can find out not only the date of registration of the domain, but also to check the history of the domain. However, if you need to know the age of the site, you can not do this – the domain could have been created long before the appearance of the site on it.

Most often, the history of the site is available through a special archive – programs or services that keep the pages of sites in the cache (so everyone can check them).

Standard features Whois do not allow to punch the site and find out the details of the hosting site, as well as know the domain of ip address. In the service is only available information about the domain: DNS, owner and how old the domain. You can check the DNS entries of the domain with the help of this service.

However, if you are still wondering how to find out the provider of the site, you can try to use the Whois history – this service provides some registrars.

Whois is a service where you can find out information about the site, its owner (administrator), as well as determine the age of the domain. You can see the date of registration in the Created or Creation Date column. If a domain is registered in the international zone (.COM, .ORG, .INFO, .NET and others), then here, in the column Registrant Country you can see the country in which the domain administrator is located.

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