How do I sell my domain?

Domains are a valuable digital asset that can benefit and improve the financial situation of their owners. With the right approach, you can not only sell it profitably, but also recover some of the money that was previously spent on its registration.

How to form a price for selling a domain

Domain name owners can set their own price. But if you do it haphazardly, it can take a long time to find a potential buyer. To rule out this outcome, preliminary calculations can be made.

The following factors influence the cost:

  • The number of characters included in the domain name. Short names are easier to remember, so buying them requires a larger investment. Many people try to register such domain names on their own. If you can not find a suitable option, they try to buy them.
  • Assessing the solvency of potential buyers. Businessmen and owners who plan to do business online are interested in acquiring beautiful and quickly memorable domain names. They are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for them.
  • Scope. There are several industries that require special domains – medicine, real estate market, media, etc. If the domain is interesting and short, its value can reach tens of thousands of dollars, or even more, and the sale of domains of these types can become a very serious source of income.
  • Characteristics. These include age, profile availability and reference volume, and design features. Using a domain that has lasted for more than one year allows you to promote your web portal more actively.
  • Domain Zone Variety. Each domain zone has some degree of popularity. For example, .com is the most expensive domain zone at the moment. Since a large number of domain zones are now available, it is very important to make the right choice. For this purpose, you can use a variety of information data and sources.
  • In order to at least approximately set the price, you can conduct a domain check and study the information on specialized sites.

To increase the chances of success and sell the domain profitably, you can sell it together with hosting. But this option is suitable only for those users who do not plan to use the website in the future. The buyer can further order the transfer of the domain, having studied all the peculiarities beforehand.

Which domains sell for more

There are many attributes on the basis of which the selling price of domains is set. These include the number of characters, ease of memorization, ease of perception, etc. Domain names consisting of nouns that are characterized by brevity are considered the most expensive. Using such a domain, it will be possible to increase the rating of the portal directly.

Significantly more expensive sold those domains, the compilation of which used popular domain zones. Among the total number stands out .com. Several such domain names were sold for 1 million dollars and more.

How to sell a domain name safely

Selling a domain name can be done in a variety of ways. But there are several options, each with its own characteristics. These include selling a domain on an exchange or through an auction.

Previously, it was quite common to involve a guarantor who controlled the entire procedure of domain sale. The guarantor could be an individual or a legal entity. It took a lot of time to find a mediator. In the process, you had to evaluate information from feedback, pay attention to reputation. But due to the increasing incidence of fraud in the sale of domains, this option was practically abandoned in favor of the exchange and auction. Domain reselling, where the domain name is sold to partners, is now done periodically.

How to sell domain names on the exchange

You can sell your domain name on various exchanges. To make the right decision and choose the exchange where you can sell a domain most favorably, you should study their features:

Some exchanges operate on a similar principle to an auction. In this case, you need to put up an ad for sale. Potential buyers will bid. Once the amount fully satisfies the seller and the buyer, the main details of the transaction are discussed.

There are also exchanges where the seller can set a certain price right away. In this case, you have to wait until you find someone willing to make the purchase.

The exchange acts as a guarantor in both the first and the second case.

The process of selling a domain name through the exchange is characterized by simplicity. After all, most of the steps are automated. The sale is accomplished in several stages:

  1. The registered buyer must deposit the prescribed amount into a special account. Funds are frozen for a certain period of time.
  2. As soon as the seller receives notification that money has been credited to the account, he needs to transfer the rights to the domain name to the buyer within a certain time.
  3. Next, the buyer performs an inspection. If he is satisfied with everything, then he confirms the transaction and the set amount is transferred to the seller’s account on the site.

When selling a domain name through an exchange, you need to consider the need to pay a commission.

How to sell a domain at a domain auction

There are quite a few auctions online that are used to sell a domain name. Their services can be utilized by all. Process of selling a domain proceeds according to the following algorithm:

  • Go through registration and verification on the desired site, then add an ad to sell the domain name.
  • Wait for buyers to bid and select the right option.
  • If both parties are satisfied with the assigned price, the buyer needs to deposit the set amount into the account. This amount will be frozen until the domain name is transferred to the buyer.
  • Once the buyer has made the appropriate verification, he or she must confirm the sale.
  • The funds are then transferred to the seller’s account.

Auction – a profitable and convenient way to sell. After all, the seller can in the process of preparing the announcement to set the term of the sale, the allowable step rate.Spending very little time, you can sell a domain name on favorable terms. Those users who do not plan to use the site, can sell the domain together with hosting.

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