Reduced prices for server rent

Updated all the rates for the service of renting servers, also updated the calculator, with which you can calculate the cost of renting a server of any configuration, it is now even more convenient to use.

After 1.5 years, we have significantly updated the server designer:
– New processors and hard disks added
– New option to calculate the server with SSD hard drives
– the ability to order Windows Server 2008 right away
– option to order AntiDDoS protection
– significantly reduced prices on processors, memory and hard drives

We do not limit the choice of our customers to two, three configurations, with the help of a server builder, each customer can calculate and get exactly the option that suits him.

In fact, the number of server variations that can be ordered through the server builder is in the thousands.

To get into the server constructor:
– Go to the dedicated servers page
– There are three lines of servers: based on Intel Atom, single-processor Intel and dual-processor Intel, under the desired line click on “Configure and order server”.

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