Sometimes it is necessary (for various reasons) to change the IP address of the server where IspSystems software is installed. The license is tied to the IP address of the server, so an “invalid license” error will occur after you change the IP address.

To solve this problem you should do the following
– Change the IP address of the license in the billing where you purchased the software.
– Delete the license file and restart the control panel.

For example, if you use ISPmanager you should delete the file ispmgr.lic and restart the process ispmgr

rm /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/ispmgr.lic
killall ispmgr

After opening the panel in your browser, a new license file is automatically downloaded.
For other software products the license file and the process name are the same as the name. For example, vdsmgr.lic for VDSmanager, dnsmgr.lic for DNSmanager

Downloading a license manually

Sometimes a situation may arise where the license file is not automatically downloaded (for example, if the server has multiple IP addresses and the address to which the license is issued is not the first on the network interface). In this case you can download the license manually with the following command for ISPmanager

wget -O /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/ispmgr.lic ''

For other software products, the download is performed similarly, specifying the appropriate file name in the command.

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