If automatic license activation fails, you should check:

1. The time on the server does not differ by more than one hour from the time on the license server. The server can have any time zone, but the time must be correct.
2. The panel version is the same as the version available for the Perpetual license. You can find out the current version of the panel by commands – rpm -qa |grep coremanager (CentOS) or dpkg -l |grep coremanager (Debian)
3. From the server where the panel is installed, license5.ispsystem.com is available
4. The port on which ihttpd listens (default is 1500) is accessible from the outside.

If you can’t restore your work by yourself, make a request to the support service and provide the data for access to the server.
To do this, run the command in the console
/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/licctl enable dnsmgr support access

Our specialists will activate your license for you.

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