How to change the version of Billmanager

First, you need to change your billing license to a new one. You can do it in our billing ( under “ISPsystem licenses” highlight your license and click “Change”.

Before updating the billing itself on the server, check which version you are using and update if necessary. To do this, log in to your billing and go to “Updates” in the menu and select “Setup

Pay attention to “Version Type”, we’ll need it later. If the “Current version” and “Latest version” fields are different, click “Update”.

Now let’s log on to the server as root. We need the install.stable.tgz archive (install.tgz if using the beta version) from the previous version, which can be downloaded from When downloading, don’t forget to consider the OS, its architecture, and the type of version used (stable or beta).

Download the install.tgz for the required OS

For example:


Deleting the license file

rm /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/billmgr.lic

Completing billing work

killall billmgr

Extract the archive over the current files

tar xzf install.stable.tgz -C /usr/local/ispmgr

Go to the panel folder

cd /usr/local/ispmgr

Now let’s execute 2 commands

cp etc/dist/billmgr_dashboard_5.xml etc/rm -f var/userconf/billmgr.*.dashboard.xml

Now go to the billing, under “Updates” -> “Setting” and check the version:

This concludes the transition from Standard to Advanced.

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