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Why do you have a DirectAdmin panel and not Cpanel?

For our customers, we try to choose the best in all areas. And contrary to the large distribution of the hosting control panel Cpanel, we chose DirectAdmin.

Because DirectAdmin is a control panel, made much more competent than Cpanel, consuming much less resources, working more stable, faster and more reliable.

User friendliness, compared to Cpanel:

– The user can edit the DNS records of his domain
– The user can install an SSL certificatehimself
– More convenient file manager
– The concept of “additional” domain does not exist as such – an account can be several independent and equally valid domains, and for each of them can separately limit traffic, turn off / on cgi/php/ssl.
– Subdomains work with the “www.” prefix, too.
– If a domain MX record is routed to another server, mail for that domain sent from the local server is delivered correctly – to the other server, not locally.
– Ease of operation. DirectAdmin is a convenient hosting control panel. Easy to set up, easy to use!
– Speed. DirectAdmin is the fastest and non-resource intensive panel of all existing commercial hosting control panels.
– Stability. A special disaster recovery system avoids server downtime. DirectAdmin automatically restarts services if they crash.

 Control Panel - Directadmin
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