A subdomain is a part of a domain that can be directed to a separate directory. For example, if tuthost.com is a domain, then sub.tuthost.com is a subdomain. If the main domain can be a single site, the subdomain can host another site, which may not be associated in any way with the main.

To create a subdomain, go to your control panel at https://ваш_домен:2222. Then in the “Account Management” section select the “Subdomain Configuration” item.

How to create a subdomain

Click on “Add subdomain”.

How to create a subdomain

Enter the name of the new subdomain and click “Add subdomain”.

How to create a subdomain

The new subdomain should be added to the list.

How to create a subdomain

Within about 10 minutes the subdomain should work.

If you need to create a separate record for the created subdomain in the domain settings, then you can do it according to these instructions: https://tuthost.ua/faq/dobavlenie-dns-zapisej-dlya-domena-cname-a-aaaa-ns-txt/

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