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GlobalSign DomainSSL

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Verification type: Domain (DV)
Issue: 5 minutes
Free reissue: Unlimited
Encryption: 256 бит
Maximum term: 2 years
Warranty: 0 $

Green address bar
SAN support
Domain protection with and without WWW

Security Seal: Static
IDN support
Installation on different servers
Browser support: 99.9%

Domain validation

Best Price Guarantee:
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GlobalSign DomainSSLOrganization validation
GlobalSign DomainSSL
For mobile
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SSL certificate description GlobalSign DomainSSL

DomainSSL offers you a cost-effective, fast and easy-to-implement security option for your website without having to sacrifice any of the extra features that make GlobalSign SSL Certificates unique.

DomainSSL is a domain, with regular verification and fully automated, which means you can start protecting your e-commerce, logins, webmail, blog visitors and more in just a few minutes. It activates the browser lock and https and assures your site visitors and customers that you take their privacy seriously.

GlobalSign DomainSSL
Issuing and installing this certificate with verification Domain (DV) on your website is a simple process and can usually be done in 1 business day. This is because GlobalSign DomainSSL is a domain validated certificate that provides a basic level of security for your site. At the same time GlobalSign is one of the most respected and recognizable brands on the web and you will get Static trust seal along with the certificate.

GlobalSign DomainSSL

GlobalSign DomainSSL is a certificate with full 128/256-bit encryption. This is ideal if you have Физическим лицам and a great way to make a secure order form or customer authorization.

GlobalSign DomainSSL

Unfortunately, the standard GlobalSign DomainSSL certificate does NOT support the SAN or multidomain option.

GlobalSign DomainSSL
This certificate offers high compatibility with mobile devices including: Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, Palm/Handspring Blazer 2.0+, Apple iPhone, iPad Safari, Netfront 3.0+, Blackberry, AT&T. The certificate is also perfectly supported by Chrome 3+, Firefox 1+, Internet Explorer 5+, Opera 7+, Netscape 9+, AOL 10+, and Safari all versions.

Browser compatibility

GlobalSign DomainSSL

Chrome 3+ (and later)

GlobalSign DomainSSL

Opera 7+ (and higher)

GlobalSign DomainSSL

Safari all browsers

GlobalSign DomainSSL

Firefox 1+ (and higher)

GlobalSign DomainSSL

Netscape 9+ (and later)

GlobalSign DomainSSL

IE 5+ (or higher)

GlobalSign DomainSSL

AOL 10+ (and above)

GlobalSign DomainSSL
  • High 128/256 bit encryption, industry standard
  • 99% of browsers recognize the certificate
  • Free printing for the website
  • No risk: 30 days manifest and reissue
  • Installation assistance possible
  • Warranty: 0

GlobalSign DomainSSL
  • Issue for 5 minutes
  • Verification: Domain (DV)
  • Encryption up to 256 bits
  • 99.9% browser compatibility
  • Print for the site
  • Unlimited – installation on an unlimited number of servers
  • Free reissue

Печать Globalsign
With this certificate you get the GlobalSign seal for your website to show that your website is protected by a certificate of a well-known SSL brand. Static seal is easy and fast to install, but is not “clickable” and does not show additional information about site verification. Also does not display dynamic data on the security of your site.

GlobalSign DomainSSL

With this product, you get a guarantee of $0. This means that if a site is incorrectly verified, or a certificate is not properly issued by the Certificate Authority (CA), the certificate authority will compensate the customer up to $0 for losses related to this. The guarantee is focused on protecting your customers and gives them confidence that your site is safe to order from.

GlobalSign DomainSSL

GlobalSign is one of the largest certification centers based in Belgium and has been operating for more than 20 years. GlobalSign has issued millions of SSL certificates over the years. All issued certificates are encrypted with a 2048 bit key , using the algorithm SHA-256. GlobalSign certificates include both budget versions – the AlphaSSL line, and certificates with a green line – ExtendedSSL (EV).

GlobalSign DomainSSL

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And to remove all risks for you, we provide a money-back guarantee for 30 days after the purchase of the certificate.