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TutHost participated in the Iforum 2012

The largest IT-conference in Ukraine, Iforum 2012, was held in Kiev on April 17. In the past few years we attended the conference simply as participants, this year we decided to set up our own booth for the first time. Read more… At our booth we decided not to just hand out information sheets, but to give everyone the opportunity to feel a little bit like a host. We held a contest to see who could assemble the server the fastest. There were quite a lot of those wishing to participate in the competition, for a day about a hundred people. The winner was the person who completely built the server in less than 40 seconds. He got an Apple Ipod.

We also talked a little bit about the upcoming launch of the new cloud hosting service, which is scheduled to launch this summer, and raffled off two Android tablets.

Some pictures from the forum.

iforum 1580

iforum 1589

iforum 1554

iforum 1560

iforum 1564

iforum 1572

iforum 1592

iforum 1593

iforum 1612

iforum 1652

iforum 1664

iforum 1669

iforum 1686

iforum 1688

iforum 2012

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